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Simple Gardening Tips for Beginners In Need Of Beautiful Garden

  Beautiful Garden Gardening is a very wonderful hobby. People grow many kinds of Plants, Tress, Flowers, Vegetables and, Shrubs. It takes attention and time. If you are going to start a garden you should take these steps into practice and action. Sunny Area of the Yard Your garden should be in the area of your yard where you will see it regularly. You should take the sunny area of your yard for your garden because many plants need direct sunlight like Yarrow, Blanket flower, Butterfly weed, Lavender. This step is very important in growing a healthy garden. Types of plant you can grow in your garden What you can grow in your garden is depend upon the part of world you are living. But some plant can grow everywhere. These are tomatoes, potatoes, etc. Test Your Soil Before you start digging you should test your soil is healthy. You can send your soil sample to local nursery or you check it by using your own hand kit  it will help you to check the acidic nature your soil, whic