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How To Create A Website/Blog And Start A Profitable Niche Blog

How to create a website/blog and start a profitable niche blog in Nigeria and set up a full website of just 14,500 with 2 addon domains with access to Cpanel. I know many people have asked how to create a blog or Do you know that you can create a fully functional website and make money online with your smartphone or laptop? How to set up a working website with only $31 (14500).How can this be done? I know that as a Nigerian blogger you might feel frustrated trying to get into the blogging industry but you don't know how to go about it. In this article I wrote below how to access it from the following pages. I know it will take you more time to read, but for your own good and benefit, imagine doing it all without hiring a website developer while hosting your blog or website? You may be wondering which of the Blogging platform this article is particularly about. Is it WordPress or Blogger? This article deals particularly on building a website or blog on WordPress. Follow it up to see

How To Do Reverse Image Search For Instagram?

  Step-by-Step Guide Reverse image search is a process used for finding out the source of a particular image. This will help you find the website, or even the nomenclature behind a particular image. On Instagram, you probably wants to search for a particular profile or source of an image and you don't know how to do reverse image search on IG? You quest will come to an end in this post as I will be revealing the too ways to do reverse image search on Instagram. Reverse Image Search What is Reverse Image Search? Reverse image search is the process by which search engines or websites helps to create an identity for a particular image after observing the features, pixels, character etc of the default image. In short, this is the process of using an image for search engine searches. That's instead of searching for a key word on Google, you simply input the image. Some of the reason's reverse image search was introduced are: 1. Finding the source of images. 2. Finding which webs

Best Upcoming Blog That Needs Writers ASAP

 Hello there, welcome to MoneyEduGame. In this article, I will be suggesting to any good article writer who is very well oriented and experienced in SEO an upcoming website that is willing to pay so much for article writing. As at the date which this article is published, writers are critically needed to write well researched and search engine optimized articles that will get lots of readership. The payment as at now is mouthwatering. Find out more about the blog, the writing and payment deals and vroom in quick - I mean, sign up for the job quick. Like I said, the website I'm about to introduce you to is upcoming, and very well trusted by many for the authentic information it strives to give out. MoneyEduGame is an educational website that tutors, provide solutions, and teach people what they need to know as they search for it online. MoneyEduGame Logo MoneyEduGame, as an educational website specializes in providing important information and guide to people in need in the followi

Best Gaming Chairs For Gamers Internet Surfers

 There are lots of gaming office chairs that may have the following attributes as may be needed specifically or as a whole: extra large gaming chairs, recliner gaming chair, gaming chair with footrest, or most comfortable gaming chair, and finding just the right one for an Indian game lover and player requires good time taken survey and study. In here, I have given you the freedom to compare gaming chairs I'll be listing via text and images. Also Read: Ppsspp Horror Games Ppsspp sports games Ppsspp multiplayer games Where To Facebook Zynga poker chips Popular ppsspp games Gaming chairs may not be the best-selling product on any retail platform, but they serve a very important purpose. With India's ever expanding burgeoning gaming industry, we are at a point where more and more players are taking their passions more seriously. However, the art of gaming requires you to sit in one place for hours and focus your attention on a few square inches of space, be it your gaming PC

How to Use Flickr for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know

Flickr for business Flickr is a photo management platform built by Stewart Butterfield. it is used for uploading, organizing, and sharing photos and videos. Flicker is not just a small photo storage service, It is also very useful for businesses to reach customers and to advertise their products and services. You can have your Flickr account for free which allows you to upload 100MB of photos and two videos a month. You can also have a pro account with more tools but it will cost you  $6.99 per month with monthly billing, $18.99 per three months, or $60 per year with annual billing . You can add Flickr to your business, it will benefit you by SEO. When your content is more liked, shared, and searched, it gets more popular and naturally, your business will get more exposure.   Strategies: 1.    Use brand name as your Flickr account name 2.    Use Flickr profile to advertise your brand 3.   Upload quality photos of your products/services 4.   J oin groups and share your photos

Latest Phones With Beastly Specifications And Features

You may wonder, what is the best phone in the world this year, 2022? Well, I have seen so many latest new cell phones I can actually confirm as best smartphones this year and beyond. In this article, you will go through a phone list of latest smart cell phones. Some of them were released late in the year 2021, and some are released this year, 2022. The new mobile phones that I'll be listing below are mostly android smartphones. Android phones have really been impressive with what it can do, and getting the latest Android phone with great features and specifications such as the ones which I have taken time to sort out will instill greatly, some level of ecstasy in you when you can buy and make use of them. List Of Best Gaming Phones For 2022 Do you love gaming? Do you want to know what the best smartphones for gaming this year and beyond? Yeah, that's the main idea behind this article, but also covers other specific important areas when considering full functionality and usage o

Application Of Computer Techniques In Medicine

  Computers are increasingly being used in the medical profession. There are various levels of interaction between medicine and computer technology. This article was written to raise computer awareness among medical professionals and to instill in them the importance and value of various computer techniques in medicine, health, and hospital services. What Is Computer? A machine that accepts  data(raw facts like numbers and symbols), processes it into information, and saves it  defines what is a computer. Computer was created to solve human problems, easily, accurately, and with speed. These two sentences are the definition of computer, and depends on what you want to understand about it. To use a computer, you boot it. Booting a compute means, turning it ON. To OFF the computer, you Shutdown the computer safely using the some keyboard functional keys. Shut down the computer also means, log off computer. For a computer to function like it does, it requires some computer programming whic