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How To Create A Website/Blog And Start A Profitable Niche Blog

How to create a website/blog and start a profitable niche blog in Nigeria and set up a full website of just 14,500 with 2 addon domains with access to Cpanel. I know many people have asked how to create a blog or Do you know that you can create a fully functional website and make money online with your smartphone or laptop? How to set up a working website with only $31 (14500).How can this be done? I know that as a Nigerian blogger you might feel frustrated trying to get into the blogging industry but you don't know how to go about it. In this article I wrote below how to access it from the following pages. I know it will take you more time to read, but for your own good and benefit, imagine doing it all without hiring a website developer while hosting your blog or website? You may be wondering which of the Blogging platform this article is particularly about. Is it WordPress or Blogger? This article deals particularly on building a website or blog on WordPress. Follow it up to see

Earth 2 - The Evolution of a Second-Virtual Earth

  Earth 2 Map Layout Earth 2 is a metaverse project that paves way into virtual real estate and digital lands. The journey into the world of virtual and augmented reality is becoming deepened everyday. Perhaps another earth has been established already. Although, it's virtual. Earth 2 is a metaverse platform with the primary vision of creating a second earth. That will provide me and you the chance to own lands, digital real estate properties, and travel around the world without leaving our physical location. Just virtual and decentralised. The project is in its early phase. A reason most people aren't putting their credibility on Earth 2. Surely, you will be able to make your decision after the course of reading this detailed orientation. On the course of my research, i found a very essential piece that describe Earth 2 as a:   "futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map c

What Are Backlinks Secret To Web Traffic And High DAs

  You may have heard from somewhere, especially if you follow a blogging group in any social media app about what backlink could do for your website or blog, but not understand it all. This article will carefully talk about the important things you need to know about backlinks in order to make effective use of them for better performance of your website, especially, Business website. You will also get the definition of backlink as well as knowing how to build back links. You will know of the kind of backlinks that exists. Wait, do you have a website already? If you don't, see how to  begin a profitable blog for a small amount of money. From this article, you will be recommended the good places where you could generate quality backlink for your blog or website, best backlink practice for your website high ranking, and you will also be recommended good backlink checker for your website, but before then, what is backlink? How to drive traffic to your blog from social media What Are B

How To Check Your website Traffic With Website Traffic Checker Tool

Websites that are commercial ar nothing without web traffic, and because of this, lots of companies have come up with internet traffic tools to help website owners or blog owners to increase web traffic to their sites. Most of this internet traffic tracker require immense knowledge about any of them a website owner decides to use. See how to start a website with a low cost of capital. Website Traffic impression Statistics Chart In this article, I will let you know some critical things about one of the best internet traffic tracker that can change your website traffic from poor to rich website traffic. You should be patient enough to read through if you need that rich traffic in some days time after getting to know website traffic analyics tool I will be talking about. See How To Get So Much Traffic With Social Media Bear it in mind that this post autoatically covers the following questions in the bulleting that follows: How Do I Analyze A Niche? Analyzing a blog niche or a website ni

Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers

Advertisers are searching more and more for relevant traffic, and thus the rates of CPC (cost per click) have been going up exponentially. This means that it is becoming difficult for bloggers to monetize their blogs through traditional Google AdSense ads. Incase you might still need to use Adsense with other ads, but your blog hasn't been approved yet: Read How To Get Quick Approval From AdSense You might be thinking that if you cannot monetize your blog through Google Adsense then how will you make money? Well, there are many of such alternatives that can provide bloggers with additional revenue. Here we bring to you some of the best AdSense alternatives for bloggers so that they can earn more income. One of the Largest Ad Networks happen to be the Google Adsense. So many new bloggers will always want to get it first because it's an ad network company that jas instilled some high level of trust into publishers. Over the past seven years, it's believed that adsense has bee

How To Get Website Traffic Or Blog Traffic To Your Site

    Bloggers who earn from their blog wouldn't be doing so if not for traffic to their website. See how to start a profitable blog on wordpress if you don't won a blog already. What is traffic in blogging? Website traffic are the numbers of visitors who visit and keep visiting your website or blog. In other words, traffic are internet or web users who are searching for some answers to their questions or realizing the truth to their curiosity. These internet users who are responsible for the internet traffic could stumble on the answer you have in your blog link which appears somewhere in a position in the search engine such as, Google Search Page. The visit by the web and  blog visitors usually comes in bulk. Over 200 or more visitors could click and read from your blog link per day; That's actually what traffic is like, and is usually read with a console such as the Google search console. How To Check And Improve Your Website Traffic Statistics Check website Traffic There