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Earth 2 - The Evolution of a Second-Virtual Earth

  Earth 2 Map Layout Earth 2 is a metaverse project that paves way into virtual real estate and digital lands. The journey into the world of virtual and augmented reality is becoming deepened everyday. Perhaps another earth has been established already. Although, it's virtual. Earth 2 is a metaverse platform with the primary vision of creating a second earth. That will provide me and you the chance to own lands, digital real estate properties, and travel around the world without leaving our physical location. Just virtual and decentralised. The project is in its early phase. A reason most people aren't putting their credibility on Earth 2. Surely, you will be able to make your decision after the course of reading this detailed orientation. On the course of my research, i found a very essential piece that describe Earth 2 as a:   "futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map c

What Is Forzza? Is Forzza Online Betting Site Safe? How To Register

 This article is going to serve as forzza betting site review. It will summarize the features and characteristics of the site to your knowledge. Forzza is a new face in the world of sports betting, established in 2018. It mainly caters to sports bettors, but the site also offers many casino, live casino and virtual gaming options. According to, Forzza bet is a British online sports betting site. It is available for bettors around the world.  So it's a pretty solid choice for all the iGaming fans out there. When you first enter Forzza Sportsbook, you'll be pleased to see all of the betting lines right in front of you. Forget complicated bookmaker websites that take minutes if not hours for users to safely navigate the site. In Forzza, the player's gaze falls squarely on their target. All available sports categories are clearly outlined on the left hand side of the homepage, while the number of games available for online betting is indicated. Mobile view of

Where To Buy Zynga Cheap Poker Chips Online

 Do you wish to buy cheap Zynga poker chips to join or continue your money making fun on the online social game, Zynga Poker? You're welcome! In MoneyEduGame, all that matters to us is giving you the best reply and solution to your question and problems, and giving you a list of few places you can buy cheap Zynga chips, and warning you of places or sites you should not buy poker chips from can't be a problem to us. Before you get to know of these places online where you can buy cheap Zynga poker chips, I'd like to let you know little things about the social game which you want to buy its chips. Zynga Poker Game Zynga Poker is an online poker game which is developed as an application for the social networking website, Facebook. The Zynga Poker game is also available and accessible for the  various computer operating systems like the Android, Windows, and iOS. It's also available for other social networking websites like Myspace. Zynga Poker game was developed by the Zyng

How To Stop Sports Betting And Gambling Addiction

 How do I stop my sports gambling addiction? How do I deal with gambling addiction? How do I stop gambling forever? Can gambling addiction be cured? The knowledge that you will find in this article will help you out if you ask the above questions. Whether you want to deal or control your sports betting addiction or stop gambling totally, this article will help out should you follow it right. Sports betting is a risky game as we all know. There are always 20% chance out of 100% for someone to win good amount of money off online sports betting. Online sports betting and gambling sites are always told to have some spirits that drive customers to stake more, if not all the pocket money on them. Others complain of being addicted to online sports betting. Is it true that there are some evil spirits in sports betting or gambling? You will find out all about that. You will also see the best way to stop being addicted to betting on sports or casinos and any form of gambling you do play. Gamblin

Online Sports Betting: Things To Know And Note Before You Start

  Are you thinking of trying your luck with sports betting and gambling for the fun and rewards it offers for the first time? It is wise of you to seek out knowledge of what it means to stake money on sports odds to win certain amounts of money worth the game and your staked amount, and casino gambling itself. Whether casino or sports betting, they're both forms of gambling. In this article, I will answer the following questions which I'm sure you will definitely need answers to, before I go more specific on the things to consider before starting sports betting. What is gambling? What is the advantages of gambling? What are the disadvantages of gambling? What can I do to protect myself from gambling and going broke because of it? Meaning Of Gambling Gambling is an action that involves wagering of money into any form of game with an uncertainty of winning or losing. People who like gambling are known as gamblers. Gambling is a risky activity. Yes, it can send you back to the vil

Best Online Sports Betting Sites For Nigerians

  In this article you will learn of the best online betting sites for Sports Betting alongside other paying gambling games. I'll suggest few sports betting sites that has the features that every sportsbookers need. The online betting sites for Nigerians which I'm about to introduce you to are selected based on their safety, promotions, easy access and assessment, and quick payments of winnings. Sports Winnings   This article can also serve as a quick review to the betting sites mentioned here. It's quick and simple. You get to know more about these betting sites with the brief and concise facts I'll be putting up. With more explanation as to why I have chosen this betting selections as the best betting sites for Nigerians, read down the factors, and through the list of the betting sites which I have listed and given appropriate details on them all. Factors Considered Selections Of The Betting Sites That Are Best For Nigerians.    Safety:  This is one thing that matters