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Over 90% of Undergraduate Programs at the University of Jos Have Received Full Accreditation.

The National Universities Commission has conferred Full Accreditation Status to almost ninety per cent (90%) of the University of Jos' undergraduate programs (NUC). This is an improvement over the 57.3 per cent of programs given Full Accreditation Status in the University before the NUC's most recent Accreditation Exercise in January of this year.

Holding this milestone, the University of Jos is currently among Nigeria's top ten (10) federal universities in terms of the proportion of programs with full accreditation status, the greatest percentage the university has ever attained since the procedure was started in 1999 and 2000.

Last January, the NUC performed an accreditation exercise at the University of Jos for forty (40) undergraduate programs and two (2) postgraduate programs, and the report of the accreditation exercise was just issued. In a report addressed to Professor Tanko Ishaya, Vice-Chancellor, University of Jos, and signed by the NUC's Director of Accreditation on behalf of the Executive Secretary, two (2) postgraduate programs (M.Sc. Accounting and M.Sc. Business Management) and thirty-five (35) out of forty (40) undergraduate programs received full accreditation, while only five (5) received interim accreditation.

Some of the University's main programs, such as Accounting, Banking & Finance, Nursing, Criminology & Security Studies, Law, Political Science, Economics, and all Engineering Programs, were given Full Accreditation Status. As a result, the University received an amazing 88.09 per cent in terms of the Programs evaluated throughout the exercise. When Professor Tanko Ishaya took over as Vice-Chancellor of the University in December of last year, only 43 out of 75 Undergraduate Academic Programs had Full Accreditation Status, representing 57.3 per cent, and thirty (30) had Interim Status and were due for Accreditation, representing 40%. Two (2) were stated to be maturing as well.

The implication was that more than a third of the University's Undergraduate Academic Programs were at risk of being rejected if they did not pass the latest Accreditation process.

However, with the revelation of the exercise's results, 69 of the University of Jos' 75 undergraduate programs now have full accreditation, bringing the total number of programs with full accreditation to an impressive 92.0 per cent.

However, three (3) of the five (5) programs that were granted Interim Status in the previous accreditation exercise, Fine & Applied Arts, Anatomy, and Adult Education, had their status denied by the NUC because they could only secure consecutive Interim Accreditation Status due to some unavoidable circumstances. The University has said that it will address this issue during the next Accreditation process, which is scheduled for later this year. Statistics and Dental Surgery are two more programs with Interim Status.

In response to the good news, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Jos, Professor Tanko Ishaya, expressed optimism that the university's ranking would improve significantly as a result of this development and urged academics and researchers to work harder to increase the university's international visibility so that it would continue to be highly rated.

Professor Tanko praised everyone involved in the achievement, particularly the University's Director of Academic Planning and Management, Professor Abiye Solomon, and the Directorate's staff, which included Deans, Heads of Departments, Faculties and Departments staff, as well as students from the affected Departments and Faculties and other members of the University community.

The National Universities Commission (NUC) is charged by law with accrediting academic programs in all Nigerian universities under authorized government norms. Following permission for the formation of a new program, the initial accreditation is held when the program has run for at least two (2) academic sessions.