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How To Create A Website/Blog And Start A Profitable Niche Blog

How to create a website/blog and start a profitable niche blog in Nigeria and set up a full website of just 14,500 with 2 addon domains with access to Cpanel. I know many people have asked how to create a blog or Do you know that you can create a fully functional website and make money online with your smartphone or laptop? How to set up a working website with only $31 (14500).How can this be done? I know that as a Nigerian blogger you might feel frustrated trying to get into the blogging industry, because you don't know how to go about it. In this article I have written below how to access and make a successful creation alongside other helping link pages. I know it will take you more time to read, but for your own good and benefit, imagine doing it all without hiring a website developer while hosting your blog or website.
You may be wondering which of the Blogging platform this article is particularly about. Is it WordPress or Blogger? This article deals particularly on building a website or blog with WordPress, but from Namevceap. Follow it up to see how you can start a blog with less amount of money.

I must let you the basic needs required to start a profitable blog profession before the actual steps to start a blog:


You can create your own website or blog for as little as $31 (#14500) including hosting and domain with full Cpanel access and the ability to build two domains and  more. You can also add to your cpanel and install wp on all three domains in your cpanel. Yes, you heard that right, with up to 14500 ($31) you can get access to create a website with Namecheap Stellar Hosting that comes with the benefits of shared hosting including Unlimited bandwidth, Free website builder, Domain name and privacy protection, Free automatic SSL installation, Free Supersonic CDNFree website migration within 24 hours. This excellent hosting from Namecheap gives you access to the following... Domain Name, 3 websites (possibility to host 2 or more websites) 20 GB of storage space Free.


Like I said before, there are no other places I buy domains or hosting except Namecheap. I have bought more than 200 domains from them for the services they offer to people. For example Namecheap sells domains as low as 4500 while for example Domainking and other platforms from Nigeria sell domains at cost price of 7000 per domain and even with that their hosting is no way for the common man so why not go for namecheap and get a domain and hosting with everything for $31? (14500) I know it sounds a bit pricey but this gives you access to your panel and all for a total of 1 year. You can't afford Contabo vps hosting while for those looking for niche blogs I would recommend namecheap, they are reliable and quick on customer service.But recently they had problems with customer representatives who responded too late because most of their employees were Ukrainians.


How to start a blog with WordPress
WordPress Blogging App

Once you have paid for a hosting and a domain, every single hosting company will immediately send your cpanel logs to your email from where you can do it. So how can you install the Softcaulous WordPress blog? This is one of the easiest homework you can do so far, you can read ABC in your elementary schools...How do I install the wp softaculous installer now? No big deal, the first thing you need to do is login to the cpanel control panel, scroll down the page and you will find the WordPress app installer. From there you will see WordPress and others click on it and you will see an option to install quick or custom WordPress.


Once you have a good theme installed, navigate to Plugins and install these Insert Headers and Footers plugins as you may not have any programming skills. Then go to the Google search console. If you don't have the URL, search Google for the search console. Once you are in the search console area and logged in with your Gmail account, you will see an option to verify your site using the root domain. Instead select the prefix options and add your website using these https options you will now see a

page asking you to select the method to use. To verify your domain, select the HTML tag as you can't program, copy the code and go back to your blog and paste it in (insert header and footer) that I already told you about here told. Then go back to the Search Console and click on “Check with HTML tag”.


There is no faster way although many people have their methods of quick indexing in Google but the first thing you need to do is allow Google to index your content. This takes 12 weeks to fully index your site after using the Search Console to submit your site.


Sometimes getting approved for AdSense is every blogger's dream, but AdSense isn't the bus stop.There are other well paying advertising networks in the world like Propeller Ads, Adsterra, Ezoic, Jubna, Media Net, HBagency and the others.
But why do people keep coming back for Google AdSense? That's because it's one of the easiest ad networks that can make you rich quick and make you drink garri for days and equally sends you back to your village after you've invested anything and everything into your blog. So how can you get approved for AdSense? There are many ways to do this. By using discarded content the chances of getting approved are slim, it's another thing to write unique content, have proper pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer, DMCA, About Us. 
While looking for Adsense approval, look for educational niches, tech niches like howto and sign up, another is religion, they get approved quicker. If you don't know how to write unique content, there are platforms like Quillbot, you can use the premium version to rewrite your content, edit heavy statements and the rest manually and also make sure your content is more than 1500 Words total or 2000. With more than 35 articles, you have a great chance of getting approved. A Blogger has once confirmed of having 15 AdSense approvals, including one with a branded domain. He concluded that he is still getting approvals as he would want. You can get quick approval by requesting Always Easy US ads once Google has sent your payment via bank transfer. So why pay people when it's what you can do yourself.
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