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10 Best Dance Schools In The World | 2022.


Dancer in dancing school
A Lady Showing Some Dance Moves

Dance is a form of performing art used for entertainment, passing information, and so on. If you have a flair for moving your body in a very creative, fast manner, then you might consider establishing a career in dancing. A dancing career goes into having a degree or taking post-graduate courses in Dancing colleges.

In Dance schools, there is more to moving your body or taking part in acrobatics. Dancing is a product of a delicate history. So, you will go into the theory part of dancing just as going into the practical training. 

There are several dance schools where you can earn your degrees in Dancing. It takes about 3-4 years to graduate from a Dancing school. From there you can build a solid career taking part in auctions, teaching the upcoming talents, and generating daily income from it.

What is a Dance School?

A dance school is an institution where dancers learn, become experts, and meet people of like mind in Dancing. Dancers also get a hold of their dancing degrees from this institution. 

The fact that dancers are presented with certificates, enough to show that they have a portfolios career, makes dancing schools different from dancing training centers.

Who is a Dancer?

A dancer is someone that can swerve their body, perform acrobatics and pirouette fast under the advent of a balanced rhythm. These people showcase several schools to perform and pass information to the observers. 

There are several kinds of dance depending on culture and the values dancers represent. Dancers go through a lot of primary practice and tests before coming on stage to perform.

Who Can Apply to a Dance School?

Anyone can apply and be considered for admission into a dance school if they have completed high school or other undergraduate courses. Dance schools are higher institutions with a primary syllabus.

Why Go To a Dance School To Study Dancing?

1. Dancing schools offer more to learning a series of dancing steps alone. This is where you learn about the importance, values, necessities, and balancing of those dances.

2. Dancers earn a proven degree from the dancing school, which is very important while building their dancing career.

3. You might like minds, who also value dancing a lot.

4. Professionals teach you how to dance and stand out in your dancing career.

5. Dance is an art. Art helps to improve the perception, thinking, values, and communication skills of humans.

6. Dancing schools teach orderliness in dancing.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend A Dancing School?

Dance schools have affordable tuition fees with a high-quality education. Just like other courses, there are several dance patterns with unique tuition fees. Also, the school you are attending will determine the cost of your tuition fee. These dance schools are not grounds where you pay $60 to $150 to learn, even though you can start from there. 

The tuition fees of dance schools in the US are between $14,000 to over $60,000. While international students can pay around $50,000 yearly to obtain their bachelor's degree in dancing.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Dance?

If you have the muse, you can learn dance between a period of 6 months to a year and still obtain the required certificate. However, being serious, determined, and strong-minded is important while learning anything regarding art. Putting these values in dancing is important as well.

What is the Salary Range of a Dancer?

Dancers earn up to $48,589. The salary range depends on where they are working and how good they are. If you are worth more than this range, your dancing skills are excellent, then you will earn more than this. 

Dancers work with musicians, social media influencers, even Dance school teachers and earn a wholesome salary every year.  

Activities Dancers Take Part In:

  1. Study new, simple, and complex dancing steps.
  2. Performing in an audition or show.
  3. Entertaining a group of audience that needs the information passed from the dance.
  4. Study emerging steps and dance routines.
  5. Take part in the admin duty of dance in a company.
  6. Have a team of dancers for choreography.

5 Best Schools To Learn Hip Hop Dance:

1. Flow Dance Academy.

In Flow dance academy, students major in hip hop dance training. It is located in Paris and Scandinavia. Steps and routines in hip-hop dancing are primarily taught in this dance school. Also, there is a chance to learn from home with the school's online dance programs. 

2. DivaDance.

DivaDance is one of the best Hip Hop dance schools in the world. Its program goes from building and improving the youth to the adults dancing steps. This school is located in Chicago, El Paso, Houston, New York, Tallahassee, Texas, Washington and they are looking to build more in several parts of the US.

There are special classes where students can learn the varieties of hip hop dancing including Sexy hip hop dance, Adult dances, and even dance fitness classes.

3. Hip Hop Pop’s Dance School.

This Dance is also one of the best and it is located in the UK, Bishop’s Stortford and Hallow Dance Schools. It teaches kids, youth, and adults how to dance. 

4. New World Dance Academy.

For more than 22 years, New World Dance Academy has been teaching children and Adults dancing steps. It is located in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita Valley. In this school, art is relinquished. Other programs in the school include acting classes, tap modern, vocal training, theater, etc. 

5. Ballet Kukan Academy.

This is one of the best dance schools where almost all genres of dancing are taught. The training in this institution is superb for kids, youths, adults, and home training. Also, there are private classes and group classes for students. Hip hop and tap dance classes are offered together. All the same, you can learn any genre of dancing in this school.

5 Best Contemporary Dance Schools in the World.

1. The Place.

This is referred to as the best contemporary dance school in the world. Especially because it is one school that can bring about the London and American contemporary dance steps together. There are several classes, programs, and courses that teach contemporary dancing in this school. 

2. The Juilliard School.

This is also one of the best dance schools where contemporary dances are taught. Students who take part in the dancing course of this school obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The school is located in New York. Julliard is made up of professionals that teach dance, drama, and music. 

3. Brent Street School.

Brent Street School has been a home for contemporary dancing in Sydney for more than 35 years. This is a school that teaches kids, youth, and adults. Also, this school operates a full-time and part-time contemporary dance course.

4. Folkwang University of the Arts.

This was established in 1927 in Germany. It has an institution where contemporary dances are studied. In this university, students also take part in other art courses including music, theatre.

5.  Conservatori Superior de Dansa.

This is a contemporary dance school located in Barcelona. The school offers two programs for students interested in contemporary dancing. Both are available in several places around Europe. Professional dance program which teaches high school students how to dance. Hence, studying and dancing go together within 6 years. Secondly,  there is a higher dance program available for 4 years in several higher institutions.

10 Best Dancing Schools:

1. Brenau University.

Brenau University is a dance school where dancers evolve after years of learning ballet, modern dance, jazz/musical theatre, dance pedagogy, and pre-physical therapy. The tuition fee is around $31,720. Students can obtain bachelor's, master's, a doctoral degree in dancing. 

2. The Ailey School.

This is one of the best dance schools located in the US. Students with the age of 2-25 are allowed to take part in the dancing course of this school. The school is also known as  Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.

In this school, several programs are depending on your age group. These include creative movement for ages 2-6, junior division for ages 7-17 professional division for ages 17-25, and summer intensive. The admission process requires an online application worth $20 and physical or virtual audio. Finally, students graduate with their fees.

3. Vanderbilt University.

In Vanderbilt University, there is an institution for students to learn dancing. Modern, ballet, hip hop, tap dancing are taught in this school. After which students can obtain their bachelor's degree in professional dancing. The tuition fee of this institution is about  $50,800.

4. Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Vaganova Ballet Academy is located in Russia. It was established in 1938. In these schools, several genres of dances are taught but Ballet is the major. The programs of this school are adaptable and easy for anyone to join. Students can choose to go for any which would help to restructure their time. Amongst secondary vocational education, undergraduate degree, master’s degree, or postgraduate studies, you can choose which fits you. 

5. The University of Rochester.

The University of Rochester is one of the best universities in New York where students can take part in several courses including dancing, art. This school offers several courses in different genres of dancing. The tuition fee is about $44,800. 

6. The Hammond School.

This is a dancing school located in the UK. It is a prestigious institution for dancers. In this school, genres including modern, ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and commercial are featured. It has several programs going from secondary school, sixth form, and university. Also, you can obtain your Bachelor's degree directly from this school. The yearly fee is about $19, 898.

7. Elmhurst Ballet School.

This is another UK dancing school that majors in Ballet. These schools are focusing on training students on Ballet dance. It also has sponsorship deals with several organizations. The tuition fee is $52,049. The most important thing is that you obtain your Bachelor in Dancing from that school.

8. Columbia University.

This is a private university located in Manhattan, New York, and offers a 2 years dance degree program. Also, the school takes part in other courses including Government and economics. This is one of the best dance universities in the world.

9. Boston Ballet School.

This is another university that covers the whole Ballet training. It is located in Boston and students can obtain their degree directly from this institution. The school curriculum, training, and lectures are designed and brought to the level of 7-18 students.

10. Point Park University.

Point park university offers a 4 years Bachelor's Degree program in Fine Arts for those going for the dancing course. The training in this university allows students to take part in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. After which they graduate and obtain their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. Finally, international students that gain admission to this institution are placed on scholarships.


What is the best type of dance to learn?

No one can decide this for you. You know the best kind of dance you have a passion for. Moreover, there are the popular ones which are hip hop, ballets, and contemporary.

How much does Dance school cost?

Schools determine the tuition fee. However, the range is always between $14,000 to over $60,000.

What is the best age to learn dance?

At 5 you can start learning dancing because this is the development and transition stage.

Which dance style is good for beginners?

If you are a beginner, you can start with the easiest dance style, Waltz dance.

Can I study Dance online?

It is possible. However, you will need technical support and equipment which can only be found offline. So, physical training might be preferable.

What level of education is required to become a Dancer?

A Bachelor's degree in Dancing is enough to kickstart your dancing career.


Once you have a special interest in dancing. Don't hesitate to join one of the best dancing schools because it would help you to build a solid long-term career in Dancing.