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Best Upcoming Blog That Needs Writers ASAP

 Hello there, welcome to MoneyEduGame. In this article, I will be suggesting to any good article writer who is very well oriented and experienced in SEO an upcoming website that is willing to pay so much for article writing. As at the date which this article is published, writers are critically needed to write well researched and search engine optimized articles that will get lots of readership. The payment as at now is mouthwatering. Find out more about the blog, the writing and payment deals and vroom in quick - I mean, sign up for the job quick.

Like I said, the website I'm about to introduce you to is upcoming, and very well trusted by many for the authentic information it strives to give out. MoneyEduGame is an educational website that tutors, provide solutions, and teach people what they need to know as they search for it online.

Where to work as a writer
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MoneyEduGame, as an educational website specializes in providing important information and guide to people in need in the following aspects which are also listed as labels: Business/Money, School Update,  Gaming, and Life happenings, known in the site as Life Opinions. These labels requires a good and equipped writer or writers for the labels or each writer for each  label in the case where one writer can't the labels alone.

Business And Money

Business/Money is a label or tag in MoneyEduGame that gives out information to entrepreneurs and the upcoming entrepreneurs, Business men and women, and as well as hints and exposure to Business Ideas, Business organizations and other aspects in relationship to this label which is under the umbrella name, Finance. In this label in MoneyEduGame, you will find articles like best kind of hustle everyone should venture into. That particular article is very impactful when it comes to people who are struggling to survive and pondering upon the immediate money making options they have in hand which are usually mixed with good and bad options.

Apart from that, the label also has an article that informs sports betting bookmakers on what they need to do for a successful bet9ja withdrawal of winnings or withdrawable funds in the dashboard. It also has an article that tells more on the bet9ja withdrawal times to avoid pending withdrawals. As if that's not enough, which for real not enough, and will never be enough, MoneyEduGame has an article that should be very helpful to sports betting addicts - how to deal with sports betting addiction There are other betting articles that may interest the visitors

Digital marketing is one big part that should never be taken off the finance related label of the blog, business/money. There are articles that seeks to bring out successful digital marketers, and one of such article is stages in digital marketing courses that prepares the minds of upcoming digital marketers.

School Update

As an educational website, MoneyEduGame holds with high esteem the things regarding school. There are articles that are available to guide students with exams they are yet to sit for, just like the article that gives Nigerian students preparing for the SSCE examination by the  National Examination Council, NECO sufficient steps and processes involved. The basics studies program has courses students may not be aware of, but MoneyEduGame managed to make the list for the students. That's one of the reasons the blog is still looking for good writers to fill up this position in giving and updating current school situations and changes. MoneyEduGame don't mind having different writers from different countries applying for the position.

Wait a minute, have you ever heard people say school is scam? What if they were right about that when you think of the opposite? Well there's an article that explains thoroughly why school is scam and the part it is not. If you manage to get admitted into school, especially the tertiary part of it, are you aware of these attitudes and characteristics expected of you for your success?


Gaming is one crucial part of life that helps relieve humans of tension, and sometimes stress. MoneyEduGame has a lot of articles that are already helping out the game lovers. The ppsspp gamers no doubt have gained a lot from this blog, especially from article that teaches them how to play multiplayer ppsspp games on ppsspp with friends, another that teaches how to play tekken 6 multiplayer on ppsspp, ppsspp multiplayer games for the ppsspp emulator,  app, best horror ppsspp games and playing android games on PCs are just few to what the gamers have benefited from the blog. MoneyEduGame expects to be home of information and guide to gamers, as it requires more writers with great knowledge of the Gaming label.

Life Happenings

This is another label that talks about the things that disturbs us humans personally and otherwise. It's all about sharing experiences and facts to help humans know the right path to fall into in order to live a satisfied life. It includes relationships, recruitments, scholarship, Metaphysics, and more. The Life Opinions labels deals with articles with metaphysical properties the most. Satan and satanic activities of it's followers is one of the articles that fall under this label.

Signing Up, Writing, And Payments

The blog requires good quality seo and quantity article writers to handle the above listed labels which are very important part of the website. Writers would be paid per word for the articles they write, and for #1 per word, but for the sake of the blog being an upcoming guide blog, it has set out a deal to willing writers to earn and get paid 50% of what the blog earns for one year. Wait till you see how you could earn! The blog should be updated twice a day by each writer, and at least a total of 30 articles a month is expected of any writer that wants to join the company as a writer as that qualifies the writers for the payment.

Payments will be sent every month to qualified writers using any means favourable to them. Depending on the performance of the writers, payments will be made in percentage to favour everyone according to their efforts. After the one year of such heavy payment, you may be considered for continuous high payments for writing.

How Much Can A Writer Earn A Month?

How much a writer can earn is solely dependent upon their efforts. There's no limit to how much writers can earn. Looking at the earning capability of the blog, writers can earn $50 - $1000 Per month and even more. A writers earnings and payments might be affected if there are much writers. Few writers who can handle the blog Labels is what the blog Admin requires. 4 serious writers is what the blog Admin requires as at now.

Interested writers are expected to send their valid email, names, region of application, and a text showing interest in the position to or message the Blog's Facebook Page MoneyEduGame with the required data.