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How To Stop Sports Betting And Gambling Addiction

 How do I stop my sports gambling addiction?

How do I deal with gambling addiction?

How do I stop gambling forever?

Can gambling addiction be cured?

The knowledge that you will find in this article will help you out if you ask the above questions. Whether you want to deal or control your sports betting addiction or stop gambling totally, this article will help out should you follow it right.

Sports betting is a risky game as we all know. There are always 20% chance out of 100% for someone to win good amount of money off online sports betting. Online sports betting and gambling sites are always told to have some spirits that drive customers to stake more, if not all the pocket money on them. Others complain of being addicted to online sports betting. Is it true that there are some evil spirits in sports betting or gambling? You will find out all about that. You will also see the best way to stop being addicted to betting on sports or casinos and any form of gambling you do play.

How Do I Stop My Sports Gambling Addiction
Gambling Addiction

Spirits That Follow Gambling

Are there spirits that influence people into making too much bookings even with much loses? No there's independent spirit that takes over a sportsbooker or sports bookmaker, influencing him or her to make more bets than he should make, but there is usually this inner feelings that make you feel like your next bookings will be a win. Oops that evil spirit is your inability to control yourself when it comes to betting. There are times you should never place a bet again, for the day or a week, or even a month! I will share few methods that will help you control  yourself when it comes to battling that inner voice that assures you of the next winning.

Before that, let me run a quick explanation on Sports Betting Addiction, because the methods I'll be putting down to help you fight the compelling inner spirit of winning will also help another person know how to stop sports betting addiction.

There are some things you should know about gambling and sports betting before you begin. You can use the link to access it to avoid losses in money, data, and winnings.

Sports Betting Addiction

First, I will like to explain to you the meaning of addiction. If I should define Addiction, I will put it that Addiction is the continuous doing of anything that is supposed to be rewarding yet with some possible negative effects. That definition of addiction fits right with the topic. That urge to always place a bet after every few hours everyday - that is addiction! You get used to placing everyday. A day is never complete for you if you haven't placed a bet(s) on betting sites.

How Do People Get To The Stage Of Being Addicted To Online Sports Betting?

You only get to the stage of becoming addicted to online sports betting when you have not been able to control the spirit that makes you feel you can win the next bet you place on any betting site online or even offline - physical stores with paper slips. It begins from there. When you have that feeling that your next bet you will place will be a winning one, yet you don't keep stopping even with the losses you may encounter.

If it happened that you win big on betting sites, and keep having the luck to win another time with close ranges to previous winnings, the chances of becoming addicted to sports betting will be less than in the case of losses. It will be so because, you will be trying to spend the money you won on the things you needed, and you won't really be focused on the next bet you may make.

We all know that betting is a risky game to get self involved, in pidgin"e fit send you parking from landlord house", I mean you could go broke and unable to pay your rent which could have been possible if you had not involved yourself in betting, but people do it for needs that maybe pressing and hope they get lucky. Betting sites wouldn't get that much customers because of the risk involved. But people are so much in need, and addiction is the only thing that should be battled, because the negative effects could cost bookers or players a lot.

How To Stop Sports Betting Addiction

There are two real ways you can get over sports betting online addiction. They are: Mind Control and use of  Responsible Gambling Features on online sports betting website.

How Do You Stop Gambling Addiction Or Sports Betting Addiction With Your Mind?

The nature of human beings is one with elasticity and great adaptability. I mean, human beings can use accumulated experiences to add new characteristics to themselves, thereby exhibiting changes. If man decides to make changes to some things, he will work on ways to achieve that, and the plan to make the change often begins from the mind. In mans mind, he tries to fix real life issues as a puzzle. When it's done, he proceeds to taking the necessary actions. That's exactly the same way you have to fix your betting addiction.

First of all, you will have to feel done with loosing your games and also losing the money you used to stake on the bets. It's time you make your mind up to be mature and responsible towards controlling how much you lose. If you're not 100% sure of anything you wish to invest your money in it, do not put so much which you can't afford to lose. If you have that 50/50 feeling of winning in a game, use very small amount of money to stake a bet, just once in a day. Depending on how big or little your pocket is, you should set how much you can spend in a day without feeling drilled. If it's not a daily kind of thing, you can make it a weekly activity. Once in a week, make the bet. It will sure give you the chance to observe the next bets you would like to place and expect winnings.

Controlling your mind is the most important aspect of dealing with gambling addiction. Though there are means available in some betting websites to control your spending and loses in sports gambling and casinos, you will still need self control over sports gambling.

How To Deal With Sports Betting Addiction With The Aid Of Responsible Gambling Features

There are some sports betting websites that have the features that prevent a customer from spending more than a certain amount in a day, a week, or month, it is called Account Limit. There's another kind of such feature that prevents sports website betting users from placing bets for a period of time, it is called, Self Exclusion. Bet9ja sports betting site is one of the sports gambling site that has this feature of controlling betting addiction.

Account Limit

Account Limit is one of the features under responsible gambling option bet9ja sports betting website. The feature allows users to control how much deposit they make into their bet9ja wallet. It can be a certain amount you can afford to lose daily, or weekly, or even monthly.

Self Exclusion

Self Exclusion feature is another option under the bet9ja sports betting Responsible Gambling. This feature allows users to set times they cannot place a bet. A user can decide to exclude self from placing bets in the sports betting site for days, weeks, or months.

There is another option that could help a user to totally stay off a sports betting site, it is the Close Account feature. The feature allows users to clos their online sports betting account. Once done, cannot be undone. This feature will not help much unless you have strong control over your mind, because you may come back to get another sports betting account. That's one of the reasons I said that, controlling your mind is very necessary, though the other features can still perform well in helping a sports betting user deal with addiction.

How To Access The Responsible Gambling Features In Bet9ja Sports Betting Site

To access the responsible gambling features that help customers control their sports gambling addiction, you must first of all login Bet9ja. Registration gives you the Bet9ja login details you need to access your Bet9ja account dashboard.

Bet9ja login
Bet9ja Account Dashboard And Wallet

After login into your Bet9ja account, on your profile dashboard, Click on My Account. This will open you up to few options. Responsible Gambling is usually the first option, and then Transactions, then Account Settings.

Click on the responsible gambling option. It will open a new page with another few options which are the: Self Exclusion, Account Limit, and Close Account Feature. There, you can choose which of the features you wish to help yourself with.

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