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Simple Gardening Tips for Beginners In Need Of Beautiful Garden


Tips to begin a beautiful garden
Beautiful Garden

Gardening is a very wonderful hobby. People grow many kinds of Plants, Tress, Flowers, Vegetables and, Shrubs. It takes attention and time. If you are going to start a garden you should take these steps into practice and action.

  • Sunny Area of the Yard

Your garden should be in the area of your yard where you will see it regularly. You should take the sunny area of your yard for your garden because many plants need direct sunlight like Yarrow, Blanket flower, Butterfly weed, Lavender. This step is very important in growing a healthy garden.

  • Types of plant you can grow in your garden

What you can grow in your garden is depend upon the part of world you are living. But some plant can grow everywhere. These are tomatoes, potatoes, etc.

  • Test Your Soil

Before you start digging you should test your soil is healthy. You can send your soil sample to local nursery or you check it by using your own hand kit it will help you to check the acidic nature your soil, which affect how plant absorb soil. Your soil ph should be between 6.0 to 7.0 while its potassium and phosphorus level should be high because most plant need it in an excess amount. These Phosphorus and Potassium are major nutrients for plants.

  • Compost

If the soil is not good for your plant, then you should mix compost in the soil to increase the pH of the soil and to boost your beds or rows. Compost can be coffee grounds ashes eggshell etc. Its help the plant to fight against disease.

  • Gardening Tools

You should choose right gardening tools for a good garden. The basic gardening tool consist of trowel, a transplanter with measuring mark, a cultivator, a pair of durable gloves to protect your hank from thrown. If you are missing any of these tools add them to your shopping list.

  • Figure out the Average Frost Dates of your Area

Starting a garden before the last frost of the season mistake many new gardeners make. To start the season off on the right foot, especially if you’re growing frost-sensitive plants, figure out the average final frost date for your area and avoid planting anything before then.

  • Watering and Fertilizing your plant

It is necessary to watering and fertilizing your plant throughout spring or summer. At least once’s a week, depending upon the rain condition in your arear, head out toward your garden water your plant and you give them fertilizers once’s inn two week

These are just few tips you can consider when you starting a garden. if you need more specific advice or plant recommendation you should seek professional advice from local a nursery or agriculturist.

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