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Satanism Act Of Satan Worshipper That Was Never Apprehended

 In this life we live,  every single thing we have heard of matters to us, even the name Satan, is one those things that put some thoughts into our minds. 

Who is Satan
Is Satan Real?

Is Satan real Or is the Devil real? Even if he's real and exist as the Bible talks of, what lasting and meaningful thing can people actually gain from serving him? What does the devil look like? All these questions may have crossed our minds after learning about the evil and his evil deeds.  Let me drop what has, for a long time been considered as fact as I answer those questions.

Actually, this article wants to tell you about a satanic human being that did evil things to people, and also worshipped Satan. And what is worse is the fact that he wasn't judged to be wrong, and wasn't locked up for the crime he had committed in the name of worshipping Satan. I will tell you about the information I gathered from a space that knows about secrets as such as you read down. Don't forget to give MoneyEduGame Facebook Page a like and follow.

Satanism And Satan

Satanism, also misspelled Satanisme, is the believe in and worship in the being known as Satan. Satan, according to the bible is believed to have been in existence even before humans and other living things in Earth was created by the Creator, God. Satan is blamed by humans for causing the hardship humans face in life as was recorded in the Bible book of Genesis. He was said to have influenced the serpent that deceived Eve into disobeying God's command.

Almost all civilized humans have heard of this. Why people hail Satan and worship him even with the knowledge of his bad deeds is another thing to drop opinions on. I mean, who is Satan, also known as the Devil or Lucifer that people build a church for? Incase you never knew of the existence of Church Of Satan, you should know it existed in the far back years.

Satan And What He Looks Like

Satan is believed to have been created by God as Christians all believe there is only one creator of life, and the Matters that has weight and occupy space that exist herein, God. Satan was known to be one of the Angels God had created. He was told in a chapter in the Bible book of Isaiah to be fallen from heaven where he used to live with God. He was belived to be beautiful, just like other imaginable angels.

Since he was pulled down as the bible has it, he is viewed according to his deeds. In movies, Satan is portrayed to be very ugly, and frightening in looks. In most comics and stories related directly or indirectly to Satan, he is always seen ugly, with two horns, and an ugly looking tail - mostly pointed in a triangular shape.

There are some controversial thoughts about satan. Some people see Satan as a mythodological being who is an enemy to the christians. Satan is believed to be a liar, thief, destroyer and killer by the Christians. This people feel Satan is mythological and only influences people into doing satanic things.

Satanic Person That Did Evil Things And Wasn't Locked

 Yeah! Finally at this stage! Let's get to know this ruthless satanic-influenced man and some of the henious crimes he committed in the name of worshipping the devil.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino is the man you're about hearing of, probably your first time going to know of his existence. Lieutenant Michael Aquino is Political Scientist and a military officer who was once a high ranking member of the Church Of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey. Michael left the church of Satan to establish what he thinks to be a better version of Setian church.

Setianism, according to Wikipedia is a form of Satanism. So, the lieutenant founded the worship center known as Temple Of Set in 1975, Santa Barbara, California. There were other people who joined him with the establishment of the temple. These people were also dissatisfied with their previous worship center, Church Of Satan.

What actually happens in the church satan 's similar satanic group, Temple Of Set?

It's usually hard to tell the activities that go on in the occult groups as their activities are usually secretive, but this particular act that Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino was exposed of seems to let known that horrific things do go down there.

Satanic Church that worship Satan
Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, Founder of the Temple Of Set

This popular web group, Dark Web which is known to be exposing secrets of their hacked victims to the sight and hearing of everyone, shared this story of lieutenant Colonel Michael not apprehended after he was exposed of the horrible things he did in the name of Satan worshipping.

The Dark Web shared that Michael Aquino's house was raided, and videos and pictures of him carrying out satanic rituals. Worst of it all, he was told to be carrying out sexual satanic rituals on children. Even with the evidence he was caught with during the raid, it was believed that charges were not brought upon the lieutenant due to the fact that he was a CIA Operative, and was a matter of National Security.

Aside what you've just heard, there was a news regarding and investigator who was found dead in his Warsaw Apartment in Poland. The investigator' s name was Max Spiers, he went to inquire on the pedophilia cases he had heard coming from the US Army-run facility in San Francisco 35years ago if following the news article's published date in October 2016 by

Max was inquiring about allegations of widespread sexual abuse by the army base in California for satanic occultic reasons. 60 children according to an associated press as found in the news article in were abused as a 1987 after a Child Care centre was demolished in Nothern California by the US Army.

Some people who were involved and alleged in the act had their charges drop, and guess what? One of the US Army officer, according to the news that had it in The San Jose Mercury News was no other than Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino.

This article is here incase you want to know what is possible of happening when anyone joins the Church Of Satan, Temple Of Set, or any other Satanic Church.