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Are Mermaids Real

We mostly got to know about mermaids after seeing them in movies. We have also heard stories of mermaids from our parents. One of the things I heard most about mermaids while growing up was that they're beautiful. Is it really true that mermaids are extremely beautiful? Well you will learn about that as you read down. In an article topic like this, where people are not really sure of mermaid existence, I have brought the real answer to the question, "Is mermaid real"?.  Maybe, what you have been hearing about mermaids were not have been convincing enough to believe mermaids exist, in this article, I'll let you know what I got to see some years back. So, you will have to read carefully, because you will get to the point where the first definition of mermaid will have a little change included. It's all about mermaids in real life.

What is a mermaid?

If I'm to define a mermaid, I'll define mermaid as a living aquatic creature with an upper part of the body(from the head to the chest) which is similar to that of human beings, and the  lower part of the body (from below the chest to the caudal fin) that of a fish. 

Are mermaids real?

Yes, mermaids are real! Yes, mermaids exist! How sure am I about mermaids' existence? I am 100% sure that mermaids do exist. How did I know that mermaids exist? It's all part of the plan! I'll let you know.

It seems mermaids are of different kinds. I have carefully examined across videos of the following two kinds of mermaid. The ones with fish tail and the ones with snake tails. These two kinds of creatures can breathe both on land and water.

It's been years after I once and last saw a real mermaid. I'm not certain of what year exactly I saw it, but I can remember I was very young then. Unfortunately, I don't have the particular picture of the mermaid I'm talking about now to show as prove, but guess what? I happened to find the picture of same creature I'm suspecting to be a mermaid. I'll will describe everything I saw of the  creature I first saw, and later the picture of same creature which happened to be a smaller one compared to the one I saw.

During the time I saw the mermaid,  mobile phones were just advancing in inclusion of certain features like cameras and other things that make smartphones complete. It should be around and between year 2008 and 2010.

One day, news spreaded around few Local Government Areas in one of the states in Nigeria about the sight of a mermaid around the Ibesikpo area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

I can still recall what led to the discovery of this particular mermaid. A certain road construction company , Julius Berger as I had heard was working on a road project along the Ibesikpo road where there was huge water puddle that was probably dug to control erosion. Others said it was a stream, but the elderly people around me who knew the place better said it was a huge puddle that became very clean and the water never dried. 

The puddle or stream was meant to be taken off as it was obstructing  the road construction. So, days passed since the commencement of work from the construction company, and as the puddle was to completely dried off, there the construction workers found something which every other person that was close to the site also witnessed. People who had this little phones with low camera MPs that were popularly known known as "china phone" got to capture.

Mhmm... That's how I got to see the mermaid. She was video recorded. So, I was lucky enough to have seen the video. From what I saw, it was female with very curly hair that is white in colour - seems to have been old. The definition I made earlier had it that a mermaid has a the lower similar to that of a fish, but what I saw of this mermaid was entirely different! She had a lower body similar to that of an anaconda snake, and was light grey and  spotted with dark grey. The face looked very ugly! Uglier than a witch! It's face shape was a little bit similar to that of human. It has a little nose and mouth beneath it. It seemed it didn't have lips. It's head is connected immediately to a small neck, and to a chest with arms just humans, but slim. It was yelling, probably meaning It wants to be let loose as it was surrounded by people. How does the mermaid sound? It sounded like someone is inside of them and talking from their throat. It sounded like worst like a  witch conjuring esoterically.

So, this year, I decided to look up on the mermaid creature I had seen years, and found something similar but different in size, skin or scale, and hair. The one I was I talking about seemed to have been old because it was very big and seems it had grey hairs, but this one I'm talking about was found in Malaysia. It had curly blonde hair, shiny as that of human. The scale was very similar to that of a python snake, unlike the one I saw earlier; It was bigger and the skin seemed to turn to light grey colour probably because of the long years it spent in the water before getting caught.

Real face of snake mermaid
Ugly face

The face

Are mermaids real
Full front view of the creature

Real picture of mermaid
Side view of the mermaid

Mermaid snake hair like human
The long blonde hair

Snake with human head
Human lifting the hair of the mermaid for clear view

Snake mermaid
The mermaid limb


Somewhere in Malaysia, people caught two of this same creature playing, and they managed to catch a female too. In the Dailymotion video containing this creature, the creature was exactly what I saw years earlier but bigger. In the video, the people said that two of this creature which they saw playing before catching the female were of different sex, male and female. But how come this kind of creature is not known by people?

How this kind of creatures are hiding. They're very good at hiding! It seems to have connections to human being because the upper body from the head to the chest. In my own thoughts, "I think there's something magical about these creatures. They have histories.

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