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How To Seduce A Man For A Lasting Relationship

 What is the right way to seduce a man? How can you rightly seduce a man into loving you?

Women seducing men
How To Seduce A Man For Love

Uhm, in this article, I'll be touching these questions and other imaginable questions that may pop up with the right answers for them in a progressive manner. This article is for women who wishes to have a relationship with a man they are attracted to, especially men who are so focused on what they do without noticing who has eyes on them. If as a woman, you wish to have a genuine relationship that will last, and probably lead to marriage, this article is mainly for you! You might want to know that seduction is very simple, but requires self discipline and self confidence most.

What Does Seduce Mean?

When someone seduces someone, it means that the person has managed to do things that attracts a person's attention to herself or himself to get whatever they need. That is the meaning of seduce!

Seduction usually comes with an aim. Anyone who seduces wants something. Some people seduce for sex, some seduce love and romantic relationships, and some seduce for other personal reasons. You should know the one this article focuses most on by now. I mentioned it above.

For a woman to seduce a man, she has to be good in some things that will attract a man's attention to herself.

What Are These Main Things And Ways A Woman Can Use To Seduce A Man?

I will put down the steps on how to attract a man the right way to yourself after this main things I'll be listing here. These main things are the umbrella to which the actions you will take to seduce a man are linked to. 

Keep your cool
Keeping your cool

These main things are the characteristics of a woman. They are the things that gives men that first impression that you are their spec or type. What are these characteristics men love in women? They are:

  • Attitude: A woman should be good when it comes to the attitude she displays over certain situations and conditions. For example, men love women who have the right skills to turn down men who have only sexual intentions for them. When a man notice kinds of attitude in you, he knows that very few women are good in handling such situations with self discipline, and will want to hurry up to get you to avoid losing you. Awnn😊..
  • Behaviour: She should have behaviours that keeps the man thinking about her, and how real she is. For example, you should always keep your cool when it feels like you're bored. Some women do push themselves to people when they feel bored. Nah, real men observe that a lot and are careful with such ladies. They want women who would not allow boredom push them into feeling a relationship is dull or not interesting especially when the man has some problems to solve. They want women that can understand such situations, and also know how to pull up fun for themselves and few people that deserves it. This behavior matters a lot to real men, because they know if the relationship gets to be, instead of the lady going out to seek fun with people that don't matter, she and he could create their own fun, and manage their boredom without bringing third parties as judges.
  • Body Language: As a lady, You should watch your body language and deliver it to the right persons you wish to have for your self, and wait for the smart ones who get it, and not like that of strippers. Men are different and so are women. Depending on the kind of man a woman wants, there are ways to attract them which they will be quick to get depending on their type of personality.
  • Looks: Definitely, looks should have been at the top of the list of the main things women should consider when seducing men for love, but I decided to bring it down because women focus on looks more than character/attitude, behaviours, and body languages which is why some relationships have question marks on. This doesn't mean you should not care about your looks. Looks matters a lot too just like other things I have mentioned. Non of them should be less serious as far as this article is concerned. Looks here includes how you dress, how you walk, how clean you are, and how well you control your emotions. A lot of men love girls that are emotionally strong.
  • Talk: You can always make room for a conversation with a man you wish to have. A little conversation can send more seductions to the man of your dreams.
  • Be The Working Type: The list can never be complete without these. I tell you! These seduces real men to the bones, lol. Don't be a type that keeps expecting money without thinking of legit things and hustle for money. Try to have something doing that fetches you money! Men respect girls who are focused with their work, 90* than girls who don't but depends on men for money all the time.

Before I get to put up the actions and control means a woman can use to attract a man, you should know that, women seducing men with one or two of the things and ways listed above this particular way alone may not see quick results, like they would if they combined all the characteristics listed above.

How To Seduce A Man

How to seduce a man to gain his attention
What to do seduce a man

With actions and moves, I'll let you know the steps to take to seduce a man to gain his attention and love.

Teach and master yourself these actions:

  • Carry an undisturbed look. Yeah keep that face straight and focused. Nothing as sexy as that for real men. 
  • Don't forget to give him little or rare smiles if he is the one. There's seduction in smiles, especially when there is a meaningful conversation going on between you and him.
  • Walk majestically, and with confidence, but at the same time, avoid using it to give impressions of a proud heart. A heart that downgrades others.
  • Say hi, to him if he seems to be the type that don't talk too much. That registers fast in a man's brain especially if he has been observing you, but how far it goes depends on other characteristics of yours mentioned above.
  • Don't get into sex, and don't entertain talks leading  to sex, and choose the right words to reply him should he bring up such talks. It should be words to let him know that you're interested in real love than sex. Sex can't be a problem when there's real love, you know. Real men respect such women a lot because they know they know what they want.

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