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Child Tax Credit Payment Update For 2022

 With so many American families benefiting as at 2021 from the program that came up from it's parent program, the American Rescue Plan, the child tax credit program has indeed been useful to families who were eligible and had benefited as it was meant to. The Child Tax Credit was meant to help parents take care of their children in such a way that will reduce the level of poverty each child could have possibly faced.

Parents of children from under and over the age of 6 to the limit of 17 receive the child tax credit Payments of $250 for children each of ages 6 to 17, and $300 for children each below ages 6 per month. This made the total amount of child tax credit received for a child in a year $3,000 and $3,600.

Child Tax Credit Payment Update For 2022
Child Tax Credit Payment Currency

Parents receiving this relief funds didn't really have any actions to take to get the payments, unless they didn't file tax returns for previous year or received a stimulus check from the IRS. The payments were automatically sent or deposited to their accounts. Though the activity was meant to be stress free for the beneficiaries, there are requirements to be met before a family can benefit from the initiated American Rescue Plan.

Before a family can benefit from this program, they're supposed to be having and expecting less income of  $150,000 as couples or 112,000 as single parents - also known as Head Of Household. There are families who are are not eligible at all for this credit program. Families that earn more than $400,000 may receive lesser credit or no payments at all. The amount credit amount had to be increased to the $250 and $300 for the sake of those with income $150,000 and below. It was supposed to be for a year, a total of $2000 for each child. This means that the monthly payment of this program would have been a $166+ for each child.

Apart from the requirements have laid already, it is required that parents who wish to receive this credit payments should sign up for this program before the given deadline. If not, they will have to file for tax returns  the next year to receive the total amount their family worth. 

Child Tax Credit Program 2022 Update

Sadly, the child tax credit program was supposed to be beneficial only in 2021. This was thought over by some high country officials including the American President, Joe Biden, as the program seems to be one most appreciated program by the American citizens.

Hopefully, we expect the continuation of child tax credit program in 2022 as president Joe Biden had mentioned it to be part of his agenda towards America, the Build Back Better Agenda!

The program through the Build Back Better Agenda would be much more than the previous version as the credit payments has been thought to be doubled for a month! It should be doubled from $250 to $500 for children 6 years and above to the limit, and $300 to $600 to children 6 years and below only for February payments then return back to the normal 250 and 300 from March. This will be possible if the Build Back Better bill is passed. Should there be anything else you need to know, feel free to check back on this article as I will make an update to it.

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