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What Is The Meaning Of Life?

This question, "what does life mean" will always be one which any living being who has had lots of life experiences will one day or keep asking self. With all the things we as humans, especially this modern days have come to hear, see, and experience will keep us wondering why we had to exist, why we were chosen this particular planet - Earth for, and what we should expect in life. We all need the answer to life. How do we get it? I have an idea as to what life may actually be. My view may not be the same as yours which is why this particular blog Label - Life Opinions is here in this blog. You learn and also suggest the right thing for everyone to learn at least one or two things from, but aside from that, as the author of this post, I can assure you of critical reasoning with the help of experiences on my own side and that of others, and that of studies and research, especially in the psychology aspect which I have received lessons on.

So, in this article, we should expect to hear the definition of life, what is life all about, what should we expect in life aside the things we know and have been achieving, example living independently and also having and taking care of family to success, and struggling for survival, you know.

What is life expectancy?
Depiction of human struggles for daily living

Meaninng of life

If I may define life, I would put it that, Life is the existence of breath, strength, and energy to pull the resources required to live and survive till when it is no more. I rate my definition of life with an 80, I don't know about you.

Let me explain that definition of life deeper. Anyone who exists today does so but with the existence of breath, which involves inhaling of the gas oxygen, and exhalation of the other gas carbon dioxide. Without this process, a person is considered dead! Inhaling and exhaling alone would never keep us alive for a month. There are other thing we need to do to keep the inhalation and exhalation going. We need to eat,  I mean, provide the body with the nutrients it requires to generate us the energy to keep sourcing for what to eat, where to live, and catch the fun pleasures that humans, Earth and it's made-of resources have to offer.

What Is Life All About?

From the life definition and explanation above which I have provided, we could tell actually what life is about, but we are never satisfied with what we know about life. We expect more to life, and when relating the experiences we have, the things we have heard, and things we have seen, we stil want to know the answer to life and expectancy of the unknown part of life - life after death.

I once said something about why we experience the things we do as part of living, and why God allows it in one of the articles under the label, Life Opinions though I can't remember which particular article has it. When we want to know about something, we start from the basics, for example; if someone wants to be a good writer, he or she must have start at the elementary school to learn the Alphabets and numbers, because every word in a written sentence are made up of the alphabets. That's exactly how life is. If we have other expectancies to life, then we have to consider the things we already know in life. I do feel the same way too, and will bring it up soon.