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What Are Backlinks Secret To Web Traffic And High DAs


You may have heard from somewhere, especially if you follow a blogging group in any social media app about what backlink could do for your website or blog, but not understand it all. This article will carefully talk about the important things you need to know about backlinks in order to make effective use of them for better performance of your website, especially, Business website. You will also get the definition of backlink as well as knowing how to build back links. You will know of the kind of backlinks that exists.

Wait, do you have a website already? If you don't, see how to  begin a profitable blog for a small amount of money.

From this article, you will be recommended the good places where you could generate quality backlink for your blog or website, best backlink practice for your website high ranking, and you will also be recommended good backlink checker for your website, but before then, what is backlink?

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What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are website's and webpages' links attached to a particular website or web page that allows room for visits to pages the links are are generated from. Backlinks are highly regarded by search engines for better performance of a site and on the search engine.

With Backlinks, your business can sale faster as your website will be ranked up for more visits and purchase.

You may still not get what I mean, let me explain deeper. 

What is a backlink?

Your friend has a website, and you have a post or an article in your website which you need the people who view your friend's website to see it too, you now copy that your post link and with your friend's permission, he or she puts the link in his or her blog. That your website link or blog link in your friends website is a backlink to you. I'm sure you now understand what a back link is.

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What Do Backlinks Do For Your Website?

Have you heard of Search Engine Optimization before? I mean, SEO? Backlinks is one of the things that optimizes a website's performance for more visibility and accessibility by users or visitors. It is one of the strategies in SEO that is used for better website traffic performance. 

Why Are Backlinks Important?

The following questions and answers will let you know why backlinks are important to your site.

What do I have to do to make my site rank for more web traffic?

Backlinks! Backclinks!

What should I do for search console to index my blog post fast?

Backlinks! You may not have known that, but actually back link can make your blog post and articles to be indexed quickly by search consoles.

How can I increase my URL Rating and Domain Authority?

Through backlinks of course! Backlinks does most of the work here.

How Do You Build Backlink?

There are many ways to building backlinks. The most effective ways of backlink building are:

  • Auto - Backlinks
  • Backlink Exchange
  • Backlink Buying
  • Guest Posting

Auto Backlinks

Auto back links, sometimes known as natural backlinks are backlinks to your website that does not require exchange or purchase. It occurs when other websites find contents in your website that is valuable and similar to their niche. These websites now put up your website link to their site, and it becomes a backlink to you!

Backlinks Exchange

As I used above in the explanation of backlink, you can build backlinks to your site by exchanging links with friends who blog as well. Your friend will add your link to his website, and you will do the same. Your links in your friend's blog will point to your blog directly, yours will do same. 

The process being an 'exchange' doesn't really make it necessary. You friend might not want backlink from your website, but could still generate back link for you on other terms and agreement.

Backlinks Purchase

There are a lot of stores that sell backlinks to website owners. If you need a back link to your site, you will have to pay for it or them depending on how much you need. Some SEOstores sell them like backlinko. In this stores, backlinks will be generated for your website, linking them to various sites which your budget meets up with.

Like an online store, where there are similar products but with different pieces is a store that carry out sales of backlinks. You will have to consider backlink quality and backlinks quantity for your website for better and desires functionality.

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Guest Posting

Building backlink through this method is similar to backlink exchange, but still different because the host of the blog or website you want to put your blog link has to put up an article to link your blog article and it's link for quick readership and visitors for your blog. 

Backlink Types

Backlinks have two main types, and they will also determine how far your blog ranks in SERPS. The two main types of backlinks are:

  • Do-Follow Backlinks
  • No-Follow Backlinks

What Are Do Follow Backlink?

Do follow backlinks are links that opens directly from the website it is attached to without putting you through a refer screen before getting to the destinated link page. A backlink that is do follow, is added to a host website will use the do-follow link attribute to direct users to your website.

Dofollow backlinks are considered very to be very effective when it comes to ranking your website on the search engine. It is recommended by Google to bloggers and their blogs for appropriate pagerank.

What Are No-Follow Backlinks?

No follow backlinks are the opposite of dofollow backlinks. No follow backlink requires a refer screen before a user can get to the destinated site, in this case, your site that has a pink on a friend's website, or other backlink commercial website.

No-follow backlink are still very effective as well when it comes to pageranking and getting website traffic to your blog, but they are not as effective as the do follow.

Where Can I Buy Backlink or Where Can I Generate Backlink?

Like I said earlier, backcklinks could be generated and bought with website experts.I will recommend you to some seo stores and backlink special stores where you can buy ànd generate good quality backlinks. You will be able to buy dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks for your blogs or websites. Here are two:


Buy Backlinks

This seo site is website that is totally concerned with backlink, content writing for your blog, website traffic for your blog, and Domain Authority and Domain Rating increase for your blog. The price for their service ranges from $0.01 to approximately $300. The higher the price for a program the higher the chances of getting what you need.

This small seo store do appreciate it's users by giving them bonuses for more backlinks and to very high authority websites that could bring tons of traffic to your website. I'm talking about websites like BBC and Fox news site. Big!

What Are The Best Backlink Practices To Follow?


When buying or generating Backlinks for your website, you should consider the quantity. Sites that have achieved high alexa rank are ones with high quantity of Backlinks. So, you should consider building your website .

How many backlinks does your website require to rank on search?

Your site could appear and rank on the top 10 of search engine with some quantities of Backlinks which should be  from 5 up, depending on the quality. How far your url rating go up is dependent upon your ability to gather backlink for your blog or website.


Backlinks have qualities. There are high and low qualities. Having one backlink from a high quality rated website on  SERPs can be more effective than 500 low quality back links.

When buying backlink for your website, you should also be sure that the website are considered safe and is similar to your website in terms of contents as it may also affect how your blog performs.

Which Is The Best Website Backlink Checker?

There are lots of tools to check your Backlinks, and most of them are not free. There are very few free backlink checker. As you should know by now, not all free things can give you exactly what you need, or serve you to your satisfaction, but there are some few free backlinks checker you could use till you could pay for the advanced once.

Ahrefs backlink checker can help you discover some of your Backlinks from the site explorer tab. It's partly a free backlinks checker. 

You will need to sign up in order to check  backlinks on ahrefs site tool. You could sign up with your email address in order not to forget your password. 

Ahrefs also offer 7days for $7 free trial to use the the premium version of the app to achieve more for your website.

Sitechecker also offer free backlink check for a week, and also requires signing in.