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For A Romantic Relationship Who Should Make Move

Relationship is something that comes as a result of attraction. People could get attracted to each other's personality which is made up of character and behavior and choose to be close to each other. The closeness there is what define relationship. Character here could mean how a person dresses or look. While behavior would mean how a person responds, reacts or acts using voice and body to situations around - whether in a warm, active, or dull manner.

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What Is Relationship?
If I may define relationship, I'd put the relationship definition as the strong bond between two individuals with similar needs and wants. I'm very sure that definition of relationship I have just given will get your mind straight to what it actually means for someone to be in a relationship. It doesn't matter whether it is a romantic one or just a casual or friendly one.  But this article is specifically focused on long term relationship between two opposite sex humans.

This article may actually serve as a relationship advice or even as a relationship counseling if you may consider it as one after thoroughly going through it. It is an article you should actually read before getting to start a relationship with that beautiful person you have in mind or just meet. For a long term relationship, you should have the things you've seen here at the back of your mind, it seems necessary. A healthy relationship could also be achieved as a result as well.

Before we get to the end of this, lets take a look at some things that are usually experienced when it comes to building up relationship with a stranger.
In the romantic relationship aspect, 'attraction' as explained above do take place too before anything else that usually takes place after which may happen. In this case, it has been observed that attraction at this particular aspect are complicated in a lot of cases as the attraction and closeness tendencies are misunderstood sometimes. Example: A lady may be be attracted to a gentleman. She wants to let him know, so she gives him some signs that may appear to be natural courtship signs. Depending on the sign, and how the male interpretes it; he gets close to her and chose to touch or interact with her based on his interpretation. As it has been happening, the lady may get to see it as an embarrassment or harassment.

Studies have shown that most females chose not to approach men they are attracted to in order to not feel cheap or desperate. Because of this, men when approaching a lady can't tell what kind of relationship or whatever the lady expect or want. This has led to relationships that do not last long these days due to different relationship expectations by both individuals. 
In order to make this clearer, imagine a relationship where a lady is interested in sexual relationship from a male she is attracted to, and the male is interested in having a lifetime partner or a spouse. Things obviously won't flow the way it would if both parties are interested in sexual pleasure, or if both are interested in becoming lifetime partners. The lady will have it in mind that the relationship is all about sex, and she could chose to marry someone else she might later be interested in. The man might be putting all hopes on tying the knot with her. Imagine the lady saying no to a marriage proposal - crumbled relationship.

So, the explanation above will emphasize more on the need for approaches between any two opposite sex(for romantic relationship) or any gender(for friendly relationship) individuals who are attracted to one another or to each other as the situation may be. The expected question would be, who actually should make the first approach or step to start up a romantic relationship? Exactly what this article was written to let you know and learn or also contribute as this blog is educational. Learning and knowing is the keyword.

When same gender are attracted to each other, there are usually no or less tendencies to begin a romantic relationship. Well, same genders may just be attracted to another's behavior, character, and skills, and want to be with someone with such character in order to assimilate them to self, and for fun purpose. So, when it comes to who should make the first approach in different genders; Anyone can make the approach, but will definitely be depending on who has the distinguished features.
In most cases, relationship usually comes up in a simple logical way where both individuals meet or what both individuals are involved in could be what begins the relationship through interaction and conversations. 

When advancing into the next stage, someone will have to bring up the idea, if not, the relationship would be considered as a casual one. Who actually should make this move? Male or Female? 
Well, there is one little thing I recommend for consideration, and this thing automatically chooses who should go ahead and take the first step in bringing up dating topic. This thing is genotype!

Genotype is the genetic make up of any individual inherited from both parents. There are kinds of genotypes that determines how healthy a person will become. the AA, the AS, and the SS. Following the biological nature of humans, beings should carefully choose the right person with a genotype that wouldn't cause problems when the couple have children.

So, in this case, AA can marry AA, AA can marry As, AA can marry SS, but AS shouldn't marry AS, AS must not marry SS.
Who should actually make the move to date is someone who has the AA genotype. This doesn't mean any other person with other kinds of genotype can't shoot their shots, as they could actually stumble on the right person with the right genotype for future sake of the relationship and family. The family can never be homely and comfortable if unhealthiness and sickness is what is faced day by day. The parents, will never have rest, and the children who are victims of wrong formation with genotype of parents will never feel comfortable and more alive. They can be alive but feel dead.

Genotype matters a lot when it comes to marriage and relationships closer to that of marriage. It's even good that we as humans are that updated to know how we could live and produce healthy chicken who will have the strength to survive.

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