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Suicide Causes And Prevention Methods


Suicide rates do fluctuate, but what has been recorded by high position health organizations suggest high rate of suicide around the world every year. The World Health Organization suggests over 700,000 suicide rate globally every year.  

According to some suicide facts, men kill themselves more than women do. Not just adults, children of ages 12 to 20 are also confirmed to have committed suicide. What is suicide that people do and keep doing per year?

Suicide by drowning
Suicide Drowning

What Does Suicide Mean?

Suicide have various definitions, as could be defined by anyone based on their own perspective. If I should define suicide, I would put it that, suicide is an action anyone takes or is willing to take to end his or her life. In other words, suicide definition is as simple as abc, it means self killing or self murder.

Figuratively, I will put the definition of suicide as 'an act of which an individual wants to, desires to, or actually kicks the GP water tank'. Yeah, it's no more kicking of the bucket, but tank. The tank is bigger, it also tells the how heavy  the impact has to be. This particular suicide definition tells how difficult and unpleasant situations get before someone begins to harbor suicidal thoughts.

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No one would ever want to kill self unless there is actually something that makes the person feel like the life he or she is living is a living hell. What could lead an individual into suicide?

Causes Of Suicide

There are factors which can get catch of an individual, thereby leaving them with suicidal tendencies. These factors include but not limited to family, finance, and health.

Children of 15 to 20 years of age like mentioned earlier have been recorded to have been involved in suicide cases. If children who shouldn't have to worry about feeding themselves (though there are homeless ones who beg for what to eat) are involved in suicides, then  it has gone totally alarming. Though adults  are always believed to have the ability to bear uncomfortable situations longer and better than children, there are times that they can't hold on no more, without harboring suicidal thoughts in mind. 

Why do people commit suicide is where we are going, before going down to suicide prevention and suicide help. Why people commit suicide are always dependent upon one cause or the other. Let's get to se these main causes of 

Below is a list of what I believe instills suicide thought into people.

Main causes of suicide are:

  • Abuse
  • Impairments and Disorders
  • Stigmatization
  • Disasters and Losses
  • Discrimination
  • Brokenness Or Lack

Abuse: Not just children, grown ups grow suicidal tendencies when they're faced with this challenge. At least adult control over the thoughts of suicide should be moderate than that of children, but it tends to not be so. 

Children do have that tendency of committing suicide mostly when they don't feel loved by parents, guardians, and friends. When children are abused, whether sexually, emotionally, physically, and emotionally, it often accumulate to a point where a child will one day find the best ways to commit suicide if the abuse keep going on for longer periods.

Accidents, Impairments Or Disorders: Impairments and disorders are body and health challenges that makes people feel abnormal. Suicide ideation are usually felt more by people with; Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, chronic pains from fatal accident injuries.

Stigmatization: When people face stigma, and are not aware of the best ways to handle stigma, suicide thoughts might be one of the options of getting over it.

Disasters And Losses: This definitely affects low and middle income countries the most. If disasters struck and destroys properties and valuables, and there are no financial means to get back up or at least stay on a balanced mode mentally and emotionally, suicide thoughts sweep in alongside the thoughts on how to get back up.

Discrimination: When people keep pointing and categorizing others in manners that are beyond individual merit, suicidal thoughts are not far from the victims. It gets worse when an individual is bullied. This particular part effects children and teenagers most.

Brokenness And Lack: This has been observed to be the most reason men commit suicide the most. A man in this situation has so many things in mind. His thoughts happen to affect his actions, same as anyone. The suicidal thought comes in when men after having the feeling that there will be no way out to their financial lack or broken state

Suicide Symptoms 

What all these causes of suicide do is change the thoughts of the victims, there by causing changes in their actions, which in return may hurt them sooner or later. The actions after the hurts will come up as suicidal symptoms, and from there, a quick way to end the hurts and the pains happens to be the next thought, and guess what some people's brain bring up? 

Suicide Methods

If a person has ever had a suicidal thought, and happened to have made a suicide attempt, they'll later look for painless way to die after realizing there will always be pains. 

The most used methods of suicide happens to be;

Pesticide Ingestion: Self poisoning with pesticides has been a method that had been used by suicide victims. It probably was thought to less painful, but pains actually do come, and with some negative effects such as defecation and vomits.

Fire Arms: Killing of self with guns is thought to be the fastest way to die. Victims fire at themselves at very vital organs of life that the body can't survive without. Though it is usually considered the fastest means, it some times disappoint and then leaves the victim with scars if rescued.

Rope Hanging: The most popular method of suicide is hanging. When it happens, it happens. It's usually horrifying to see people struggle to death while using this form of suicide method. So, people with suicidal thoughts often try to avoid this as they can feel how disrespectful it might seem to one's body.

Drowning: This method occurs to be a hard one for swimmers, but works with non swimmers.

Vein Cuts: This happens to be a very painful and horrifying way to suicide. It happens when a victim cuts so deep to the bone on the arm, and allows the blood to flow completely off the body till the point of death. Usually done on a bathtub filled with water of which the blood will mix with.

Suicide Prevention And Suicide Help

If you, or if you know anyone who feel that bad, and want to commit suicide, I'd like you to see this.

Let's see possible and effective ways to prevent suicide.

Suicide Hotlines

The most immediate help for suicide prevention near you is your phone, and the suicide special numbers, or the countries emergency number.

Countries do have special numbers for suicide emergencies. If you do not know that of your country, you should contact your nearest Police Station or Health Center. They can be of help to provide you with the suicide hotline numbers.

You can also call 911 on your phone for any emergency, including suicides. Use 911Emergency only if you're in the continent, North America.

Use 112 emergency if you're in Europe, some countries in North America, some countries in South America, and very few countries in Africa, like Nigeria.

There are other codes used in some parts of each continent which you should find out.

Self Discipline

How to prevent suicide does not totally depend on taking away things and situations that could be used for suicide. I mean, there are thousands of ways to die.

To prevent suicide, it has to be registered in that person's mind that, suicide is not the right option. 

"I want to kill myself" is  no positive word in anyone's life. The pronouncements from your mouth have their effects.

Discipline yourself to always see and hope for the good side of life, and work towards it. It's easier than suicide. 

When you feel like thinking upside down, sorry, I mean; if you feel like going suicidal in your thoughts, switch the thought everytime to, "what are those right things that I can do to enjoy the rest of this short life".

If you have the right answers to those thoughtful questions, go step by step, and with patience to achieve them one by one! It's better than thinking of "how to kill myself".

If you don't know the right ways. You can share your thoughts on Educational Platforms like Moneyedugame and it's Facebook Page. It is actually here for learning purposes. We share, discuss, know, agree, and work on what we figure out to be right. Feel free to express your Life Opinions.


Spirit is something abstract, but can be felt. From within you, you can tell if your heart is free, or if it's burdened. You can't see it, but yiu feel it.

That's exactly how God works. All he wants is someone's willingness to know  and understand him. Such people definitely find wisdom when God's presence is with them 

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How Do You Understand God?

The Bible. The Bible records truthful facts about God and the life he up on man. You will understand God if your heart is wise, and you're willing to follow the right path.

Note: No reading to impress, but for understanding. You will definitely find the purpose of life after enough patience and dedication.

Final Words

Anyone that has faced the causes and symptoms of suicide without letting suicidal thoughts override his or her actions will definitely be strong enough to handle other situations similar to it. If the transfer in learning is applied well, then that person has high success rate in life.

Sharing might be just the best thing you could have ever to someone, lucky enough, people!

The support is very well appreciated.