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How To Play Tekken 6 Multiplayer In PPSSPP

How to play tekken 6 multiplayer on ppsspp is a very simple process.  I made this article earlier to help people who would like to play Tekken 6 game with friends using the multiplayer mode, adhoc, but as of today, May 24th 2022, I have decided to add a link to where you can download Tekken 6 psp game for your ppsspp emulator app. Read down to where you can download the game. And before we get to the step by step guide on how to play multiplayer in Tekken 6 ppsps game with your friend or brother or relations, What is Tekken? Moneyedugame


Tekken Game
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Tekken game is an action arcade video game. Teken is developed by Bandai Namco Studios, and is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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Tekken games are one the psp games known for 1 vs 1 combats and fights. In Tekken ppsspp game rom file, while playing, you could perform lots of actions with the aid of it's control system.

Since Tekken is a fighting PPSSPP game, you can throw punches, block punches, dodge and escape punches.

You will definitely want to know if you can win your friends in the fight, or can they win you? That's why there's is a multiplayer mode in some psp games for offline multiplayer game challenges. Now let's see how to go about the multiplayer. 


Tekken Multiplayer Game
Tekken Tournament Screen

What Do You Need For Playing Multiplayer Offline On Games In Ppsspp?

First of all you will need to connect your friends phone to yours using an android phone hotspot and wifi. If you turn on your hotspot for your friend to connect, you are known as the host, and your friend who connects is the guest.

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How To Connect Phones For Multiplayer Tekken 6 Gameplay.

This settings is to be applied in the guest's android phone.

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After the connection, open your ppsspp emulator app,the ppsspp gold apk app preferably. If you happen to open the ppsspp game app for the first time, you will have to allow the permission for the app to have access to your android phone's storage. There your game progress will be saved and ran.

I hope you do have and find the tekken 6 ppsspp game file in your ppsspp emulator. If you don't, and don't know how to find it, this <<How To Play Ppsp Games>> article could be of help.

In the psp emulator home page, you should find your already owned ppsspp game files reflecting alongside other ppsspp emulator options like settings.

Head to the ppsspp SETTINGS that is alway at the right side of the ppsspp emulator home page.

After that click on the NETWORKING option.

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In the next option below, ENABLE BUILT-IN-PRO AD HOC SERVER.

Change the IP address that is usually nicknamed "coolbird" in the ppsspp gold emulator to a valid IP address of your choice, but you could ttry the IP address, as was recomemnded by Dinker.

After that, click and check the tick box right above you with the option, "ENABLE NETWORKNG/WLAN(beta, may break games"

Click on the option below with the tittle, "PORT OFFSET(0#PSP compatibility)and set the limit to 5000, and click on OK to save.

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When you are done, go to the next ppsspp settings option with the tittle, SY

STEM. You will find the option "1/0 timing method". Click and select or check the first option you find, "FAST(lag on slow storage)" DO ALL THESE IN YOUR PHONE AS THE GUEST!

Settings For The Host

Remember, the host is the person who turned on his hotspot for ppsspp multiplayer connection.

Here are the settings you should set up as the host:

Head to the NETWORKING option like in the guest settings for multiplayer ppsspp game connection.

Select and check the ENABLE NETWORKING/WLAN option.

DOWN to the next option, change the IP ADDREESS from the 'coolbird' name to the same IP address as the guest.

Then in MAC ADREESS, click to change the mac address. You can make it same with that of the guest for a smoother game play.

In the next option which is the PORT OFFSET, like the guest setting, increase it to 5000.

Still in the ppsps settings, click on the setting option, SYSTEM and and set the 1/0 as that of the guest.

Play Tekken 6 Multiplayer

You are almost there! Go back to the pspp menu or home page where you have the game icons displaying. Launch or open the tekken game alongside your game partner or friend.

After opening the teken game, and you are both in the START screen after pressing the start button, head to the options aligned in the left, scroll till you can find NETWORK, and then click on it. Available players will be displayed in the next screen for multiplaying, both of you should Click the X button to choose your available friend.

When connected you can now enjoy your multiplayer game on the ppsspp app.

Some games require another kind of method for connection of multiplayer games. You can read on <<How to play multiplayer with ppsspp>> to know another method, though the connection settings are similar.

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You can still apply this method while using windows ppsspp gold emulator for multiplayer gaming.

Download Tekken 6 PSP Game

Tekken 6 psp game download requires simple steps to having it in your phone. To download the game, visit this psp ROM game link. The ppsspp game download page will open, with a Tekken 6 game image. Below the image, you will find a "save game" button. Press or click the button to start  downloading the game to your phone.

You should know the next step to take after downloading the game in order to successfully have the game opened and running in your ppsspp gold or blue emulator app. If you don't, search this blog using the search form up above to search on the article, "How To Play Ppsspp Games", and then click to read on the step by step guide on how to connect ppsspp game to the ppsspp emulator app for playing sake. The link to the article is also attached in this article if you should check the link texts above.