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How To Kill Yourself The Right Way


First of all, I will like to apologize for the questions that will be coming up shortly. The questions you will find coming are exactly where answers will be directed to.

How to commit suicide without pain
Suicide Rope Method

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Life treats everyone differently, and it sucks so much to some people. Some of this people often look for a way to escape these terrible experiences and conditions they see and feel in their lives. Some people may need to know the quickest ways to ease these things that disturbs them and feel like there's no end to it, and so they ask questions or want to know things concerning suicide like:

How to kill yourself without pain

What and which are the painless ways to die?

Best ways to commit suicide

Best ways to kill myself

Suicide methods and so on...

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If you are in that situation and state, I have just the best suicide method for you. You might be thinking that I'm going to talk you off it, but no! I'll let you know the best way to commit suicide since you want to die. But before I let you know the ways to commit suicide, let's see if the reasons for it are right or wrong, too early or late.

suicide, causes, and prevention - some suggestions that matters and help a lot.

From my own observation, I have seen that, people who have once thought of killing themselves are people who want the best kind of life and living, but resign to a suicide thought when life is not as they expected. No understanding between humans, No love, No trust, No care, No loyalty, No financial gains, no good health, etc.

Of course, if the human life are in lack of these things, it can never be a complete and enjoyable one for anyone. So, what are you actually living for? Exactly what I want to remind you of, and exactly the best way to kill yourself is what I'll be recommending.

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As it is, and has always been, grass has never been greener in every person's life or place where they find themselves. Sometimes it feels kicking the bucket is the only right option, but you should note the fact that, a lot of times a people commit suicide is the wrong one. Why?

Is Your Suicide Thought Right?

There is time for everything; times for happiness and times of weep, times for joy and times of agony, and so on and so forth. But, a lot of times, I mean, most times we do not know when these times would dawn on us. Why? Because we can't tell what will happen next in life to us or to anyone.

You see, that's one of the reasons hoping turns things around for people who would have been long gone, I mean dead! You may feel the urge to commit suicide today, but you do not know tomorrow, or the next day coming was actually the beginning of the life you wanted most - good life! 

What's The Best Way Anyone Could Kill Self?

Anyways, if it seems to you that committing suicide is the only option for you, there are so many ways to kill yourself, and you might want to consider the easiest way to kill yourself, because we all know that killing one's self is not that easy. If there was no pains, committing suicide would have been easier and more rampant  than it is. It's the most reason you would want to know how to die without pain, and will offer you one of the best ways to commit suicide.

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Also, a lot of people who once thought of how to commit suicide, but was lucky to live more as a result of fear of pains before death while attempting suicide would end up becoming motivational speakers after making it amidst suicidal thoughts. Yes, it's something to be proud of. Making the decision you won't regret later on is always the best achievement in life. Well, thinking the second time has helped a lot to people who thought and stood for the right decision.

There are anti-depressant drugs that can help people reduce depression and anxiety, you migh want to check them out, and then let a Professional Medical Doctor make prescription for you.

How to suicide vary in many ways, yes, there are many suicide methods, but the easiest way to suicide are what a lot of people are already into. What do I mean by that? There are a lot of people who may have or have faced unpleasant situations like or similar to yours who have been planning and are on their ways to commit suicide. This particular way too suicide is, happens to be, in most cases, a painless way to die, and it proves to be the best suicide method.

Such people may have thought and wondered, 'how do i kill myself?' And with a wise heart, they realize that no  one on Earth has ever lived forever, and there, they got the best suicidal method. They realize and know the fact that no one will live forever on Earth, and life is short as well. They might have thought, 'why should i kill myself when life is short already?'

They realize that everyone is at risk, and that anyone could die anytime, any day. It's automatically a painless suicide and best way to suicide when you know you can't kill yourself, yet you dare the devil to do the things that might scare you to death; I mean things like doing the right things for survival. The right things are always the hardest to do and stand for. Check out how simple the wrong things are easy to do, just like the suicidal thought which makes you feel it's the best option, yet it's wrong, but you want to do it because it will take you off the pains of doing the right things. Even with that, you still want to know a painless way to kill yourself. Why not challenge that thought?

Why you shouldn't commit suicide
Suicide is not the right option

You feel no one loves you? Here I am, GAB, wherever I am sending you the best of message. What do you think that is? Probably, the amount this post might worth might be 0, but I'm happy because I know I have let someone whose life will be great tomorrow know what he or she was ignorant of.  Remember, everything happens for a reason. Most of it all, never doubt the existence of God, he works like magic towards people who love and seek to understand him. Go make that money the right way! 

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