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Best Gaming Phones Ever


When it comes to gaming potential, the finest gaming phones can compete with tablets and, in some cases, even portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch, so if you're a gamer, it's worth having a phone that can keep up without game lag. 

Anyways, we do know that phones get outdated when there are new updates to games and apps, the phones listed here are very good gaming phones. We try to list them which we think anyone can set a budget, save and then make a purchase.  There are many other gaming beast phones, and some are even old versions of android, but their features still beats most phones today. As you keep supporting us, we will still strive to put you on the update list. You can follow us in google news app for non stop updates.

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Choosing such a phone usually entails selecting one with a large, high-resolution screen, a fast refresh rate, and plenty of power, as well as, ideally, a long battery life so that your gaming isn't disrupted by the need to charge. So these are all things to check for when purchasing.

One plus gaming phone
Good gaming smart phone

These good phones for mobile gaming listed here are the most used in 2021, it can still perform greatly through out 2022 and ahead. Their features are capable of playing bigger games with big game files that may be released soon by game developers.

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Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max fit those boxes, thus they're included in the list. Other phones, on the other hand, go even further and are developed exclusively for gaming. We're talking about phones like the Asus ROG Phone 5 and Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, which have shoulder triggers, customized mobile gaming settings, improved vibration, and superior cooling.

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At the top of this list, we've highlighted the finest phones expressly made for gaming, and then there's a separate area below that for typical smartphones that also excel at gaming. Also, we'll be updating this article regularly, so come back soon to see what's new. After you've chosen your phone, we've got you covered with our lists of the best iPhone games, best free iPhone games, best Android games, and best free Android games, all of which we update at regular intervals.

Don't forget that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up at the end of November, and we're expecting to see a lot of gaming phone deals. If you're considering an Apple purchase, check out our list of the top phone Black Friday deals as well as the best iPhone Black Friday deals.

Best gaming phones

There are a lot of deals on gaming phones. If you're considering an Apple purchase, check out our list of the top phone Black Friday deals as well as the best iPhone Black Friday deals.

Best gaming phones 2021

1. Asus ROG Phone 5s Pro, Asus ROG Phone 5s, Asus ROG Phone 5s, Asus ROG Phone 5s, Asus ROG Phone 5

Asus ROG gaming phone
Asus ROG gaming phone

The Asus ROG Phone 5 is the first of its kind.

The finest gaming phone that can also be used by non-gamers


April 2021 is the projected release date.

238g in weight

172.8 x 77.3 x 10.3mm Dimensions

Android 11 (OS)

6.78-inch screen size

Snapdragon 888CPU: 1080 x 2448Resolution: 1080 x 2448

Memory: 128/256GBBattery: 6,000mAhRAM: 8/12/16GBStorage: 128/256GB

64MP + 13MP + 5MP rear camera front camera: 24MP

Listed at $659.99

The Asus ROG Phone 5 is an excellent gaming phone that builds on the ROG Phone 3's success. It boasts a Snapdragon 888 CPU with up to 16GB of RAM, a 144Hz screen, and a touch sampling rate of 300Hz – both of which are higher than other phones and which we found useful to gaming.

That screen is also quite large, and it's accompanied by twin front-facing speakers that are among the best on the market. The Asus ROG Phone 5 also includes a large 6,000mAh battery, allowing you to play for extended periods, and with 65W charging, you won't be out of action for long. The Asus ROG Phone 5 offers the whole package for gamers, featuring sensitive shoulder buttons, programmable RGB lights, and connectivity with a variety of gaming-focused accessories.

It's not quite an all-around flagship (the cameras, for example, don't quite match the rest of the gear), but if gaming is your top priority, this phone should be on the top of your list.

2. Duel of the Lenovo Legion Phones

The best gaming phone for charging quickly

Lenovo legion gaming phone
Lenovo gaming phone


The gaming device will be released in October 2020.

239g in weight

Operating System: Android 10 Dimensions: 169.2 x 78.6 x 9.9mm

6.65-inch screenResolution: 1080 x 2340

Snapdragon 865 Plus processor

Storage: 256/512GB RAM: 12/16GB RAM: 12/16GB RAM: 12/16GB RAM: 12/16GB RAM: 12/16GB RAM: 12

5,000mAh battery

64MP + 16MP rear camera, 20MP front camera

The Legion Phone Duel, Lenovo's first gaming phone, combines amazing gaming-specific capabilities with other top specs and features. The phone supports 90W rapid charging and features a pop-up camera that keeps the screen intact. It also has a powerful processor and software that is designed to work in landscape mode. All of these wonderful features combination make it an excellent gaming environment. Our difficulties with the phone have no bearing on its gaming abilities, though the phone's exorbitant price, software troubles, and weak camera may sway some users.

This is a good pick if you're searching for one of the greatest gaming phones right now; if you're looking for a wonderful smartphone that can also play games, this is one of the best choices, though you should check out the others on this list first.

3. Nubia Red Magic 5G is a third-generation smartphone from Nubia.

Nubia Red Gaming Device
The greatest gaming phone for budget-conscious buyers


The film will be released in March 2020.

218g in weight

Operating System: Android 10 Dimensions: 168.6 x 78 x 9.8mm

6.65-inch screen size

1080 x 2340 pixel resolution

Snapdragon 865 CPU, 8/12GB RAM, 128/256GB storage

4,500mAh battery

Front camera: 8MP, rear camera: 64MP, rear camera: 8MP, rear camera: 8MP, rear camera: 8MP, rear camera: 8MP, rear camera: 8MP, rear

Cost: $544.99

The Nubia Red Magic 5G features the world's first 144Hz smartphone screen, which is great for gaming thanks to its silky smooth refresh rate. We also noticed that the show was quite bright and colorful.

However, that isn't the only feature that makes it excellent for gaming. It's built expressly for gaming, with shoulder triggers for added control, a fan and liquid cooling system to keep the handset cool under duress, a dedicated 'Game Space' to tailor your gaming experience, and a '4D Shock' feature that adds vibration to games. At the time of writing, neither of these features, nor the 144Hz display, are supported by many games, but if game developers adopt them, this phone might be severely future-proofed.

It, of course, supports 5G and has plenty of power. It's only slightly held down by a 1080 x 2340 screen that isn't the sharpest on the market, as well as some software issues and a design that will divide opinion.

4. Black Shark 3 by Xiaomi

The greatest gaming phone for those looking for a phone with outstanding photography as well.


The film will be released in March 2020.

222g in weight

Screen size: 6.67-inch Resolution: 2080 x 2440 Dimensions: 168.7 x 77.3 x 10.4mmOS: Android 10Screen size: 6.67-inch

Snapdragon 865 CPU, 8/12GB RAM, 128/256GB storage

4,720mAh battery

64MP + 13MP + 5MP rear camera front camera: 20MP

Cost: $599.99

The phone is large, has a dramatic appearance, and LED lighting, and its features are exactly what you'd expect from a gaming phone - top-of-the-line. In our tests, the cameras were also surprisingly competent, especially in low-light situations, albeit the optimization could be a little too aggressive at times. The reason this phone isn't higher is because of its lower 90Hz refresh rate compared to the other phones on this list, as well as the fact that it doesn't have as many specific gaming capabilities.

The greatest tiny gaming phone is the Razer Phone 2.


Weight: 205gRelease date: October 2018

158.5 x 78.9 x 8.5mm Dimensions

Android 9 Pie is the operating system.

Size of the screen: 5.72-inch

25601440 is the resolution.

Snapdragon 845 processor

Storage: 64GB/128GB RAM: 6/8GB RAM: 6/8GB RAM: 6/8GB RAM: 6/8GB RAM: 6/8GB RAM: 6 (up to 1TB with card)

4,000mAh battery

12MP + 12MP rear camera, 8MP front camera

The initial Razer Phone was a good first attempt at bringing the gamer-centric brand to a mobile device, but it had a few flaws that pushed it down our list. The second iteration has solved some of the issues and introduced a more powerful gadget, albeit it is still largely oriented toward gamers. What exactly does that imply? We noticed that the camera and display aren't up to par with other phones in this price range, so casual gamers may want to seek elsewhere. However, if you're serious about mobile gaming and have the funds, this is a good option.

Outwardly, the Razer Phone 2 looks very similar to its predecessor, except it now features a Snapdragon 845 processor and a glass back enabling Qi wireless charging. It's also got a sleek vapor chamber to keep the device cool while you play. Finally, the phone's powerful chipset, 8GB RAM, incredible speakers, 120hz refresh rate screen, and 4,000mAh battery, as well as numerous battery life and performance settings, make it a great gaming phone.

The Best Non-gaming Phones For Gaming

We've recommended the greatest gaming phones, but if you'd prefer a more mainstream smartphone, here are all the phones we recommend that, among their other strengths, are also excellent gaming phones. There's a lot of crossover with our best phones list, and that's for good reason: these phones feature top-of-the-line specifications and screens to provide the finest gaming experience possible outside of gaming-specific phones.

The finest non-gaming phone for gaming is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung s21 game phone


The film will be released in January 2021.

228g in weight

OS: Android 11 Dimensions: 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm

6.8-inch screenResolution: 1440 x 3200

Exynos 2100 / Snapdragon 888 processor

Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB RAM: 12/16GB

5,000mAh battery

Front camera: 40MPRear camera: 108MP + 10MP + 10MP + 12MP

Cost: $999.99

BUY: Jumia

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is an excellent pick if you're looking for a phone that's good for gaming and a lot more. It isn't a specialist Samsung gaming phone, but it is Samsung's most recent top-tier flagship phone, with specs cranked up to 11. Our primary issue with this phone is the price, which is why so many people will not buy it. It's a prohibitively expensive smartphone, and only a select few will be able to afford it.

If the Galaxy S21 Ultra is within your budget, though, you'll find it to be a terrific gaming phone, with plenty of processing power and a large, attractive screen. The best camera skills are merely a bonus.

Xiaomi POCO M3 Pro

Poco M3 Pro Gaming Phone

Game phones would never be complete if Xiaomi phones do not come in. Xiaomi Poco m3 pro is another good gamer phone, but cheap! This cheap gaming phone can give you the best gaming experience when playing mobile games like pubg mobile.


BUY: Jumia

Where can you buy this gaming device?

Click on image or link Which you find it to make an order online at AliExpress, and get it delivered to you after few days. The earlier you order, the earleir your gaming experience advances.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can buy Xiaomi Poco m3 pro at Us $186 or $325


Poco m3 pro features

Global Version



Dimensity 700 Smartphone 90Hz

6.5" FHD+ DotDisplay 5000mAh

48MP Triple Camera