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How To Get Website Traffic Or Blog Traffic To Your Site

    Bloggers who earn from their blog wouldn't be doing so if not for traffic to their website.

See how to start a profitable blog on wordpress if you don't won a blog already.

What is traffic in blogging?

Website traffic are the numbers of visitors who visit and keep visiting your website or blog. In other words, traffic are internet or web users who are searching for some answers to their questions or realizing the truth to their curiosity. These internet users who are responsible for the internet traffic could stumble on the answer you have in your blog link which appears somewhere in a position in the search engine such as, Google Search Page. The visit by the web and  blog visitors usually comes in bulk. Over 200 or more visitors could click and read from your blog link per day; That's actually what traffic is like, and is usually read with a console such as the Google search console.

How To Check And Improve Your Website Traffic Statistics

Check website Traffic

There are some ways bloggers do drive traffic to their blogs. How do you bring traffic to your blog?

How to get readers for my blog is one of the questions usually asked by bloggers who haven't been actually having authentic and sufficient blog readers. Internet traffic to websites or blogs could come from different spaces, and like I said earlier, there are ways to get readers in traffic form, and you will find them as down as you keeping reading. 

Here are some of the means you could use to get website visitors.  

Interview Posts: You may want to talk, record, and write down things you want to learn from an expert blogger. The recorded video and article you could make from what the expert blogger had said and explained. This method is usually called guest post as you will be writing about a pro blogger and the blog he manages. After you're done conducting the interviews with experts in your niche. You can ask them to share it with their audience after you have posted or published it on your. There, you can attract new and relevant audiences to your niche. It is also known as guest post.  It's also a way to get Backlinks to your blog.

Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website. In this website traffic driving strategy, you will have to create and publish a blog post on websites or blogs that are similar to yours in terms of of Niche and contents. You will benefit by tapping into the traffic of the host blog which you published your post on. That's why you have to choose the website you make guest post on for their traffic. The amount of traffic they have determines the amount of web traffic that will hit your blog. If they have less traffic, definitely i say unto thee, thine traffic will be less as chaff.

 Network with other bloggers. Depending on your blog niche, you should work with other blogs in the same blogging niche as you. You will be write guest posts, Leaving blog comment,get in touch with them on social media, Email and have meaningful conversations regularly. Networking with other bloggers is the one of the best way to draw more traffic to your blogs.

Ads Investments: Blogging as explained here< is like a business. If you want to gain profitably from blogging, you will have to invest. You need capital to succeed in blogging business. Now, you will have to get people to know your blog through various social media special information spreading function. This social media platform will bring visitors to your blog. 

How do you bring visitors to your blog through social media? Invest in Facebook/Instagram ads. If you want quick results and looking to build your blog audience faster, you should invest in Facebook ads, Google ads and other ads sites and advertising companies available. You will have to pay for the advert through the payment medium available. Apart from paying for ads you can also share your blog posts in facebook groups to get traffic. Find and be active in Facebook groups. If you’re new to blogging and looking to build an audience from scratch, you should try Facebook groups. No matter what niche you are in, you can find a ton of groups to engage with audiences.

Traffic From Quora: Qurora is also a social media platform like Facebook and Instagram where you could get blog readers, but quora has a little difference from facebook and other social media apps.  Quora is a website that was built to specifically answer questions. To generate more views to your blog, you will have to reply questions asked by people with the articles or post or videos you had written or made already to answer the same or similar question.

Create Good Blog Posts: People get to visit your website when you have what to offer them. Your blog contents should be important to people who are in need of it. Yes, your contents must be relevant to readers. Relevant contents are known to push blogs up higher than other SEO strategies. But how do you create relevant content for your blog?

There are few techniques to writing relevant blog post to increase your website traffic. They are:

  1. Have your  audience in mind: Before you begin a website or begin bloggin, there are some groups of people you wish to target with the contents you will have to be creating. You will need to check on the things that are relevant to them, and then try to give them those things when you create your blog contents. You will have to gather a lot of information concerning what to write abiut in your blog. How do you get contents for your blog audiences? Observe your audiences! Your blog information should be better than what is available already.
  2. Searchers' wants: Apart from the queries users make, you should find out what actually a user wants in the content you provide in your website.
  3. Analyze your competitors' work: Your competitors might be help you figure some things that you should do and shouldn't do in your blog in order to drive traffic to your blog. Analysis of your competitors work could push your blog to success. Your contents should be an in-depth content. And try to make your blog contents timely and valuable to your audiences.
  4. Keyword research: Conduct blog keywords research to find most used queries by users in the search engine. You would want to use low to medium competitive keywords. Keywords will allow way for traffic into your blog. Your blogging success is most likely dependent upon it.

Here is how to do it:

So let's take for example, you saw a question on quora and it says "How to create a blog" How would you answer it? You will reply the question with a hintful answer and at the end of your answer you will add your blog link. If you do it that way you will not get enough views on your blog. The link to your blog is where people who are interested in your answers will click to visit your blog to read and know more. That's why your articles must be original.

Skills You Can Use To Drive So Much Traffic To Your Blog From Quora.

  1. Answer questions using photos. Photos attract people's attention than just writing the answers down on quora. This method of driving visitors to your blog from quora is a very effective one. 
  2. Adding your blog link directly on quora won't generate you any clicks. Before you add photos to your question, you should add some words like "continue reading or view more" after some hintful texts. The link to your blog should highlighted for attraction. If a visitor clicks on continue reading it's going to redirect the blog visitor to your blog.
  3. Avoid Getting Your Post Deleted. people do complain about quora deleting their answer. The reason your post on quora gets deleted is that, when you answer questions on quora space, the admin of that quora space can edit or delete your answer. So you should not answer questions on quora space. If still want to answer with suggestions, don't add your blog link.

Another reason your post may get deleted is when you answer questions with photos that is not related to the question. You should make sure the answer you write on quora is related to the question if not the admins of quora company will delete it.

What is the major country that quora traffic comes from ? 

There are so many countries you could get readers from, only if your content matches their needs or wants.

Viewing Blog Visitors

Organic Traffic

Organic searches to your blog has never been easy to achieve as they depend solely on what is trending.

Read And Apply What You Learn From How To Get Quick Organic Traffic.

How To Check Your Website Traffic

There are a lot of web tools that can help you check your website traffic. This web traffic analyzer allows you to check your website traffic statistics in regards to your traffic and their channels. I will mention very few website traffic checker that is the best, and is well known; they are Similar Web, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics.

Which of this blog traffic analyzer is free, and which requires subscription?

Ahrefs is partly a free tool, ut requires subscription to use some tools in it that are relevant to your websites wellbeing. You can definitely check your website traffic channels whether from referring, organic sites, or social media sites.

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