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Two Best Open World Games For Mobile Phones


CJ and His Girlfriend, Denise
Gta is one of the best open world game for mobile devices. GTA can be played on android devices and other devices. Apart from GTA san andreas, there are other good games that are open world - allows player to roam freely throughout the entire map. Another open world game that is similar to GTA san andreas game is Gangster Vegas.

If you have played Gangster vegas on a mobile phone before, a game created by Gameloft Games company, you can testify to some of the features in the game that beats Grand Theft Auto mobile phone games, also known in the short form as GTA.

Real Also: PUBG Mobile is also an open world game but it's online - see other open world games similar to it.

Gangster Vegas View

Gangster Vegas and Grand Theft Auto are games that are developed as a simulation to the gangstar lifestyle that used to or may be occuring in real life. If you don't know about this two games, it may interest you to know that they are both open world games. Games where you have free space to roam and carry out any possible actions you desire. I'm talking about actions like: shooting of guns, exploding of explosives, driving of cars, flying of airplanes, riding of bikes, making love, buying of things in the games shop. The main characters of these games are created and endowed with gangstar properties both on their bodies, physical appearances, and their mission actions.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas View

GTA is a very interesting game with lots of missions, and missions that you could still be playing after completing the main missions of the games. Gangstar also has lots of missions as well.

People consider Grand Theft Auto games as one the best games on android. GTA happens aslo to be one of the most played games on mobile devices such as the Android powered devices. The graphics that have been improving since the first released GTA game for android mobile device which was GTA III or GTA 3, to the last released Grand Theft Auto game which is GTA LIBERTY CITY STORIES, the actions, and the missions and it's storylines are what get players head over heels over it. 

Gangster Vegas which is a game  similar to Grand Theft Auto in terms of gangstar actions may not be rated as high as GTA games because of the difference in the game features which some people consider to seem lesser to that of Grand Theft. But Gangster Vegas as a game similar to GTA, is a game with entirely different features to GTA in terms of roads, maps, vehicles, missions, buildings, and characters. This features also make it a unique game on it's own.

Gangster Vegas Plane Lands on Road

Now let's see these features both games have and what any of them has and the other lacks.


The graphics in GTA games are good in the the rest of GTA game series for android mobile, but was better in the GTA San Andreas - better than that of  vice city. In GTA San Andreas, you could set the graphics to meet your taste; you can increase or decrease of the quality of the graphics. This feature is to help people with low RAM and devices to still play the game comfortably without missing out totally. The GTA San Andreas graphics, when set to the highest, is nice.

In Gangstar Vegas, the graphics can be set only by to the four available graphics options in it's settings, unlike GTA San Andreas. The graphics options from the highest are: High, Optimized, Low, Very Low. This graphics are provided just for the same reason that is mentioned in the GTA part. If your device is a lower version, or with a low Ram, you would want to put it in the low in order to be able to play the comfortably. You can increase the Gangsters Vegas graphics to the highest to enjoy the game more. The graphics in gangster vegas is very nice too. It's brighter than that of GTA, but they're both clear when it comes to surrounding views.

Character and Clothing

In GTA San Andreas, the characters name is Carl Johnson, also know as CJ. Cj could either look increased or decreased in body mass and muscle, and the clothing he has to visit stores to buy will automatically fit to him which is different from Gangster vegas character, Jason. Jason's clothing determines his body mass and shape.

Gangster Beats Gta With These Features.

To cut it all short, both games have great and nice buildings, but the roads in gangster Vegas is bigger than that of GTA.

The two games have lots missions that involves similar actions such as stealing, hijacking, driving, etc, but GTA does not have magical characters and magic in it's missions, but gangster does.

Clothing in is limited in Grand Theft Auto, but are unlimited in Gangster Vegas as they're updated with new ones while the game is connected online.

Those are the parts in which gangster vegas uses to beat GTA games, as there are no magic or magical characters in the gta games. 

Cars in both games are modifiable. In Grand theft, the cars are limited, but not in Gangster Vegas.

There are lots of jetpacks with different designs in Gangster Vegas, but only one kind of jetpack in GTA.

Please note that this does not mean to downgrade any of these games, it only points out the features that makes Gangster Vegas totally different from GTA, and why people may choose to play any of them.

You might want to download these games.

To download gta san andreas, you can visit the app store in your device. Download action adventure crime Grand Theft Auto San Andreas from play store if you're using and Android device, but note, you'll have to buy it first before making the installation.

To download Gangster Vegas, visit your phone's app store too. Download gangster vegas action adventure crime game from the play store for free.