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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon PPSSPP Settings


Tom clancy's ghost recon is a war action game. It requires using the analog button in the ppsspp emulator to move both the game characters and gun, but before gun can be moved X button will need to be pressed in order to aim a gun. If you need to play the game with less "restart from last checkpoint", you'll need to arrange or order your ppsspp button in a way that you'll feel comfortable with. The default button of the ppsspp may confuse you as you'll press buttons that you never intended to. When this happens, if you're playing the game for the first time without appropriately going through the game tutorials, you could get confused on the function of a particular button in the game.

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Default buttons arrangement

 How to set the buttons, here's how you could do it:

Open your ppsspp app, at the homepage of the app check on the right side of it, you'll find SETTINGS. Click on it.

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In the next page, you'll find different settings' label like GRAPHICS, AUDIO, etc. Click on CONTROLS, then on Edit touch control layout.  

Control layout settings in ppssp

MOVE - Move the buttons to desired position.

RESIZE - Resize the buttons by touching, holding, and dragging on desired buttons to a particular size or format. Set them to be like that of the picture above. Then press back.

Here's how you could arrange your emulator buttons to play the game 'ghost recon' like a pro. 

Best button setting for Ghost Recon predator ppsspp game

Setting the buttons this way doesn't mean you shouldn't know the functions of each button. Check the controls in the game before beginning a mission, and also, follow the tutorials. This setting will maker easier for you to 'enter cover', move, and aim, and even command. 

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The CONTROL touch layout settings alone won't give a good gaming experience. You should adjust also in the CONTROL SETTING: The analog axis sensitivity, the analog auto-rotation speed, and the analog limiter. Scroll down to where you'll find them and set them as seen in the image below.

Control settings for better performance in the Ghost Recon game.

You should consider adjusting some GRAPHICS settings as well. Set the frame rate, deposterize, and other settings that you're not using following the image below. 

Deposterize for realer graphics

Check and uncheck these boxes for better gaming experience

Frame rate setting for Ghost Recon
You can watch a game play with the well arranged control keys by clicking on the below to play.

Tom clancy's Ghost recon predator best control button arrangements in game play.