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How To Write And Rank A Perfect Blog

 Blogging requires so much, we know, but when it comes to successful blogging and earning, good and quality blog contents and ranking in search engines is a must!

First I'll layout some important steps to writing a good blog content that will rank in google search. Yes, your blog articles should rank on search engine in order for people to click and get the information you share in your blog.

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Making money in blogging depends mainly on how you rank on search engines, but don't get me wrong. There are other ways you can get money through blogging, and they usually through the aid of social media apps and websites.

Whether you have ranked or not, what will always matter is your content. Your blog posts must be original, informing, and well written. And if you do not want to have problem earning from ads networks like AdSense, you will avoid copying other people's content. Be original, write your own articles.

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Writing A Blog That Can Rank

When writing any blog post there are things you should consider. The main things should never be neglected, because they are what makes up a good blog post. What are the main things to be considered when writing a blog that should rank?


I had explained so much about KEYWORDS earlier on, you can read it from that link.

Blog Keywords are important just as you can see from the post link (if you have read). 

You will have head over to Google and key in the exact keyword term you want to write about. Search your keywords and apply them to your blog posts. 

Encourage And Challenge Yourself:

Open about 2-5 different posts in a new tab. What I mean by this is that, you should make sure you are able to write two to five different posts on your current blog niche.

There is just one difficult thing in blogging, and it is content creating or posts creation. How to write blog posts is a very challenging thing. Not just that, how to get blog posts is even more challenging because if you're not careful, you could end up paying a huge sum of money as fine, or even end up losing your blog to copyrighting. So, you will really need to encourage yourself when it comes to writing. If you can't write well, I'm sorry to say this, blogging won't cooperate with you in terms of making money from writing blog.

Fill Up Your Vocabulary:

Read as much as you can to get better in writing. This is exactly what you need to create great blog article. You need to learn and experience so much in order to be fit in your expression and grammar.

When you have gotten sufficient knowledge on what to cover for your blog, blogging may begin to seem easy. You will have to master blogging writing techniques, which I must say, "takes time".


Check and cross-check your writing to avoid plagiarism in your blog. Check for mistakes in your blog posts and make edits where necessary.

You should always ensure to cover all the points referenced in all the article you read. Back up your facts and credits.

Proofread your blog articles before you publish it.


Find out what somethings in your content that is lacking, which you can cover in your article to make it outstanding and unique. 

This can be Infographics or video that is missing in your article. Ensure to add something unique to your article.

If you've been checking, you'd realise that some bloggers lack Infographics, short video, and some other stuffs to cover in their blog post. 

If you can cover all the Semrush features; Including creating a unique infographics and videos.

You can use "Semrush" to conduct a thorough keyword research.

You can use "Jarvis AI" to craft content ideas.


To rank content for search proper keyword research and analysis has to be carried out.

Ranking for a keyword in organic search is a repeatable process. You won’t get the results you want 100% of the time, especially if you’re a new website trying to rank for a popular keyword, but if you take content marketing and SEO seriously, you can start to make things happen. Things like rankings, and traffic, and sales.

This ranking technique I'm about to share might work for you, remember there is no single approach to an SEO campaign.

Step 1 - Intension: Know the intent for the keyword being searched for; is it to make sales or to find more on the topic. The intent of the keyword will give you a blueprint on what to write about.

The more specific the keyword - whether long or short-tail keywords, the easier it is to gauge the searcher’s intent, and the easier it will be to serve up what those searchers are probably looking for. In search marketing, “intent” is our best guess at what the person using the search query really wants. Consider the following keywords:

land banking investment


land banking investment in Nigeria


land banking investment plan

Ask yourself what type of content best serves these keywords? In this case, it will be informational content, but this might vary based on the type of industry you operate in.

Step 2 - keyword optimization : Leverage those keywords where you can in your content, but not to the point where your blog posts become complicated. There are various  places for keywords, and I’m not talking about using white text on a white background or anything else that violates Google guidelines.

Things like image file names which users may not really focus on if they’re not looking for them, but they can increase your keyword rankings.

Before you publish, it’s a good idea to check your keyword research. It’s possible that your content has evolved during the development and creation phases, and you’ll need to make sure that there’s still alignment between keyword and content.

Step 3 - Promotion: There are many ways to promote content, it can be through sending it via your email subscribers, running a paid ad campaign, or sharing it via social media. In this case, you might want to promote that keyword you want to rank for via the email subscribers. If you  have gathered 10K + subscribers then that is a plus to your traffic aside ranking on google.

You shouldn't expect everyone to open the email though, but the buzz for that keyword is the subscribers sharing it on their various social media platforms. When the buzz become  too much you will have to post it on social media.

There are more ways to rank a keyword in google, If missed some, I'd like to know your approach to rank a keyword in Bing or other search in the comment section.