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How To Play PPSSPP Games


You may be left out in gaming PlayStation games on your smartphone device, whether Android or iOS powered, and would want to join. It's never too late to start gaming your favorite games from your device's screen. You might just be looking for a guide to help you in setting up PS or PlayStation games on your device. That's why this blog chooses to help you lay hands quick on those games.

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Here are few steps to take to start playing Playstation games on your phone. It will teach you how to download ppsspp games. It Will also teach you how to make ppsspp games play on your device.

First of all you should consider having a device of at least 1GB RAM and above. RAM is a phone memory in which games and other applications run on. The bigger it is, the better the gameplays on your phone.

Next, you will need to download Playstation game playing app, PPSSPP app that will allow the game files you will have to download. If you don't have this app already, head to your phone's app store to download it. It is of two kinds: the PPSSPP Blue, and the PPSSPP Gold. The blue is free, you can download it without paying for it, but the Gold is for sale, but could be shared in this telegram channel. You can download ppsspp emulator app for Android, you can download ppsspp app for windows, you can also download ppsspp  emulator app for iOS powered devices.

After downloading the PPSSPP app, it's time to get your games. Visit this website to download a PlayStation game that is in an iso format. or, You can search through your browser by typing, "download best psp games". You will see series of options for you to choose one site from the search results to start downloading.
After downloading the game file from the website as instructed above. You will notice that the game file is in a zip folder. The zip folder locks the game file inside, so you will have to use a good file manager app that can extract files from locked folders. A good example of a good file manager is, 7zipper. You could also use Es File Explorer. You can download it from Play Store or Apk Cure. Or you could still get it from a telegram channel that chooses to share it.

If you have the Es file explorer, simply head to the path you downloaded the game file to. Make sure you have sufficient space in your ROM or Memory card storage that will accommodate the game file size that is inside the zip folder.

Click and hold the folder to see options displayed on your Es file or 7zipper file explorer's. Then click on the options tab that resembles three dots aligned in a vertical manner. Look for extract and then click on it. You will see three other options, click on extract to "same path" to extract the game into that same folder you downloaded the game to, or click on the other option that says "choose path" to extract the game to any folder of your choice, and then click Ok or Extract. Wait for it to finish.

Now to the final step. Launch or open your ppsspp app you had downloaded, from the files path in the app, click on the path you extracted the game to. 
PPSSPP files view.

Game icon in PPSSPP file view

There, you will find your extracted game with it's icon, click on it to start playing. Don't forget to share this page to your friends who also want to know these steps.

If you want to toggle between your memory card, press the arrow button as seen in the image below.
Select your game file from memory card.

Memory card view.

Press the Home button to go back to the main file view menu.

Incase you may need extra explanation. Read below.

A lot of people have problem fixing the game in order for it play through the ppsspp emulator; this part will explain in a way you should understand how to make PSP games to play on Ppsspp emulator on any operating system.

You may ask these questions:

How do I make PSP game to play, or

How do I make Ppsspp games to play on Ppsspp emulator

How to make ISO files to play on ppsspp emulator

How to make PSP game play on ppsspp emulator

How to download ppsspp games on android

That is no problem at all. All you need to do is follow the instructions that will be considerably be pointed out carefully for easy understanding.

First of all you need to download the PSP game into your device. You can do that by searching this blog for the game you like and would prefer, click on the game, look for the SAVE-LIKE button above in the next page you will be taken to, or wait for a DOWNLOAD button to pop up with an error message above, click and start the download.

Make sure you have sufficient storage space to carry the file in your device or phone.

Make sure you check your internet data and make sure it's enough to download the game file. If possible you can make it bigger than the download size of the game.

After the download, make sure you have a Ppsspp emulator app already installed in your phone. If you don't have it, you can download it from your phone's operating system store such as play store for android.

Next, use a file explorer that is capable of extracting files; an example of such file explorer is ES FILE EXPLORER. You can download it from the play store. After that, go to the folder you just download the game file to, click on the game file and you will find the game folder, click on it and you will see an EXTRACT button below or anywhere, click on EXTRACT. After that, click on CHOOSE PATH to choose on a folder you want to extract the game to. (Extract is like copying the file). You can choose the GAME folder inside your PPSSPP FOLDER.

If you have successfully done everything as explained here, go to your Ppsspp emulator app and click on it to open, look for the file in the same folder you extracted or copied it to in Es File Explorer, and you will find the game Icon, click on it to enjoy your game.