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Games Similar To PUBG Mobile And Call Of Duty


Pubg Vs Cod Mobile

Hello there! Do you love to play online games? Do you need an online game to play with your friends? I mean, a multiplayer game you can play with more than 2 players? Here in this blog you will see great multiplayer games in the survival game genre. These games are games that are coming up to meet and even beat the most played two 2 games on Android phones: PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG Mobile) and Call of Duty(COD) Modern Warfare. PUBG and COD happens to be in the category of most played Android games. But there are new and upcoming Survival and Battle Royale Games that are almost beating pubg and cod in downloads and in play.

PUbg Mobile

The Downloads and the play of games by mobile gamers around the globe may not really matter. What matters is how good and addictive the games are to gamers or players, and the years they spend as most played games at the top. People get addicted to games with good graphics and actions that are simulation of possible real life actions. The features of the games, the downloads, the time spent by gamers to play, the amount money spent by gamers on a game, and it's popularity on YouTube are really what leads a game to the top of Most Played Games Chart.

Here are the upcoming games that are beating PUBG and COD. The listing will begin with games that are considered to be close to having good graphics


50 million plus downloads from play store, but over 280 million downloads world wide.

developed by net ease games

released on November 15, 2017

3.45gb download size.


Great Action Android Game

Cyber Hunter is an online survival game just like the others mentioned here. It is a multiplayer action game which according to it's description, is closely modeled after Fortnite, where you fight for your life against up to 100 opponents at the same time. In this game the battle takes placr in the battlefield where players, weapons, vehicles, hideouts, and buildings exist.

Unlike Playerunknown's battleground, Free Fire, and Call of Duty, Gameplay in Cyber Hunter is completely customizable as the weapons of players can be customized to shoot automatically; that happens to be the  default setting.

There are things or features that is pushing this game to the edge where it would put PUBG some steps below it. Cyber Hunter and other similar Android games like PUBG or Free Fire are similar in game genre, but this game, Cyber Hunter has one feature that is a stepping stone for it over the other three games mentioned to be in it's genre category. The game has a feature where players can construct all kinds of buildings, just like in Fortnite. You can build stairs, walls, floors, roofs, and more with the resources you collect as you play.

Cyber Hunter Android Game

Just like other games under this same genre we are taking about, you can play alone, in pairs, or with a four man  teams. But no matter how you play, your objective is always the same: be the last one standing. There are lots of weapons at your disposal, I'm talking  machine guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc. There are vehicles that can convey you from one area to another for survival sake; I'm talking about vehicles like cars, boats, planes and copters.

Cyber Hunter is an excellent battle royale that successfully translates the experience of playing Fortnite to your Android smartphone. The game also has excellent graphics and two characters to choose from when you begin.


Life after is another game that is published by the Netease Games company. It has over 10million downloads on play store and may be more, worldwide, downloaded from the netease website or from the app selling stores on the internet.

Life After Good graphics Android Game
Looking at the graphics, you can tell already how thrilling it will get in the battlefield; a battlefield not just filled with player enemies, but creatures too. Expect zombies, they can't be far.
Life After Android Game

This game was released on December 17, 2018 by the Netease Games. It is 3.51GB as download size.


Creative destruction is another Netease games that is also a battleground survival game.

Good Game Graphics
This game is made to be toonish, I mean, it's made to be more like a cartoon. It's graphics gives you that similar feeling you get from cartoon movies.
Creative Destruction Android Game

It has ove 10 million downloads on play store and more worldwide. It was released on june 19, 2018, and has a download size of 2.30Gb.


Net ease game creators are really focused on giving their users the best graphics games, and lots of in game actions. This one too has toonish graphics.

Ride Out heroes Game Graphics
It was released on October 22, 2019.
Ride Out Heroes Android Gameplay
It has over 1million downloads on play store, and is 1.54GB in download size.


Badlanders customization
Badlanders is another android survival game that is based on a fight for treasury and glory.
Badlanders Android Game Graphics
This game requires escaping skills to survive as 25 badlanders(players), each with their own objective enter the battlefield, and fight enemies with knives, grenades, guns, and other available weapons. You can also head-on to strip them of their loot or slowly build up an arsenal from chests scattered across the map. 
FPS Android Game View
You can also enhance your weapons or gears to survive till the end of the match. Survival may depend on your enhancement of gears and your loots.

The game has over one million downloads as it's release is of some months ago, just like Frst Born. It's download size is 648mb.


Last Island is a battle royale game that is offered by Hero Entertainment Company Limited. The game is based on survival just like other games mentioned.

Last Land Of survival Android Game
It was released on December 1, 2019.
Last Land Of Survival Gameplay

It also has 1.97GB as a download size. Over10 million downloads have been recorded on play store alone.


Free fire is another game that seems to compete immensely with the PUBG Mobile and the Call of Duty Mobile games.
Free Fire Gameplay
This game was released on July 3, 2019 by Garena International Private Limited. I has just a download size of about 706MB
Free Fire Dashboard

It has over 500 million downloads from play store, imagine that worldwide.


Apart from Frost Born, it's company also has another survival game that was there before it. The game is named, Last Day on Earth. The game has over 50 million downloads from play store which is almost overtaking moving fast towards exceeding and passing Free fire with a download of over 500 million, and PUBG with a Download of over 100 million on play store. It was released on 24th of May, 2017, and you will require 345mb of internet data to download Last Day on Earth android apk game.

Zombie Game - Last Day On Earth
This game have zombies where players also fight and battle.
Character Customization In Last Day On Earth
There are lots of customisation features for the main player character. It's not just the main player character that could be customized, vehicles too.
Tricycle In Last Day On Earth Android Game
Vehicles can be customized to the player's or gamer's taste if he has the components necessary to build or design it up for specific purposes.


 Frost born is an 3d game which is all about  survival, strategy, PvP and roleplay. What makes a game even more interesting is the part of multiplayer. Frost Born is an Android game that allows you to play with 3 of your friends or you can be solo.

Frost Born Game Dashboard

This game is a very interesting game which you can download from the android play store. A fan of this game confessed of playing the game for straight 3hours a day for 3 months. Frost Born game has over 1 million downloads alone from the android playstore in just 4 months, think of it in the next four 4 coming years; it's possible for it to have 400 if not 500 million downloads.

Frost Born Game Characters

Talking about the graphics; this game has very cool graphics as you can see in the pictures provided here. The game goes back to old culture of Vikings where they use spear,bows and magical weapons. The game is just full of endless fun with a lot of grinding with the Online PvP action with other players, and your friends, and upgradeable capability to increase your skills for stronger attacks on enemies.

So, if you're unto hard challenges then this game is for you. This game is available on Play store just for 144mb.

The las one is AMONG US👀.