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Buy Discounted Original Computers, Phones, And Accessories On Jumia.


Are you looking for where to buy original Laptops, Desktops, Mouse, Keyboards, Batteries, and Smartphones?

And if you're in another country, and wish to buy a friend or relative in Nigeria a good gaming  PC and phonee computing gadget, this online shop is the best you could do business with.

Time to take your worries off. There are some places you can buy original laptops and phones at higher rates, but this site gives it at cheaper rates than such sites, and delivers to you with less or no excuses at all, and that place for now is Jumia.

 Is it an original smartphone like Redmi and it's series or Samsung android devices you want to buy? Fear not, the store I'm recommending to you to make your purchases securely is the best!

You won't even have to search for this store's link, because it's already here in this article. All you will need to do is click the image or the text link beneath the store's image and it'll take you directly to where you could purchase your desired gadget with impressive discounts.

Why Should You Trust Jumia Online Store?

Like I said before, you could buy Android phones at low price from these stores. You could also buy windows laptops at a cheaper rate. I mention these store based on the fact that I have bought several times from it, and it is:

Secure - no credit card fraud, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful with your card and financial details. You should not expose your card details to any site or anyone which is not the certified site.

The link from this site is %100 safe, click and start buying.

Mode of Payments - As explained at the ending part of this article, there are various modes of payment that will favour you.

Very easy to place orders - place orders and get it delivered within the date set for it which is usually 1 day to two weeks - longest. It depends on your location and the product you are buying. But trust it when it comes to receiving a call from delivery agent to pick up your placed order from the online shop.

Discounts -

Selling Products at low amount of money with a discount of up to %80.

Jumia discounts are always awesome, you could buy so much for less.

Supportive and have customer understanding and relationship.

Jumia customer care is always available to attend to your complains and upstanding when it comes to rectifying faults in your favor.

What kind of computers and it's components can you find at Jumia? 

There are so many brands of computing gadgets you could get from this online store. I'll mention just few top brands to prove how far this popular online store sells.

Computers And It's Accessories

What is the best computer I can buy? Which is the best laptop computer to buy? Where can I buy computer laptop batteries? Where can i buy laptop chargers? Where can you buy computer hardware components? Where to buy keyboards, mouse, and every other computer related items.

Jumia is the online store Africa has. Jumia online shop is a huge online store that specializes in sales of various items in different categories. It carries out it's marketing and businesses in few African countries which some are: Jumia Senegal, Jumia Egypt, Jumia Ghana, Jumia Malawi, Jumia Algeria, And few other countries. 

Jumia store at large sells so many things. Some of the categories deals with are: jumia food, jumia fashion, jumia electronics, jumia computing, jumia phones and tablets, jumia flight booking, jumia hotel booking, and more.

  I recommend you to buy so many things concerning computers like phones, laptops, desktops, etc. 

Jumia company in Nigeria is  a store where you could purchase, buy and also sell on. From the store's link below, you will be able to purchase any available computer and computing accessories online.

Where you will find computers and it's components to buy is

Click on the image banner or link text to start shopping Laptops or Smartphones. Read further and click the links to start making purchase.

You can find computers and accessories from well known brands such as the ones mentioned below and:

Buy Lenovo Laptop And Desktop Computers

Buy Hp Laptops And HP Desktop Computers

Buy Dell Laptop And Desktop Computers

Buy Asus Laptop Computer

Buy Macbook Laptop Computers

And More.

Apart from the brands, you could also find computers with the popularly known operating systems, examples:

Windows os computers

Hi os computers

Mac os Computers

Laptop Components And Laptops Parts You Could Buy

Printers, ink toners, hp deskjet printers: Toner Cartridges for hp printers, xprinter mini

Mouse: wireless mouse, ultrathin mute 4 keys mouse, rechargeable wireless mouse, t20 wired vertical mouse, wired ergonomic game mouse

Otg adapters, like metal otg 3.0

Independent Switch with 7 ports - usb

Keyboards: wireless keyboards with backlight - light button keyboards

Computer Sanners

Visual Graphics Adapter, VGA.

Pen drive

Wifi and Modems: 4g LTE wifi for mtn, airtel, glo, etisalat.

Hard Discs or computer hard drives: SSD hard drive - solid state

Headphones: bluetooth headphones, wireless laptop headphones for gaming, wired game headphones for computer


It's very possible to find and buy computers at low and high discount rates, and still with pocket friendly amount. The best online store you can trust in Nigeria with considerable prices for products is Jumia.

You can buy original laptop computers from #50,000 up till or above #500,000. It's accessories and components from #1,000 #100,000.

Buy Original Phones, Smartphones, And Accessories.

Do you want to buy original gaming phones with good battery? Is it an original tablet phone for working online you need? Oh.. You want to buy the normal button phone that can serve you well with calls, messaging, facebook, and whatsapp? The link under this subtopic will lead you straight to the page where you can search, filter, and BUY ANY kind of phone you need.

The gaming industry has brought about the invention of phones that people will be proud to call "a machine"!

For a phone to be called a machine, it tells that the phone is capable of so much which in some cases could be unexpected by the users.

Jumia online store is always up and doing in presenting the best kind of phones to their customers.

They deal with top brands and other new upcoming brands which you may already know some with popular operating systems like Windows, Androids, iOS, exynos.

Few Examples Of Brands Jumia Deals With - The Phones And Prices

Xiaomi - 

You can buy at cheaper prices any of these big xiaomi phones like:

Xiaomi Redmi 10

Xiaomi Pad 5 pro

Xiaomi Pad 5

Xiaomi Poco

Xiaomi Mix/Mix Fold

Xiaomi Smartwatch


You Could:

Buy Huawei Note Series

Buy Huawei P50 's

Buy Huawei Nova series

Buy Huawei Mate Series

Buy Huawei Smart watch

Buy Huawei Honor

And other models available

Huawei phones prices ranges from #45,000 To #600,000 naira. That is, you can buy Huawei phone from 45k, 50k, 60k, 70k, 80k, 90k, 100k, 120k, 160k 180k, 200k, 300k, 400k, 500k, and 600k


You could buy:

Apple Iphones

Apple Ipads

Apple Smart watch


You could buy:

Tecno Cammon

Tecno Phantom

Tecno Spark

Tecno Pop

Tecno Pouvir

Buy Nokia Android Phones

Buy Samsung Android

Buy Blackberry Phone

Buy Sony Phones

Buy Itel

And so much more

Phone Accessories And Parts

Jumia deals also with phone parts or phone accessories which you can buy as well.

Earphones - Buy android bluetooth ear pods, ios earpods, or Apple bluetooth ear pods, lenovo powerful bluetooth, earhook bluetooth headsets.

Batteries - Search and buy phone batteries, laptop batteries, headphone batteries which are available on this online store.

Smart Watches - Buy smartwatches with access to facebook, whatsapp, and other social media notifications. You can find so many kinds of android bluetooth smart-watch.


Chargers - You can buy original phone chargers  there as well.

Memory Cards - Buy 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb and above memory space's cards

Stylus Pens - Buy mobile pens for tablet phones.

Screen: Buy original Screen Guard, screen calibrators, new screen for phones.

Casings - Buy phone casings and protectors suitable for your phone.

Power Banks - Buy original powerbanks from 1,000mah, 2,000mah, 10,000mah, 20,000mah, 50,000mah battery capacity.

Mode Of Purchases

Do you worry about Jumia's mode of payment? Well there are different options to choose to pay for your orders.

Jumia accepts various payment options. Apart from payment options, Jumia store gives you options on how to receive your ordered package or packages. 

You can pay for online products with your bank account, whether it is USSD transaction code, bank debit card such as visa;  you will be using

You can pay money after receiving your order as will be delivered by a delivery agent.

You can choose to pick up your jumia package at the delivery station.

Enjoy your shopping!

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