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What JAMB Candidates Should Know When They Haven't Been Admitted Or Offered Another Course To Study


I want to be a:

A Doctor!

An Engineer!

A Lawyer!

A Pilot!

These are likely responses you get from any little kid faced with questions about what he or she wants to become in the future.

Slowly as the kid progresses from nursery and primary education to secondary where he or she metamorphoses from a kid to a teen, exposed to the different subject that helps in making a career decision. He or she may still desire to fall in the aforementioned career and yea! Guess who is graduating from secondary or high school. That same teen who is now an adult or will be one in 2-3years time after graduating from high school.

So what next?  Joint Admissions And Matriculation Board, JAMB!

The exam with result that decides your decision, and also the exam that affirms or deviates you from what you had in mind.

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So here’s the drama that Nigerian students with intentions of becoming a doctor, or engineer, or lawyer, or any of the available careers often face.

FIRST ATTEMPT JAMB RESULT: 230 in a line of competition with people who scored 270-300

The score wasn’t high enough for the course - the desired course. It even gets worse in some cases as some students do not have people to push them financially and vocabulary wise. So, they struggle by themselves. Actually, this inserts some thoughts into students' mind, and they may ask self; am I in the right track to my future dream? Is school actually for me? Let's look into the next challenge below:

The first and second admission list is out with the jambite’s name missing - The student is not offered admission through the JAMB Portal as it's where information concerning the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME examination and candidates are being stored.

The third list is finally out, and the jambite is finally offered admission, but not his desired course, a professional course, he was given Health Education. Now, after the Jambite, I mean; the JAMB exam candidate is faced with this challenge he or she may have the courage to continue with the offered course and will want to know Where do graduates of health education work.

A lot of students face these little examination issues. This issues has always been a discouraging factor to students aspiring to further and complete their education. Some students feel worthless when faced with this situation.

No! That's not the way it should go. There are things this situation teaches you, the candidate because you may definitely have to try it again if the first trial never worked. Yes, giving up on everything would be a bad decision to make, but I'll try to list and explain out some important points you should note when you have been faced with this situation or something more in relation to this matter.

What Can A JAMB Candidate Do To Get Admitted Quick

Some students often wait longer before they could see and accept their admission in the JAMB portal. Are there things a students could do to avoid being sent admission late? or not even sent admission or offered admission at all?

There are things you as a JAMB candidate should consider before registering for JAMB. Registering for UTME, which is an exam by the Joint Admissions And Matriculation Board, JAMB.

The most important thing to do to not waste your time when it comes to having admission from JAMB, is to consider yourself. How do you consider yourself? Considering yourself mean; doing the right things that is best for you at a particular time. You should first of all ask yourself if you are prepared to go-to school. School ain't an easy thing to combine with whatever activity that earns you money. It's like serving two masters at the same time, and you know what it means. There can't be accurate concentration from your side to the education sector when you are also struggling for and with finance. Your concentration in education without any distraction from another sector would definitely affect your performance positively in UTME, and also your admissions speed from JAMB. You may appear when the first list of admitted candidates is out, and then accept the admission from the JAMB portal. When second list for jamb candidates is out, and you wasn't on the first one your chances are still high.

How can what I do affect my admission speed? Or What are those things I could do to get admitted by JAMB quick?

When you know what you want, and you are focused on it, there are high chances of you getting admitted by JAMB. Before it gets to the point where Jamb starts sending admissions, there are things UTME candidates have to provide and do which is under the "JAMB registration process". If you fail to provide and do these things, your admission message may not locate you early or at all. From time to time, JAMB tend to change their policies which will affect Jambites, JAMB registration centres, and even invigilators. Read on the latest requirements for JAMB. It's best when you do not have registration problems such as the one known as "result upload", where you have to upload your result after registration.

Applying For A Change In Course

Is it okay to change my course after registering already for another course?

In choosing a life career, passion should come before benefits. When this happens, there's no room for easy giving up. Not even JAMB will make you give up. So, it's very very okay to change into a course you are sure of. Make sure you was, and still good with the basic subjects which you will register depending on the course and career choice you wish to study in the university. You may want to know more on career choices from this blog moneyedugame.

Should I Apply For A Change Of Course To Study The Course I Was Offered Before Which I Rejected?

Do you know so many professionals in different fields never started with their desired course? Passion made them go for it as a second degree, even when their first-degree course wasn’t what they wanted, but they still held tenaciously to their dream, meanwhile, there are this other sets of people who got their first career choice and their first sitting with the path of success so obedient to them but life acts differently to people.

You should know that most courses are ladders to climbing to one’s true dream. So stop looking down on courses because you heard there’s no job space for them. You can create one.

Why JAMB Offers People Admissions To Study Course They Didn't Apply For?

It's probably because of your score in the UTME exams. If the score does not meet up with the desired score required by the examination board, there, you may be offered another course. This usually happens when students apply to study in a universities' Basic Studies programme. One of the universities I have known of such studies is the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. After writing a test for the basic studies program in the sub university, your result determines whether you are offered your desired course or not. Things like this often make students feel like school is scam. Is school really scam?