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How Many Clicks Can Give $100 And How To Go About It

 A lot of newbie bloggers who have heard and know of AdSense have been displaying series of curiosity. They want to know how much they could earn by creating useful contents to readers. They ask questions like:

How much can a beginner make from a blog? Can a blogger earn a good living from blogging. How many blog clicks can earn a blogger $100?

Earnings Dashboard

A blogger can make so much money from his blog. It doesn't matter if you are new to blogging or not. A blogger can earn a living a good living through blogging, but it's always dependent upon who does it, and how he or she does it.

How many clicks on your blog can earn you $100 in AdSense?

Someone once asked a professional blogger that question and ended up being shocked by the pro blogger's reply. He was even in doubt as he knew how Clicks Per Impression, CPM works. In CPM, bloggers require at least 1000 impression to earn a dollar or $2. What did the pro blogger tell him? The pro blogger told him that 150 clicks alone could give him up to $100. The pro blogger even had to snap his earnings dashboard to prove it. Below are the pictures the blogger provided.

85 clicks gives $82

909 clicks gives $620

333 clicks gives $224

Here's what you should know concerning making money from blogging.

Asking how many clicks could give him $100 daily on adsense, wasn't a bad question at all, but one thing you should note in blogging is that you could achieve or earn as much as you want provided you have the blogging skill, blogging, and patience.

Actually, blogging isn't just about having an entertainment, news, and gossips websites. It's not even about your monetization tool or ad network. Understanding, writing skill, and passion is what blogging requires. You need to understand blogging inside out or have at least 60% understanding as to how blogging works, including monetization.

The amount of money you could make through blogging can be limitless.

What Are Those Things A Blogger Can Do To Keep His Or Her Blog In Good Earning condition?

There are two main things to consider when it comes to making your blog earn you so much money. They're Niche and Investment.

Niches - Create a website and follow a particular niche you wish to, but make sure the niche is valuable and with quality content. When you are  building a website, you should have a niche in your mind which you have to  build your website to fit. Creating a website to fit with your niche requires creativity. It's not about searching "how to build a website" that matters. What matters is how easily accessible it is, and how structured it is to meet your visitors' taste. Monetize your blog  after you have finished setting this things to meet the <ads network> standard.

You should also consider "keywords" alongside your kind of nich. Keywords are words that make your entire contents valuable to readers. If you need more explanation on blog keywords, click and read the following link in blue. It will explain everything blogger needs to know about keywords.

Investments - Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could. If you wish to gain from blogging, you have to invest in it. Earning from blogging without spending money or great time can never be possible. If you want to earn from blogging, you have to treat it as a business. Putting in all the resources which definitely includes capital and labour, you can consider blogging as a business investment.

People ask if one can do blogging as a part time job

Of course, blogging can be a partime job to people who are capable of handling. When you are handling blogging as a side hustle, make you should make sure you handle it like you would handle any other offline business you do, because blogging had turned out to be a an online business. 

Why you won't make big money from blogging is that you don't treat blogging as business, you see it as just some side hustle which you could do haphazardly and expect profits. That's why you can't earn much money from it. If you are blogging mainly for money, you should always look for what or where brings the most money to your blog and hit that point with all amount of seriousness.

Areas In Blogging You Should Invest In.

There are people in this country  that collect up to $50,000 monthly from Google Adsense. Yes! Monthly. What do they do to get such amount of money? They invest! They treat their blogs as pure business and they invest heavily into it, because a good businessman does what is  necessary to grow his business not what is convenient or easy. Richest bloggers around the world have that business or entrepreneurship characteristics.

So, successful bloggers don't do or do these:

  • They don't wait for free advice up and down, they put money into research and even hire researchers. Yes, browsing, reading, and watching video tutorials.
  • They are not waiting for free seo tools only
  • They use paid tools too.
  • They’re not waiting for free blog designs, 
  • Free hosting or Nigerian hosts, 
  • Free theme and free templates,
  • Free backlinks or free traffic
  • They’re certainly not looking for free mentorship from one inbox to another.
  • They identify areas that they need to improve on to make all the difference in their blogging business and they work on it with diligence.

Cardinal Lessons You Should Learn 

There things that seem impossible in blogging, but actually possible.

Start small, keep growing, research well and never believe anything is impossible in blogging.

So, if your blog has capacity to give you up to 20 million Naira monthly, why are you playing with it?

Examine what you are doing today with your blog, ask yourself if it's truly how to treat a business.

If you don't take your business seriously, it can never deliver good results.

I wish you as much success as you're willing to work for it.