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Ghosts Comes Back To Complete Missions


We have been watching ghosts movies, and have been hearing stories about ghost, but some people do not believe ghost exist, but actually they do. It's not clear why people who die come back, but my observations, my experience, and other people's experiences of real ghost encounters suggest that the people who died and came back as ghost do so to complete things and tasks they never actually completed. Ghost film try as much to tell how ghost are. But how can you believe ghost exist only in ghost stories when you haven't seen any or witnessed their actions in real.

Here I'll tell you real life ghost stories that are non-fictional. Also, you will find links to other important issues that concerns us as living beings, just like this one that talks about how people really want to know the Best Way To Commit Suicide. So I decided to open some people's eyes to what I is the right way, and much better.

 Sometimes, I feel like the dead people are granted chances from a being that is in control of the other world which we believe to be home to ghosts or the dead - The Underworld. It's not everyone that has the chance to come back, but only few who normally comes back, comes back  doing what seems right though I have also heard of the horror part of some ghosts. That suggest that there are some criteria that are grants people the wish with a chance of coming back, and the criteria are assessed and evaluated from the living days of a person.

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Real ghost stories

I will put down the experiences I heard from people first and conclude it with my own experience.

I'll start first with the recent I read on a Nigerian blog. The blog put down the experience of a lady by names Modella Agnes Egbara who told the story of her dad dieing prematurely on July 2000, and surprised them - his entire family with christmas gifts; clothes and money, in December 2000. She said her dad had rented a house in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria, and was still working. The dead man was already buried before the December which he sent his family Christmas gifts and a letter that told them that 'he is fine and loves thm'. He happened to send these things to his family through a friend who didn't know he is dead. The friend fainted and regained consciousness after 2 days after he was showed the man's grave.

Second. A family friend narrated the real life story of her husband's Property Care Taker who was confronted by her husband who was wealthy, and with lots of properties, and had also died prematurely. She said her husband had lots of properties her husband's Property Care Taker knew of and she did not. The Care Taker dodge telling the woman of the properties until the dead man confronted him on his way out. According to the woman, the property Care Taker finally told the woman of all the man's properties he knew of, the same day he was confronted by the man.

Third. One of my lecturer in the university shared her own experience in the class while trying to let us understand the assumptions surrounding human beings. She shared an experience that happened in 2019 as one of her students who was also in the Nigerian Police Force where he worked. This male student had the presentation materials of his other student colleagues with him before the tragic incident that took his life just before he could submit it to her. Mrs Sani described this young man who was of about 27 in age as a calm, simple, and plain in his dealings with others. As explained above, Mrs Sani gave an assignment to a class of which this young man was also part of. He was appointed to get the assignments from everyone in order to submit it to Mrs Sani whom he was fund of. The night before the day he was to submit the assignment to the lecturer, he was on night duty; in the police van where he and two of his Police colleagues were crushed to death. The news circulated, and it reaches the lecturer. The assignments that he was with was locked inside his house, and the idea of breaking into his house by his student colleagues was harboured in mind since he was dead and would not be able to submit it.

If I can still recall it, Mrs Sani said one or two days had passed after student cop had passed on, and she met him while in her car along a particular road in Uyo, approaching her vehicle with the assignments he was with. She said the student approached her giving her a smile, while she asked, "I thought you was dead", but he kept smiling and telling her 'he is fine', and then handed over the assignments to her and bade her good bye, walked past the car. Mrs Sani who was so surprised and confused was still pondering upon what just happened; she was asking herself "did I just see a ghost?". Seconds not up or up to 20 passed, she turned to see if actually it was the dead student she just saw, but he had disappeared. She checked thoroughly for him but still didn't see him anymore. Something similar to this is what happened to me, read it below.


My experience. Well, I have been hearing of ghost stories by people, but never really believed though it sounded real. I used to hear stories of ghost slapping people to death. some people said that witches and wizards command the spirit of buried people to use it against their enemies, and these spirits are said to kill and normally come with a weird smell. Here's how I happened to meet a lady that seemed to have been in her 27 or 28 years who disappeared after passing me by after a very short conversation between her and I. 

I was around age 18, and had just begun to explore places, go to places, and in the end find my way safely, and back home. I was on a street, on legs because I had to  manage the little transport fare I was with. I wasn't familiar with the street and was trying to understand which particular street will take me to a familiar street which I could take back home. 

While I was in this  street, just as I was hoping to find someone to help out with directions, there I saw this lady approaching me in the same path I was. I stopped and excused her, then poured out my mind. She directed me, and was as if she was sent to that place just because of me as she asked "do you have transport fare?" (I was taught by ny parents never to take things from strangers, and I wanted to lie, but realized it would affect me, so I told her that I wasn't with enough money for that) she gave me #100. I thanked her and walked up while she walked down, and I began to ponder on why she would ask me if I'm with transport fare. Such things don't normally happen here, and even if it has, I wouldn't know - I was just beginning to explore places. 

I turned back to look at the lady again, and yeah... didn't see her anymore. Thoroughly, I checked; she disappeared! Well.. I thought to myself, "she must have made a turn into a shop or so", and then I boarded a commercial tricycle popularly known as Keke in Nigeria. Shockingly, after 3 minutes of ride, I saw the same lady approaching me again on foot, and I felt my body suddenly shiver! I didn't know anything about her which would have helped in finding out about her, but the feeling I had was just one I never felt before.

This experience alongside the above shared experiences of others proofs dead people are given chances to do things they should have done while alive. 

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