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Blogging And Earning: All You Should Know


Blogging has always been a means in which information are spread across to people around the world or people in a particular geographical area through the web. There's so much about blogging, and monetization. It usually begins with the questions: How to create a blog or How to build a website, How to earn or How to make money from blogging, and then How to get approved by Adsense or How to get approved for monetization.

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website which people own, and use it to share their opinions concerning things happening around them. The process of arranging and organizing parts e.g, menu lists and posts to be easily accessed and utilized by readers is Blogging - in case you may have wanted to know: How to become a blogger, you may at first want to know what is blogging.

Building A Blog For Beginners

How to start a blog?

Blogs are designed and built. The main building block of blogs are using HTML and CSS, and other advanced examples of computer programming languages like Java Script. But you can start a blog for free on some platforms with already made blogs. This blogging platform allows you to blog without having to know the examples of programming languages involved. You can easily drag and drop blog building features. They usually come with a free domain, few free blog templates.

If you have at least the basic knowledge in HTML, internet, and how how the computers work, how to start blogging can not give you so much headache. How to start a blog is very easy when you are familiar and comfortable with the things involved, example - writing.

There are some top blogs out there you can learn from. Blog sites like  and are successful blogs ranking top in Naija.

Some of the best blogging platforms that will help you out in how to create a blog are:




The best  part of this is that they have free blog sites and  hosting.

Blogging Platforms And Their Free Domains And Hosting.

Blogger free domain ends at 

You can login or sign up from their website or just type and send in your browser search bar "".

Wordpress free domain usually ends at .

You can signup  to word press from their website at or

Wix free subdomain usually ends at is the website you you can sign in to your blog dash board.

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Blogging for beginners have been made easy by this blogging platforms. It's easy to use, and with simple steps to blogging. You can create a blog for free and with a free subdomain. It's not just about building a blog, how to write a blog also matters.

Writing a blog is partly explained in this article. As you read this article thoroughly, you will read on the secret to writing unique and original blog contents which can be found and read through the help of Search Engines.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

Progress Analytics Dashboard of A Blogger

Earning In Blogging

Apart from creating reading contents with in blogs, adverts can also be placed on blogs. Adverts-Ads are what bloggers get paid for. People's  businesses need promotion in order for people to be aware of it. This entrepreneurs or business men pay people who blog lots of money to put their businesses in their blogs as  adverts. 

There are so many ways to earn with your blog. It is called Monetization. You may have a well developed blog in terms of accessibility and post and contents, as a devoted blogger, you ask yourself, "how do I earn with my blog"?  

You can earn from your blog only through paid adverts directly from busineses or entrepreneurs or ad companies. So it's obvious that bloggers make money through blogging, and not just money, bloggers make "lots" of money. To make money off blogging, you should be aware of the different ways that is used to make money through linked webpages or websites. I'll give a brief explanation on the two different means listed below  that bloggers use to make money from their blogs.

- Business Ads- This are affiliate sort of marketing. You will have to find business companies, whether offline or online, ask them if they would care for a paid promotion on your blog. They'll pay you to make and place ads or adverts on your website. Some business websites do put it publicly for people who might want to earn while they promote their products on blogs. Depending on the business website, you could be paid when a customer purchases their product using the link from your website, or you could be paid just by the views of visitors to your site - usually known as Web Impression.

- Ads Companies-  Also knonw as Ad Networks. These are companies that collect several payments from different businesses around the world, then create ads for the companies just to give it to bloggers to display on their blogs. Only bloggers and blogs who are approved by this ads companies can display those ads on their websites, and they'll be paid by the ads company. Example of such ads companies is Google AdSense.

Blogging Like A Pro

How to blog like a pro or blog like a professional has always been the question from aspiring bloggers. There are ways which has been trusted and followed by expert bloggers, you can also follow this same ways to become successful in blogging. 

Success in Blogging has not always been easy to achieve. You should know that it takes so much to get to success in any field one ventures into, so is it in blogging. But if you carefully the steps of professional bloggers, you can make it quick and easy in blogging. There are simple steps to blogging to follow, but the ones here are confirmed by pro bloggers.

Steps To Get Your Blog Approved

I'll let you know the precise steps you could use to establish a blog that will be approved to display ads from various ads company such as Google Adsense, but before then, you should know that Ads companies do not accept blogs that do not have good contents, readers, and good accessibility through the blog. These things are things that prevent Adsense from approving your blog for monetization. Before making money from your blog, you must consider these things very well. Everyone deserves to be paid for their hard work as they are done to favour and help people, so, bloggers should definitely earn from the services and products they offer. But first, learn how to blog well.

How to Blog like a PRO

Below are steps that were listed by a successful blogger.

Expired Domain

The blogger recommended buying an Expired Domain with good Domain Authority (DA) and Uniform Resource Locator Ratings (UR)

Indexed URL

The blogger said you(Aspiring successful blogger), should make sure the domain URL you are using is indexed on SERPS. You could do that by using The Google Search Console, GSC.

Domain Transfer

Transfer domain to your registrar and hosting provider, Namecheap precisely and set up site with WordPress CMS.


I may have forgotten to explain this earlier on, but niche is a very important part to consider when it comes to having success in blogging. Niche is what a blogger chose to write about. There various Niches to choose from e.g Entertainment. So, you may want to use Google Trends to find NICHE opportunity based on comparison and analyses.


Blogging is something where competition exists among bloggers who is successful or almost successful. So, you would want to find  competitors on your chosen NICHE and cooy their style, if you wish to, but it's usually best if you can establish your own style than to copy another's.


Keywords in blogging are the most searched words by people on internet. It's something you should always include in your blog as they should also appears on search engine, SE. You will have to 

search up to 500 high volume keyphrase list with low difficulty by analyzing your competitors URL through Ah-ref.

According to one pro blogger, you could create 60% plagiarized content for all topics on your list. He suggested using exact same topic of any blog dominating the priority position on SERP’s. This means is usually a quick means, but usually leads a blogger to frustration. Stay original with your blog articles, because it will help you on monetizing your blog quick.


To monetize your blog, the following ads companies is where you should apply for as a publisher. Apply for either Google Adsense, Ezoic, Adthrive or Mediavines.

If you could repeat these process your winning would be at sky limit.and WIN Big. 

Blogger Cashing Out

Apart From Monetizing From Ad Companies, Here Is Another Means You Could Use To Make More Money Through Blogging.


Another blogger decided to share his experience of 7 years with +800 articles published on various blogs. This particular subtopic is connected with blogging, traffic and back links.

Everything this blogger said are written below. Read and learn.

"There's no miracle to making money in blogging; to make money, you have to work. More you work, more you'll get money. A blogger once said, "displaying ads is for lazy guys". He concluded that "Monetization with ads is the worst idea you could have". 

Why would A blogger say this?

Here is why:

Some Internet users, are usually pissed when visiting blogs with ads, and because of this, nowadays most browsers have native adblockers, and as a result, you'll make only few bucks with ads. Seriously, you deserve much more than this.

What's The Way Forward?

Good news, there's a smarter way to make MUCH MORE money with a blog. Here is how I make money with mine. 

First, chose the niche where you are an expert. No matter the topic, you must be very comfortable with. You must be able to talk for hours about your niche. There isn't better niches than others. The best niche is the one you really know. Don't blog on a trendy niche just for money, you'll never succeed.

To turn your blog as a cash machine, you need traffic. I mean lot of traffic. To get traffic, you need to publish content.l - lot of content but only high quality and regularly. There's tip how to get easily tens of ideas of fresh contents every day. Ok it's hard, there are competitors everywhere but if you're serious, patient and motivated, you can do it too. 

If you've published 150 articles in the last 12 months your blog could get around 35.000 to 45.000 visits per month.

Don't worry about Google for now. Google won't index your pages if your content is poor or is not read by visitors. But if you have excellent contents, you'll have readers, and if you have been approved by any ad network, your earnings could as well increase.

 This is how things work. Don't expect ranking on SERPs at the beginning. Be patient and work hard. Success will come.

Now, let's talk about big money.

Once your blog becomes popular in your niche, you'll receive offers from SEO agencies to publish sponsored articles. The firsts one will be poorly paid but if you keep doing a good job, you'll be able to claim higher amount for each backlink. 

Ok but how much can I expect?

As example, a sponsored article is paid up to $150 on my blog. Yes some SEO agencies have paid $150 for a backlink on my blog. Why? Because SEO agencies need blogs with quality traffic and they prefer specialized blogs without ads for their clients. 

Not yet convinced? I receive 3 to 5 requests / month for publishing sponsored articles on my blog. And I refuse any offer below $100.

Now, grab your calculator and compare with ads...

Finally, it is only a matter of choice. And you must chose wisely.

- Ads will give you few tens of bucks and a poor brand image, 

- An excellent job will give you higher traffic, revenue and lead you to success."

The blogger ended everything by asking, "What is your choice"? That indeed is a good question to ask. You can choose the way you earn. It's all in your hands.

I hope this article is has exposed you to so much that could bring about your success. Happy Blogging!

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