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Blog Keywords And Mistakes Usually Made By Bloggers.


What are Keywords?

How to apply it to my blog and rank on Google? These are questions newbie bloggers ask most once they hear of it.

Searching and Arranging Keywords

Keywords are words, important words that get people searching for them everywhere on the internet search engines.

Your website hasn't ranked on google and you wonder, why? Oh you didn't understand the word "rank" as you've just read past? Your website hasn't been appearing on the first 10 pages of the Google Search Engine, and you wonder, why? Keywords!

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Is how to get organic traffic your problem? Why not try keywords that rocks on line?Organic traffic comes from it.

Keywords are just what your blog requires. After writing and posting unique contents to your blog, it feels like they ain't that important to people. Yes, it happens, especially to people who are new to blogging.

If you are new to blogging, there are actually a lot of things you should have known before even starting to blog. Oh, you started the blog and made up your mind to learn and do at the same time? It's not a problem at all, but what matters is knowing the right thing to do in blogging. Read about things you should know as a new blogger from this link.

Backlinks Are Also Necessary In Blogging

How Does Keywords Actually Work?

Keywords is regarded as a term used in digital marketing to describe a word or a group of words an Internet user uses to perform a search in a search engine or search bar. 

In Search Engine Optimization, SEO keywords are very important and should be the core of any copy written for the web. Keywords should be present in the blog contents, titles, and SEO elements.

An example is you trying to search for something and you saw words or phrases, clauses or sentences pop up or drop down. Those words are keywords from blogs. They are the Search Engine focus on, and they're what people search frequently on the internet.

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How To Apply And Work With Keywords On Your Blog.

Applying keywords to your posts requires certain formats which you should be careful about, but first of all learn how to get keywords.

A pro blogger once suggested to me to do the following thing I'll be putting down after this, as it is what most creators have been using.

The blogger suggeted searching Google and typing "keywords everywhere", download the extension to the Google Chrome browser you want to use to do the keywords research. It is a very good, and also a free tool for keywords research. This is for people who use laptop to blog. It's only in laptops and other capable tablets that you could download and use an extension in the browser, Chrome.

With this tool, you can easily Know what people search most, how many times the words that make up keywords have been searched for, the particular keywords that are being searched, and how people had arranged their sentences while making the searches.

It was also recommended to YouTubers, because it can easily tell you the keywords your competitors are using to rank their video. In fact, It exposes all the search tags your competitor had used on a video. 

After download the extension to your chrome, get your pen or paper or notepad or sticky note or Microsoft word document if you wish to do it the hard copy style, and go back to your Google search, type what your article is all about, once the results come, the keywords everywhere extension would reveal by the right side how people had made different searches on what you tried to search for. Pick about five and copy to your notebook or notepad, preferably three-word keywords or four-word. Going keywords that have has low keywords search volumes. If you see those that are with the impressions of 10,000 and above, skip them because they are for the pro bloggers and go for the ones whose volume is 1000 and below so that you can be able to rank on those keywords. 

Step By Step Ways Of Adding Keywords To Your Blog Posts Are

There are various ways I could add keywords in your article to make it rank.

First, you start by editing your article at the backend and start inviting or adding those keywords. How do you do that?


Start with your title, find a way to fit in any of those keywords as they are in your title.

First Paragraph

Another place is the first paragraph, find a way and also fit in another keyword just as you pasted them to your notepad.

Last Paragraph

Another place is the last paragraph, you can also do that in the middle of your article but you try as much as you can not to put in your posts too many keywords, you may end up degrading your blog unknowingly.

Mistakes Bloggers Make While Chasing Keywords And What's Good To Do


People do copy other people's blog posts so as to rank on google which is actually not worth it. Even if you want to copy someone else work, you should try your possible best to edit every line in that article just to be free from plagiarism. 

Just imagine searching for something on Google, then you click on the first results to copy their contents word for word because a friend suggested you work with keywords. You copied the work completely from the blog inorder to invite the same keywords to your website. You expect Google to rank yours before or after the blog you copied.

What you don't when you do this is that Google algorithm will always recognize duplicates and hide one except your website has received some level of white hat SEO from the Lord of SEO. Why it happens that way is because Google algorithm wouldn't count it as duplicate.

Unrelated Article Parts

Note that when choosing keywords to use, ensure that those keywords are related to your content else, you stand the chances of increase your blogsite bounce rate as people wouldn't spend enough time on the post since it's providing unrelated messages to them. And this will affect your ranking as well.

Other Tools You Could Use For Keyword Research


Google keyword Planner




Ubersuggest etc

Final Words Of Advice On Keywords

For those who write from scratch but never see traffics, try and make sure that what you write is really what people want and do search for and not what you want. Attach keywords research to your hobby except you've got an active social media page where you can promote your blog posts. 

SEO is that one innocent thing that can change your life and future generation, and keywords are part of it. Infact the major part for organic traffic. Do it right and you would smile. If you can't do it, learn it. And if you can't learn it, then hire an SEO specialist. Persistence, is necessary in this hobby.