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Secret Revealed: How To Cope With Voluminous Materials That Appears Few Days To Exams.

Looking at the education system in our country, students don’t seem to get it all in class, other times we are faced with a sudden ascendance of bulky educational materials a week before exams, materials with content that was not brought to the understanding of the students early enough. Exam materials such as past question papers and textbooks do help a lot, infact, they're are the main things student require to score well in exams. The problem is that past question paper for exams and past and current textbooks for exams are usually much and therefore, to some students, instills some level of tiredness, laziness, and procrastination.

Text Books To Cover For Exams

Reading for academic success could be very boring sometimes, but the result of being committed to this act is rewarding. It gets worse with courses or subjects with so much vocabulary stress that comes with its terminologies since we all know that good spellings is another mark booster for exams.

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So what’s the way forward for people who have worries and complains like

- I am passionate about my course and profession but I find most related topics very boring.

- I find it bulky and uneasy to cover up my syllables before exams.

- The more I read, the more moconfuseduse I get.

There’s a little secret I want to share.

Yea, When you find things tiring, it’s advisable to take it bit by bit.

Tiring Moments When Reading

Reading with pressure is very tiring resulting in effort in futility, also accompanied by dozing off to sleep. You are not expected to get all the knowledge you need at once.

Every good student is expected to have an outline of what he or she would be exposed to in the course of learning, at this point, it is expected you start early enough to tackle hard problems. In the course of doing this, it’s possible to crack every hard nut in our respective courses.

In case this still sounds vague to you,

In a simpler term, after discovering your syllables before another school session is on, try to be committed to an unremitting reading habit, though it may be done for a very short while compared to the long hours spent at night a day before writing an exam. The little secret is no matter how difficult knowledge seems to be, a continuous act of learning makes it sip in, sometimes you get acquainted with this unknowingly.

 Have you ever seen yourself surprisingly singing a song you never spent time memorizing repeatedly with the aim of learning, but surprisingly, you see yourself singing this song beautifully without missing the lyrics? This could be due to an unknown exposure to a song that plays consistently to your ears resulting from continuous singing and effort to catch up without knowing you are learning, also without knowing your brain is absorbing something, so let’s say the word here CONSISTENTENT EXPOSURE.

 It probably didn’t take hours or days to learn it but there you are replicating the exact information in the song. 

Consistent exposure is a practical way to arm yourself for examinations that becomes more unfortunate when the majority of the questions emanated from the material we had limited time to prepare for. 

This is no story, it’s the experience of every Nigerian student. I guess you now see reasons and the know-how to prep for this shocker!