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Mistakes In Life That Can Make You Unsuccessful

 We all make mistakes in life. Mistakes differ - they could cause on you severe or mild damages. Mistakes happen a lot of times not because we want it to happen. If there were ways to see the future and next coming events in life, the amount of costly mistakes made ever since humans came into existence could have been very few.

No matter what it has to be, mistakes should be avoided at all cost. It can be easy to say "I'll be careful not to make a mistake", but hard at some points to avoid it. Sometimes, mistakes causes regrets, and regrets causes depression. Before we get to know where mistakes emanates from, let's understand the kind of mistakes we are talking about. Have you ever done something hurtful to someone, and later felt very bad about it that you don't want to see the replays of the event in your mind? How about doing something that later hurt you back in the same or similar manner you did to someone? The mistake here is concerned with the wrong step you made that has put a heavy burden on you.
Knowing what mistakes are, ways to lessen it; if not eliminate it, should be the major concern.  At this point question like, 'what leads to mistakes' Is what should be answered, found out, and understood in order to know the things that should be or  not done. Going around Blogger with his own experience lists them to be:

  • Indoctrination
  • Models
  • Anger
  • Lack of Patience

Explanation based on the list above and what GaB thinks is right to do.

Indoctrination: This is when one is in a situation where he or she is being brain washed to go against what is right or what is not necessary. An example is: when the person indoctrinating has someone he or she envy or hates, maybe for the reason that the person would never support his or her wrong doings, so, he would want to do things aimed to immobilize this person so that he or she wouldn't disgrace him(the indoctrinator). What this indoctrinator does is say things that will make you  join him dig pits for his target.So, "you" should not allow people as such talk you into judging and hating people, because when you're seen with them, you'll be seen as them, and it won't be a good reputation for you. Situations such as this, is a mistake. It's not the right take.

Models: According to Albert Banduras social learning theory, people get to learn from people by observing, copying, and display the characteristics they've seen from someone (a model). This learning method is good, but not when people who copy others don't copy only what is right in the sight of God. People get to copy bad behavior from other people which will definitely be full of wrong takes.

Anger: The Bible says that 'an angry man does foolish things. Of course!  Angry people do things that are too late to change. Mistakes that fall under this list often ends as severe mistakes.
Lack of Patience

Lack of Patience: Having patience over things, people, and events is a sign of understanding and good reasoning. Lacking patience leads people into taking wrong steps to solve problems - steps that will bring about wrong and bad outcomes, as mistakes are wrong steps taken.
After reading this, you can spot some related instances from your experience, and should counsel yourself by learning the to free yourself off some pressuring instances that leads to depression and other neurological affect.