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How Shyness Saves People From Troubles

Shyness is the behavior and characteristics one develops and possesses after being embarrassed, shamed, or hurt. People considered to be shy do have characteristics that are similar to:

  • Being reflective
  • Being careful
  • Having self control
  • Self discipline
  • Having Self confidence
  • Calm

Are these characteristics bad? Or do they actually fall under shyness? Don't think so. Let's see why it isn't that bad as it was thought to be by following and understanding the characteristics listed above.

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Being reflective allows room for reasoning, and realization of mistakes which would bring shaming, stigmatization, and mockery reaction from the people. This therefore instills into to these people the ability to 'transfer learning'. Transfer of learning is the ability to apply the knowledge gotten from a particular experience to a similar experience and doing what should be right to that situation.
Being careful is what these people do most. They don't like to be embarrassed even though they can deal with it. They will try to avoid, carefully, things that will cause shame to them. This is the guide for the other characteristics.
Having self control is guided by carefulness. This moulds their behavior in a way they'll always stick to what is right to avoid embarrassment, and in the end, they're respected for flowing with the right ways.
Self discipline is acquired through self control. They make straight forward decisions and wouldn't want to go bias. They're humble, but are not timid. What makes them this way is that they know what ot means to be hurt, and they wouldn't want to hurt people, But could if taken to extreme.
Self confidence comes from self discipline. They're aware that they haven't offended anyone and haven't committed crimes. So, they're bold and courageous. They are people who likes see their goals being achieved after stating out, clearly, their objectives.

Calmness. What else would you expect from someone with such characteristics. They hate lousy and blabbering people and places. They love cool and calm places. And they love people similar to them.
These people - shy people, mostly are usually classified into the personality type group known as Narcists . Shyness of this kind should not be mistaken for an abnormality in personality. To me "self discipline" is what these people desire.

When you find people with such characteristics, you could  agree to the fact that these people are keeping or trying to keep themselves disciplined.