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Funny But Real Things Human Beings Are No More Doing


There certain things that humans used to do before that they are not doing anymore. If some of them are told it feels and sounds like funny memes and funny stories in that respective. If these things are acted out by funny videos creators, you could laugh out your intestines. Let's see these things I'm talking about.

Sleeping Without Light.

Imagine the lives of animals during the night time. When it's getting dark, its 99% obvious they would lay very early on a position which they'll wake up from in the morning. Just like the lizards and other animals that can't see in the dark, it's exactly the way it was back then in the beginning days of human. Of course, you should know there exist days or even years that humans stayed without fire. Imagine if we humans were still in that situation where we would stay without fire which also served as light in some certain years after its discovery.

In this modern times we are using advance kind of light lamps. It is a  very terrible feeling to stay at home or anywhere without any form of light  at night. I mean, it's almost impossible for us humans to stay in the dark.

Using Leafs And Skins For Covering

Humans no longer use leafs and non standard or not well proccessed animal skins as coverings or clothing. Infact there are very few places where use of leafs and animal skins as body coverings are still in practice.

Carrying Of Forest In Pubic Region

Hahaha, let me start that way, because this fact is funny now, but would have been pathetic if we were still in the situation. Really, you have to be used to idiomatic expressions in order to understand what is meant here. Have you ever imagined how humans looked like back then (in the early days)  without shaving stick? Haha, yeah... I know I imagine a lot of funny things, but I'm sure no one would fancy that now. I guess the forest in the pubic region served as a kind of covering to the various organs it covered. God is a wise being. He created everything with purposes each. If different genders would want to dance on each other on an 18+ level, they'll need to push the grasses one side in order to have access. Hahaha, GAB!

Wandering From Place To Place

I'm sure you know humans in the early early years never settled in one place. If that sounds somehow to you, sit tight as I explain.

Humans in the early days never really knew the best season for cultivation and growing of crops. I would have said, they never really knew how to plant, but no. They ate fruits, and threw the seeds away to the soil, after some days, they must have noticed the seeds shoot plants. That must have been the first realization to planting before other practicals were carried out that led to the study of Agriculture.

So, fruits and food crops have seasons they grow, and humans, after staying in a particular area for a long time, and consuming all fruits and food crops available in the area would leave that particular area to another area with enough food. Humans would one area and keep wandering till they find an area with what they want and then settle there for sometime. It isn't so this days.

This days, Agriculture, Education, and Money have changed the living standard of humans. With the help of education after lots of experiences and practicals in the past, Agriculture was brought up and planting and growing of crops is improved in ways where people will not lack what to eat. On the other hand, exchanges are made with agricultural products and services and money was made to exist to play a big role in the exchange process. You can understand more in Money and exchanges in these articles.

Furthermore, humans don't need to move from place to place in search of foods anymore like the israelites in the early days. Everything one needs is close by. To and fro, what is needed is gotten, as far as there's a medium for exchange.