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Information On Npower Batch C Test, Screening, Names Shortlisted, and Deployment.

The Npower Batch C which it's registration had commenced since on the 26th of June, 2020 has been reported as of May 19, 2021 to be shortlisting names of candidates to be deployed for the various positions available in the Npower programme.


The npower batch c is a programme that should be have been approaching it's end by now, but happens to be beginning now because the Covid-19 Pandemic had affected it immensely.

Actually, registrations had taken place since the 26th of June, 2020 as it was done online. 100,000 of Nigerians had registered on reaching the next month, July. The website for the npower registration then was The website seemed a little bit compromised, and so, the next process which is the 'npower test' was later shifted to the website, There, in the website Candidate's were asked to update their previous information such as bvn and bank account numbers. This step was important, and was what granted candidates the chance to take the npower test. If you didn't the npower test, sorry, the deadline has been reached.

Npower Test, Screening, Deadline, and Shortlisting and Deployment.

Npower Test, at March had already commenced. Candidates who were not able to update their npower profiles, and take test before 11th of May, 2021 would get shut-off the portal.

Instructions As Given By Npower

11th of May 2021 served as deadline for the Npower Batch C profile update and npower test taking.

Screening and Deployment

Are npower batch C candidate names shortlisted?

Npower As Screening Is Currently Happening

Npower portal, at ending of the month, April had informed candidates about the commencement of screening.

As of May 19, 2021, Jobadung made it known that candidates for npower batch c program have been shortlisted. It let known that the candidates whose names were short listed for the npower batch c were sent text message and an email confirming their names to be among the selected candidates for deployment. This applies to Npower Tech, Npwer Agro, Npower Software, Npower Hardware, Npower Creative, Npower Build, Npower Tax that were registered for.