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Friendship Rules To Have The Best Of Relationship

 Friendship is a word used to describe the relationship of people who are friends; they're people who enjoy each other's company and offer assistance where possible to each other. Friendship is formed between two or more people who share similar things and characteristics in common. How long friendship last are determined by the people involved in it. Friendship, naturally, is trust among people involved in it. It's about having each others' back and keeping the trust and well known  characteristics in them for life. Friendship can lead one thing to another. Friendship requires utmost understanding between the people involved in it. Some people can't keep the friendly relationship well because of personality and other factors that can cause certain unmotivating behaviours. People who spoil friendship are ones who were never real friends.

Simple signs that show real friends

A survey was carried out to prove that great capabilities and achievements can come when people are in two. In the late 19th century, according to Britain's New Scientist magazine, people have greater success in trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle when they have a partner who is doing same. There's this inner strength that is present among good friends; friends that are aware that the friendship status among them is something real, and something others will never consider as fake. The inner strength in them fuels or fills them up to make great achievements together. This is really the point you should reminisce on the friends you had or have such relationship with, and think of how fun and productive it was. Looking at yourself today, your friend(s), at least in one direct way or indirect way have influenced you, are you hoping of better things and days to come as a result of any of such influence? And are you proud of the relationship that took place between you and your friend(s)? Are the steps you and your friend(s) take legit ones? You should consider leaving friend(s) who have corrupt minds; friend(s) who do things that the conscience will always blame - dealing on things that are illegal which is not acceptable by law and by Bible.


There are two kinds of friends: Well acquainted and  non acquainted. The well acquainted are ones you know them personally and have shared a lot of things in common. Among such friends could be best friend(s), or family friend(s). non acquainted are opposite of well acquainted as they're seen only at a particular time without personal interaction or conversation. Only concerned with what is at hand.


There are people that will always love you for who you are, and you to such people too, at all times.


These same people know that your secret is their secret, same like you do.


These people always hope and work together to achieve a set goal among them - friends.


These people, whether a two or more,  support each other to achieve set goals.


These people, in pleasure moments or even in unpleasant moments, enjoy each other's company.

These people are best friends!


Best friends and the connection they share.




Best friends have a pattern that keep them going. This pattern is a type that is governed by self. Some of these rules are:


They never think of fighting each other but fight for each other.


They should never stop checking on each other.


They should achieve their goals.


They'll understand each other's mood and silence.


They'll never betray each other.


They must always be concerned for each other.


If you never showcased or exibited such qualities with person (s) you called friends, then you should consider yourself 'one at fault'. Also, If you never experienced such from people that call you friend, then you should think of doing the needful. But if you look back, and you realized that what you had with such friends was something good; thing without illegal activities, it would  better if you can make up for it by making the toughest sacrifices for such relationship because you lost the trust that was bestowed upon you by a friend. 


What has always added 'best' to friendship, making it 'best friends' is the nature by which trust and bond between friends are being strengthened and maintain for long period of time. They carry out those rules effortlessly, enjoying every bit of it.