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Why God Lets Evil Exist

Some people have been confused over 'God as a creator of evil when the preachings they have been receiving from Church authorities who follow the teachings of the son of God, Christ tells about God being after and accepting only good deeds'. They may  ask within themselves, "why would God inlflict people with evil when all he loves is good"? This at some point make some people believe that evil come from Satan; the devil. After some critical reasoning and research from the Bible, God's book, a reasonable reason has been found as to why God created evil and still let it befall humans.

God is one supreme being who have been defined by religious groups such as Christianity and scholars who wants to know more on who and what God is. In this particular book of the Bible, John 1:3 which says, "All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being" serves as a proof that God created all things in living and non living or abstract form that exist on Earth to be utilized by humans which he gave authority over. This means good and evil was created by God.

Dark Depicts Evil while White Depicts Good

If God is a God of Good, then he must have made evil in order to keep a balance he wants; a balance where people will only have to choose good. God made  all things for the good of man. This is what in the book of the Bible, Romans 2:28 must have proved: This portion prove that God made all things for the good of people, but is limited to only for those who love him-people who understand God as the God of Truth and Good. At this point, some persons will ask, "why did God create evil in the first place of which they have fallen into and suffering for"?

Adam And Eve


God created humans. He should know all that concern him. He must know that humans take the things they have in abundance for granted and chase what is rare. Let's consider good to be in abundance and evil as rare in this part. God had to create and put both good and evil in the same place, Earth, just like it was told of trees that God planted in the garden of Eden. It was so, so that man as a freewill being he had created will make his choice. Since God is a God of good who wants only good to reign on Earth, he chooses and love those who do good, because the person happened to choose so. And since good and bad(evil) is what he created, he makes or programs both good and evil to work only for the good of the people who loves him and allow evil to live and overwhelm those who chose it.

At some point, it tends to look like God was carrying out an observation in the garden of Eden to test man's curiosity. In the Bible, book of Genesis chapter 2 verses 16-17, it is logically proved that  God made man as an immortal being; He placed both the tree of the knowledge of good and bad and the tree of life in the garden and warned Adam about that of good and bad and the consequence, death, which follows with it. God must have hidden the fact that Adam could only make only one choice for himself: choose to live without evil or choose to die after knowing of evil. As we know of the circumstance that took place, it happened that the wrong choice was made. Taking a little example from what we humans, especially Christians do: it's true that some persons who know of Christ's teachings have once or more thought of doing what they know is wrong and then ask for forgiveness later. This mentality seems to be same as that of our great daddy, Adam. He must have thought that after eating,licking, and enjoying the limited sweetness off the evil in the fruit of knowledge of good and bad that he would climb up to get back the unlimited sweetness and enjoyment of good from the fruit of life.

Concluding this, the reason God created and allows evil as made clear above, suggests that God wants to know  the people who value, want, and appreciate good as he will give them all the pleasures that comes with good in a place he will make just for them, while also giving those who chose evil a place where they'll regret.