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Why Age Matters In Marriage


We find marriage quotes every where possible, we search and talk about marriage, but how about this particular topic? What do you know of it which will impact your life positively?

Well, it's in here, and under Life opinions, where you and I can express our own views after some observations and researches. 

Before we get to the root of this topic, I'd like to define marriage. What is marriage?

Marriage Definition: Marriage, also known as matrimony, is required to occur on the foundation of love, trust, and loyalty from the people concerned and into it. These people are to love and cherish each other in good or bad times as they took their marriage vows on their wedding day. They are expected to be mature, and proving it through actions such as patience, endurance and understanding. They are to take care of their responsibilities without seeking for other people's opinions as this also proves maturity, though at some cases, experts may be of help when it comes to mariage counseling. Marriage is never meant for children or immatures.

What Age Is Okay For Marriage?

The age that is accepted and considered appropriate at a minimum order in marriage is the age where people are considered to be mature - 18 years. People are known to grow and develop from conception to zygote to foetus to infanthood to early childhood(6-12yrs) which is also known as preadolescence, and to adolescence(12-19) where children begin to develop bodily features that will be required in the adulthood stage which begins approximately from age 20 or 22.

People do say, 'age is just a number'. Well, it can be said that people who have made that statement before or is to make, have factors which they have reasoned from or considered. Here's a reason age matters in marriage: As days go by, human beings are growing and developing.

When adults were children, they acted as one: played, and free of 'how to survive thoughts or worries', and sometimes careless. When children grow to become adults, acting like a child slowly decreases, even if in some cases in which grown ups do exhibit some childlike emotions - this doesn't mean they aren't mature, as experiences in social life, and in survival tactics or means breeds or give birth to maturity. Children shouldn't think of or be feeding themselves, but as they grow into adulthood, it's necessary as the survival processes moulds and determines who one is - self realization. 

Newly Weded Husband And Wife

Also, considering personality differences, the days and months that run to make a year in human life could add series of knowledge that could lead a marriage successfully to humans, as experience is the best teacher. Such experiences could be influenced by the environment one had found or finds self and the moral standard one has, but as one grows, one has taste for a particular need that will give peace of mind and comfortability. What a person needs at age 18 is not what he will need at age 24. Nope.

Marrying someone from age 18 to 20 doesn't seem to be a lasting kind of thing, but possible. Why? A person of age 18 is just growing into adulthood and has not have enough experience to know what he or she is actually looking for in marriage. Like in the first part of this page, it was seen that couples have desired goals they need to achieve with a partner. Example, Some people need people whom they'll trust, grow, and age with as it appears sometimes to be difficult to find people worthy of trust, etc.

At age 25 you wouldn't want to jump into marriage, especially if you don't have things to survive independently with. At age this age, if you're capable of taking care of yourself without support from outside, you should consider the qualities in a partner that will give you peace of mind throughout life. You should also consider setting time to hangout with people you percept to be having such attributes you desire. It's necessary at this stage to search and recognize who has the same aim as you towards marriage as lot of people at 24 still don't know what's okay for them.

Hanging out with people you think of to be your type for a year or more will reveal a lot, if not all, about them to you. At 26 - 27 you're mature enough to know that people will not be perfect in everything you'd wish them to be, but they can be good and okay for you depending on how intelligent and understanding you are. You can make your choice at this stage, if you found persons close to your desired standard. At 29 - 30, you should think of tying the knot, and maturely taking responsibilities till death do apart.

At age 30 with a peaceful home, couples will be able to control and take care of their little one(s). Other happenings in other ages in the family will be determined by the right choice that had been made by one who had considered age, characteristics, and attributes of partner before the "yes i do" thing.