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What's Keeping Man From Becoming Immortal


Looking down from where life began on earth, though the creation of human beings and other living things are not certain by all, life on earth have changed immensely. Most things we do today were not possible in the beginning of human lives. There were no machines(no-machine era) back then till when men from any of the centuries in life began to utilize the methods of science unknowingly, creating something from something (making wooden spoon from tree branches). A lot things that were created in the no-machine era are now re-engineered and fortified in this modern period where series of machines are designed, built or invented, and put to use. If machines are created and programmed by man to solve the problems of man by making work easier, faster, and better, how about man’s biggest problem and enemy, death? Is there no one that wouldn’t want to live forever?  Is that what would skip the scientists memory? I don’t think so. Probably, in the next era we’re almost sliding in, Life could be permanent, if not permanent, longer than it is.

Scientific Experiments

Human life these modern days seem not to reach 200 years as compared to the 969 years old-lived Methuselah in Bible. It is known by all humans that their mortal life begins it’s end with aging signs. Human Life on earth has always been a beautiful one. Even though there are some degree of pain and suffering, human beings will always hope for and work towards self pleasure. Humans are pleasure seeking beings. They value the comfort, fun, and happiness that they experience in life. Life on earth, especially the modern one is definitely what anyone wouldn’t want to miss. No one would want to miss a car such as rolls-royce vision next 100 (103ex). Such a car explains and foretells things we should expect in the next era that is on its way.

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New Scientific Creations

In the world or life should be called a  ‘well-taught world’ or well-taught life, meaning learned from experience; the life we are slowly sliding into, it might be possible for scientist to discover immortality. They can use the same cumulative efforts they used to study and discover about life from the molecular level, cells to make discoveries through investigation on aging thereby determining the next step to keeping humans for longer period of time or forever. It could be thought, “have scientists ever thought of making life continue for long or forever”? They do  have thought for it, and thought of the equipments, elements, and chemicals that will be required, and also how successful and unsuccessful the process would be. To prove that, one needs to know what it would take before humans could become immortal.

Doctor And Nurse In The Lab


Before humans could have such ability, it would imaginably, take or require lots of work forces, lots of resources and finances, series of machines and programs, and all the best scientists the world has got. It might take very long period of time before the process could come to a valid conclusion, as it might also be concluded within a shorter period if the right rationalization and discoveries are made at the right time. Apart from the work forces, resources, machines, programs, scientists, and time, if the happenings and experiences around ain’t put into consideration, the plan for immortality could never work, unless there’s use of magic. It’ll be better to rely in science than such.

Like we’ve seen, experience will definitely let room for more significant and authentic discoveries, knowledge, and understanding. Experience exposes needed knowledge about things, and also determines next step(s). It comes with unexpected tragedy; could cost properties, resources, and lives. In relation to this topic, how will experience lead to the discovery of immortality? Simple! A life happening instance that happened years ago that has been beneficial to us in the advanced computer age, will be shared for easy understanding.


Experiences that led to the discovery of blood groups, blood anticoagulant, and blood born diseases emanated as a result of rational thinking scientists concerning blood. The experiences they had gave them and everyone else the knowledge no one in other centuries ever had about blood, and understanding later to others who were not in existence during the beginning of blood transfusion practice. The knowledge was passed and improved through cumulative efforts from scientists to scientists.


Blood in medicine was considered to be a standard practice for saving lives after the world war two. Blood transfusion was praised by scientists as they had rationalized it to be a lifesaver, not untill the life saving fluid became a killer to some people. Before the world war 2, and in the 14th century, blood transfusion was reported to have occur first. From 1492 to 1950 which the world war two had ended, series of experiences led to discoveries about blood; the discoveries came with some degree of poignancy; feelings of sadness. Imagine people who never knew blood groups and blood born disease, transfusing blood from what ever living things that have blood into human being – terrible, right? Experiments and tests were later carried out in animals to animals and animals to human beings. At some points in the experiments, few were successful, some were successful for a while – leading to some unpleasant reactions, and some ended up killing the human beings and animals as well. From 1492 to 1950, blood groups and its matching were discovered after much unpleasant experiences. Much was not still known about blood as blood born diseases came to be, diseases such as AIDS and HIV. These diseases now led scientist into inventing and producing things to detect the viruses and diseases they had seen in their involved patients from 1950 till 1999. From 1999 to 2011, so much, if not all was known of blood. It was then that guidelines were given in order for successful blood transfusions to be going on.

It took over a century before knowledge and understanding of blood came up. So, the unpleasant experiences are what pushes scientists to know about things, and then, make decisions towards avoiding such tragic happenings. This might be what the scientists are not yet prepared for. With such instance, you’ll agree that it’s possible for man to become immortal if the required experiences takes place amidst curiosity and right ideas.