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School Scam Or Not

In some countries, especially in Africa, school have been said by some tertiary education students to be scam. Probably, scam in the sense that primary and secondary education has covered everything they need to get a job in private and government institutions. Or, school is scam in the sense that tertiary education institutions require serious efforts individually and financially just to get sets of papers that will qualify them for official employment by certified companies and organization, but after three, four, to ten years of schooling with qualified certificate, they end up jobless for years, or doing undesired jobs for survival sake. 

Before getting to the conclusion of this particular blog title, what is school? School is known to be an institution where learning takes place. School as an institution does not necessarily mean the building, but how it's programed to carry out it's purpose. School deals with teaching, practicing and learning. Thus teaching, learning, practicing, and studying is what education is. The buildings and the environment is to create an environment where teaching, practicing, studying, and learning will take place perfectly well there by installing knowledge(desired) into the partakers in order to be utilized for self and nation development.

Who are schools meant for, and why are they created and established? School is an establishment that educates, and discipline humans. School when pronounced into existence, was meant to  transfer knowledge, discipline, and culture from one generation to another. Education is the main reason school had to be brought up as a thought, developed and established by people who saw that to be what will totally help in the improvements of human lives. Therefore, school is meant for everyone.

Is School Actually Scam?

Was school present since when man first occupied earth? As a lot of people believe, every human being that had existed and are in existence came from the two persons we regard as our first parents, Adam and Eve. Of course, school wasn't present by then but learning was. Adam ate, he plugged fruits - maybe he made a test to see if he could climb trees in order to get himself some fruits. If it was at any point successful, the experience he had earlier while making an attempt will let him know if it's possible to do the climbing with fortified efforts or not. 
"Experience is the best teacher", we say. Indeed it is. What is it we learn in school that doesn't occur or happen in/to us, here on earth? 
"Primitive man never knew fire, when he realized it, he knew fire exist - he learned! He never knew fire carries extreme heat, when he felt it, he knew that fire can burn" 
If we all learn from our experiences and transfer our learning from similar circumstances to other, we become learned and knowledgeable! This might actually be the reason school is regarded as scam by some people.

In the modern world, one can actually secure a desired job without having to go through tertiary education institutions. It's possible and going on, but seldom happens because of other factors affecting it. An individual wants to become an electrical engineer, and he is done with his or her primary and secondary education. He can find an organization or companey that requires and are practicing that skill or profession, make agreeable deal with people in charge there, and starts to learn and practice from the experts there. Give that individual who has passion for engineering one to one-a-half years he will master that profession, and in the end, become self employed and an employer of labour - an entrepreneur. Why really would one want to spend five years full of financial and emotional struggle in school and come out to do something else because of lack of job?
You went to school to get some papers that will get you a job to aid in your survival, but in the end " the papers" have no value. You spent years with: hunger,needs, and wants just to pay tuition fees, in the end seems wasted. Hello, how do you see school now? 

School Is Not Scam In This View

School may not be scam because it transfers terms and word meanings  that are universally accepted from generations to generations. School have experiences, predictions, experiments, and theories that are  recorded down by  mindful, observing, rational, and empiricistic individuals that might lead to the realization of other things that could either add or subtract to life on earth. School tests and assesses you, there by pushes you to build up your vocabulary. That's why people need to concentrate class works in order to pass tests. That place also aids in the economic development of any nation.

School may not favour everyone. People are different and are living with certain situations and conditions. What matters is knowing what one wants, and striving towards achieving it amidst downfalls and impedement. School is there, but education is everywhere, and happens all the time - consciously or not.