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Possible Reasons Some Gambling Sites Are Losing Customers


There are various gambling companies that has come into existence especially in Nigeria. Some are legal and some are not. Gambling companies make and also give back money to lucky customers who are able to play some games right. There are popular gambling companies that are trusted by a lot for paying winners their wins. Like it has always been, somethings have advantages and disadvantages. Some of these gambling companies, whether in trying to make things better for themselves or customers they do things they shouldn't do. Some are not just aware of what their settings mean to the customers.

Here are some gambling websites and apps that place doubts in the minds of customers or users.

Gambling companies and their downfalls.

There are gambling companies that allows customers to gamble on games and on sports, whether live or upcoming. Some of these companies are trustable when it comes to betting. Customers  can place their bets anytime anywhere with a smart device that has access to the internet through their website or app. To place a bet on any website or offices, just like any other betting company, you will have to first of all deposit money into your  wallet through various payments options available there.

One thing that seems to be a discouraging factor to customers is the locking of customer's atm cards. Normally the company will give you the options of allowing your card to stay registered on their website or you remove it through a button they provide below. This action, according to some customers to this companies who have experienced such say, it is an intentional means of the company officials to suck off customers bank accounts dry as they will easily make transactions and hope to make back the money they had lost to bets. They added, Taking off their cards would make them feel dull to make another transaction that might result in a loss by having to add the card all over again to make a deposit.

There are other gambling  companies who have and create their app to  gamble on games such as Whot, Ludo, Snooker, and Dice. You put or place  a minimum amount of money and another player which is the opponent does the same. You play and win, then you get the opponent's amount plus yours. If you lose, the opponent takes it. The winning amount depends on the amount placed. Some of these companies are trusted in paying out to winners.

One possible thing that could discourage a user is the awareness that cheats could be used by people to cheat on the cheatless users since it is an application with various games in it. The cheat users could use this to gain more money as they will use cheat to win in several game trials with cheatless opponents.

There gambling company that deals specifically on number corresponding which is normally known as lotto. Lotto is a game where customers or users  guess five to six numbers that will correspond with the outcome of the balls that are marked with numbers within the given range the company sets. It is normally spinned in a transparent container and automatically selected. Some of these websites a re trusted, especially when i comes to paying  the winners who are lucky to guess three, four, five, and six numbers correctly.

Some of these companies have tried to bring up several means that will enable the customers play the game. An examppe is the use sending the numbers as text message to the company short code that will perform the action of selling tickets to users and charging them. After the tickets are purchased by the customers, a message is sent from the company to the the customer in the ticket format containing your Ticket ID, your guessed numbers, and Draw date as sms, and also on draw dates, they will send the draw tickets that will let you know if you have won or not.

The discouraging thing about few of this kinds of company is cancelling the use of SMS and network recharge account balance as means of buying tickets. They switch to the use of USSD codes to buy tickets through bank accounts which actually might not seem like a big deal to customers or users who believe in themselves to be lucky. Where the problem lays is where users have to be going online to be checking their draws when they had used USSD code to play. Draw tickets or information should be sent as text message to the customers.

From observations made, the customers that have been using these listed sites have been developing cold feets towards them. They have actually made up their minds though they say it's tough to restrain from such websites that do not consider their customers when it comes to their settings.