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Courses: Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, And More

Agriculture as we know deals with ground cultivation, crop harvesting, management and rearing of farm animals for both commercial and non commercial or subsistence purposes and benefits. Studying Agriculture therefore means there is more to agriculture than just planting and harvesting of farm crops, and rearing and management of farm animals. Agriculture really matters in this civilized and modern time. It is needed for: poverty elimination, Prevention of famine, Development of any nation's economy, Sustaining and developing our environment for our comfort, and for combatting diseases. In order for this things to be available to us for our own good, researches and various works and jobs must be carried out in order to provide the best of it all and avoiding things in any sector that would bring unpleasant experiences.

Agriculture is a faculty of study in Nigerian tertiary school institutions. Agriculture as a faculty, have several courses under it of which includes but not limited to: 


This focuses on the science and scientific processes required to bring about the best in agriculture.

Agriculture Economics and Related Courses: This deals with the agricultural products, tools and machineries and services that will maximize needed resources in any nation.

Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science:

This deals with ways in which great crop quality and quantity can be achieved through the agricultural environment and soil. It brings about production and testing of concerned and related agricultural things that will bring good results into the agricultural sector of a nation. 

Water Resources: 

This as a course will deal with all the things required and concerned from and with water to aid in survival of living things and maintenance of the natural environment.

Home Science, and Nutrition and Dietetics: This, as a course will deal agricultural produce required for balanced nutrition in human beings and the ways to prepare and manage all that's concerned with the course.

These courses determines different kinds of jobs and works needed in order to fullfil it's needed functions as mentioned above. You'll be taught everything concerning any of these courses you chose and desire to study In the university.


Since these courses are related in one way or the other, the WAEC, GCE, NECO Olevel results have same subjects. These subjects should have at least Credits-C's if not Alphas-A's in the results. The results should not be more than two sittings-two results each completing each with good and required grades for the required subjects needed before a student can be considered for admission along with other documents.

The subjects are:

English Language




Agricultural Science




For UTME, JAMB, as at 2020 reconstructed cut of marks for the various tertiary institutions such as: 

Universities to be 120, 160, 180, and above.

Polytechnics to be 120, 140, 150, and above.

College of Education to be 100, 120, 130, and above for admission of students.

In regards to the courses mentioned in this page, the subjects required for the exams and it's results before students can be considered for admission are:

Agricultural science or Biology


Physics or Mathematics

You should try as much as you can to score 180 and above in exams.

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