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Things To Know About Career Choice In Nigeria

Career is any profession an individual is totally into. A career determines the roles people play through out their lifetime. Such roles are have codes and ethics which governs the actions of the people involved in it depending on different subjects or areas one must have studied, learned, and practiced from. This actually means that careers are studied, learnt, and practiced in Jobs and various occupation by the people who chose them. It doesn't seem to be in Nigeria alone, but students at a particular level in education are often faced with the difficulty of understanding what career is, what careers are available for choice, which career will be fit or okay for them.

Few careers with clips representing them by their uniforms.


Before anyone gets to realize himself, such a person will have to choose a career, focus and work hard on building it, and then succeed and be certified to be good in it. After succeeding and being certified, what you require is to live that good and legit life you have always wanted to. Before any one is out on the mission of realizing self, he has already, some set goals; when this set goals are fulfilled as a result of the processes that led to self realization, it becomes self actualization - You've made your dream come true. So to begin, you'll have to choose a career you'll be happy with all the days of your life. A career which you are sure will always give you the pleasure you deserve.


In Nigeria and same like other places in the world, there are national policies in the education sector that controls education to meet up with the changes perceived in the country so that jobs and employment can go around for everyone qualifed for it by education. In Nigeria, The National Policy on Education and the New Curriculum Structure is what provides guidelines on choice of career as the subjects being taught in senior secondary schools are related to careers that are available in the nation.

The subjects to be selected by the students are categorized into two groups: The Core Subjects and The Elective subjects. Apart from the main two, The Trade subjects are also added as backup - backup: to help the student move into entrepreneurship in order to be able to make a living incase such persons are not immediately employed. The Core subjects are compulsory subjects that all secondary school students must do them. They're important subjects that will provide basic knowledge about human beings and what they deal with in everyday life.

The Core subjects are mainly 4: The first is GENERAL MATHEMATICS; The second, ENGLISH; The third, CIVIC EDUCATION; and The fourth, is one of any trade subjects which could be: Fisheries, Auto electrical work, Catering, or Book keeping. To make the subjects list complete for an external examination such as WAEC, NECO, or GCE which normally requires 8-9 subjects, 3,4, to 5 Elective subjects will be chosed from an area of one's career choice. An area of one's career choice or specialization is what determines the Elective subjects one has to do as Elective subjects are subjects that are concerned with one's desired career.

There are four areas in which elective subjects can be selected from. They're:

  1. Science and Mathematics
  2. Technology
  3. Business Studies
  4. Humanities