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Best Kind Of Hustle For Money

Hustling Legitimately Or Illegitimately?

Hustling is a term that is used almost by everyone struggling to survive. It is used by such people to emphasize the pressure, the rough experiences, the pains, the wounds, and the  knockdowns they face in order to put food on table for them and those depending upon them for survival. Hustle, if taken good look at is present in every Job or Tasks that people do and expect salary and wages, in that respective. People have different jobs and tasks they're involved or into. This therefore means, hustle are of kinds. Hustle is mainly of two kinds: the legitimate, and the illegitimate hustle.

People Moving From One Place To Another In Order To Make Money

Anyone hustling is one subjected to the experience that defines the term, hustle. Hustling is stressful. It determines who is strong and who is not, and specified by the kind of hustle one is onto. Legitimate hustle as a kind of hustle is a kind considered to be tough and slow to yield expected resources. While illegitimate hustle is a kind that appears to be easy and quick to provide expected resources, but risky for those involved in it.

Everyday Hustlers

In legitimate hustle, people involved would have to wait for a long period of time to begin and achieve desired goal. An example is someone who follows the Max Webber Theory of entrepreneurship, works under people for several years, gathers money, then begins his or her own business. You shouldn't follow how smooth those words flow through the mouth, because several years of consistent good behavior and conduct under another's employment ain't a seven day or seven months thing. Remember, save money, they'll eat, pay for accommodation, and get themselves clothing while still working. The challenges; the hustle experiences faced by people who are into legitimate hustle are what those who find themselves in illegitimate hustle try to dodge.

In illegitimate hustle, the people involved in it are impatient, depressed, and don't value their lives. Some are impatient because they don't want to work for years before being able secure or establish their own business. They're depressed people who have the thought of legitimate hustle being above their heads - to tough for them to cope with. They don't value life; it's the reason they risk their lives to carry out criminal activities. Some activities that are carried out to get desired results are crime related activities, examples: robbing,kidnapping, fraud etc.


Legitimate hustle will give you the respect you deserve as people know how tough it is before someone can put food on his or her table without begging or depending on another.

Legitimate hustle gives you more knowledge and understanding about jobs similar to the one you do, there by giving you the wisdom to make right decisions for yourself.

Legitimate hustle will give you peace of mind. You didn't steal to get money, you didn't commit fraud, you didn't kidnap, and the cops are not chasing you, you're not haunted by the ones you took their lives. 

Legitimate hustle is only a little bit tough than illegitimate hustle. so it's better you follow up and take the bull by the horns. You should challenge yourself in legitimate hustle rather than settle for illegitimate hustle which also involve pains yet cause you more pains and regret when you should be enjoying.

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