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Traits Or Behaviors Of Successful Entrepreneurs Or Business Men And Women

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From the theories or kinds of entrepreneurship, it can be seen that entrepreneurs are attracted to different business opportunities. Why does it have to be so? It's so because people are different, and have different backgrounds which determine who they're. People's personality will always play role in what they choose to do in life. So, in consideration of the term entrepreneurship, personality(one's way of life or behavior) will determine how one does in his enterprise.

To list out the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, it will be viewed and considered from the sociological, psychological, and economical disciplinary dimensions.

A focused Entrepreneur
They are:

  • Self Confidence:A successful entrepreneur believes in himself. He is self reliant. He sets his goals and objectives, and goes to achieve it an not minding the impediments.

  • Risk Taking Ability:A successful entrepreneur is willing to take risks. He sees more profit amidst risk. All they expect is reward.

  • Task Oriented:All a successful is after, is his reward, so, he will have to be smart when it comes to goal setting for achievement sake.

  • Leadership:A successful entrepreneur has to exercise big time understanding in controlling his business. He shouldn't be too strict, but should be strong mentally, physically, and emotionally to handle all that cometh. He has to be initiative. He should consider and take up everything concerning his business' needs.

  • Future Oriented:A successful entrepreneur should be able to see through the future, and make perception and estimations on everything that could happen in his favor or against.

  • Creativity:A successful entrepreneur will always effect changes to his products or services to enhance and increase reputation and trust, respectively.

  • Originality:A successful entrepreneur will have something which he alone will be known for. You wouldn't want to be known for bad products, would you?

  • Energy and Drive:An entrepreneur who desires success will always have to be in great health condition to carry out complex jobs in his organization.

  • Long Term Involvement:A successful entrepreneur must always sign up for a long lasting term business, which should beneficial to his children. To him, he came to make a difference and a show off.

  • Deviant Behavior:A successful entrepreneur who is still under employment, will always be aspired. He wants to own his.

  • Responsible:A successful entrepreneur is always willing to fix his mistakes, just as he is willing to make changes.

And lastly, an entrepreneur has to be aware of competitions, and know how to stay advantaged.

All these traits are all observed, studied, and analyzed from successful entrepreneurs over time.