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How Others Get Rich Than Others

 Life as it is, may seem to be nice with others but seems to be tough with others. The way life is viewed by people are different. But what to know is that, everyone has had or will have their own taste of difficulty and problems in life.  
Faced With Challenge

People are faced with financial problems, yes they're, but some people do get over it, while others remain and keep increasing the problem for themselves. To Going around Blogger, those who get over their financial problems - whether big or not are smart, while others who increase the problems are lacking the means to move out of it, or maybe, reduce it.

Two Close Friends
Let's take an example: Two individuals exist, individual A and B. These two individuals grow together facing the same challenge of not being to cater their needs. As they keep growing,  both ot them makes plan on doing something that will provide food on the table for them. "A" calculates his profit or income and determines the years which he could fully establish himself before getting married and having at least two children which he will be able to cater for, and begins to save and make/changes his plan in order to meet up with his estimated year of firm establishment. 
Saving Up Money

"B" began earning, began to spend money on drinks, and proceeded to sexual relationship with girls, which served him with children. That automatically turned him into a family man now - one who have people to take care of. Meanwhile, "A" was investing his money and time into profitable businesses that earned him money which he used to take care of his single self and purchase of a house of his own. "B" was catering for five children already. It was tough already at this for point for him.
Tough Points In A Man's Life

You can see already the clear picture of this post. Self control, and patience are the main steps towards achievements - stick to this blog and learn other steps to success. It can be seen of who is smart and who is not. Can you see yourself in any of these two individuals? Which one are you? 
Do you still want the story to be completed? Well.. Of course, "A" achieved his goal, took good care of his two children while "B" was battling with criminality and chaos that came as result of his inability to care, control, and cater for those children.
A lot of countries would be better if people with the "A" traits alone exist.